Thankful Thursday

Being at a desk non-stop for days on end (and being an intern at that) can be...well, a drag.  Agree?  I am so thankful that today at 3:30 begins my weekend.  And that one week from today marks my vacation to the beach with my family! I am even more thankful that I get to spend some quality time with, H and my best friends.  All of whom I have missed SO much. You never realize how important people are in your life until they aren't there for extended periods of time.  I am thankful I can have a worry-free weekend, free of no desk work, freezing offices, or anything work related for that matter.  I am also thankful I won't be behind a computer (sorry blog, you will have to wait for a few days)!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday & weekend! :) xoxo


  1. yay for the weekend! :) I tagged you over at my blog, too!

  2. Boo on desk jobs and being kept indoors all day! YAY for fun family vacations and long weekends. Sounds like your's is off to a great start :) :)


  3. Your blog is adorable! (Newest follower). My family vacation is still a month away, but I'm so so ready for it to be here! Hope you had a great weekend :)


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