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I haven't posted in nearly one week and I give my best apologies! I have been so busy, and honestly my life hasn't been *so* exciting that I felt like sharing.  Does this ever happen to anyone else?  I could read hundreds of other blogger's posts about their days and think they are great....but when it comes to mine- BOR-ING. Also, I don't know if it is just me or not (*don't answer that!*) but I used to get all kinds of feed back and comments...and now it's almost at a standstill.  Do my bloggie friends not like what I have to say? Or don't care? Or don't have time?  **Again, don't answer that! ;)**

My past week has consisted of either working for my parents, interning, or driving. "Exciting," right?  The only exciting thing about this past week has been going to see my boyfriend and best friends :) (BIG SMILE).  I drove there, to school, on Thursday after interning.  That night my boyfriend's fraternity house had a party and so many of my friends were there! It was so good to spend time & see everyone...and not feel out of the loop! I wish I would have gotten a back picture of my dress... it was backless & from ModCloth!

Friday night, H and I took it easy.  After a fun night it was very necessary.  We went to see the Hangover II and went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom.  Oh my goodness, the Hangover II was...well, interesting!  Same concept and all, but a lot more...gross? Is that even the correct word? It was very vulgar. And of course, there were GRANDPARENTS sitting near us (not ours thank goodness!!!)  I wonder how uncomfortable they felt.  I even felt odd.  For some reason that always happens to me & H... we go to see a movie, there ends up being awkward/vulgar/gross scene, and then BAM we realize there are grandparents/old people right beside us!  It gave us a good laugh...as if we needed anymore after that movie!  

Saturday night our local bar had a theme night...and made it prom! I opted out of dressing up.  I also just didn't have a prom dress in my closet at school! But it was fun!! They played mostly music from 2003-2007 around the time we were in high school.  It was pure entertainment! I didn't get too many pictures from this night because I thought I lost ONE, yes just one, of my Jack Rogers.  And no, I wasn't wearing them!  I had brought them incase my wedges hurt my feet- and I realized I didn't have it when my toes started hurting.  Of course, being a little drunkie I thought someone had tried to steal ONE of my shoes....... really? I'm an idiot! It was found thank goodness :)

That is all that has been going on with me lately! I will try to read & comment as soon as I have some spare time! XO lovies!


  1. This happened to me a few weeks ago..just did not have time, energy or material to post. Don't worry about it! It looks like you have been having a lot of fun in the meantime anyway. :)

  2. I am totally noticing the same thing!! I am having the hardest time coming up with things interesting enough to write about, I barely ever receive any comments anymore, and work is keeping me so busy that I am SO behind on reading all the blogs I follow. Oh, the life of a blogger!

  3. I saw your tweets about your JR and was seriously sitting here thinking "who in the heck would steal on shoe"?!? Maybe they lost one and yours just happened to be the right size and color!

    I wanted to go to Kdike's prom, but couldn't get off work. I heard it wasn't too great though. Did you have fun? Next time you're planning to go let me know and maybe I could get off work. It'd be fun to get lunch or go out!


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