My Summer Must-Haves

summer must haves

Summer is one of my favorite seasons! The Summer months are filled with sun, sand, chlorine from the pool, out door activities and lots of cute outfit combinations! I have compiled a list of things that are "must-haves" in the Summer! I can't live without these things in the Summer months. :)

Dresses: When it is so hot in the Summer, the easiest outfit choice is a dress.  They are so easy to throw on and accessorize.  I can't tell you how often I have worn the same dress and made it look SO different with new accessories! They are also very breathable, which is GREAT for those hot Summer days (or nights!).

Flowy Tops: When I choose to not wear a dress, my next choice is a flowy top (and some kind of bottoms). Flowy tops are great for the Summer because, once again they are so easy!  If you haven't noticed yet, easy = good!

White Jeans: I am a sucker for white jeans, white shorts, really, white anything!  When I'm interning those are my go-tos.  It is always so cold in the office that I wear pants- and most of the time they end up being white pants... It is so easy to transition them into different outfits.  Just make sure you buy a new pair every year so that they are a bright Summer white :)

Shorts: Also, a Summer Must-have in my book.  I love the Lilly Callahan shorts, they are just too cute! I am also a HUGE fan of Nike shorts (Norts) for running errands & working out.

Beach/Pool Bag: I have a few pool bags that I use for just that!  In them I keep all the essentials in them!  I have found that my best pool bag has been my Scout bag!

Sunscreen: Especially for those beach & pool days.  I love to tan, but I do not love to burn (although it still happens!) I use Coopertone sensitive skin sunscreen.  My skin is so sensitive that I can't even use the spray kind- I break out in tiny bumps. Plus, I think the rub on kind is my more even!

Chapstick: I think I may be addicted...really! I have chapstick in every one of my bags, in drawers at home, and in my car.  I think I use it so often, my lips go through withdrawal when I don't have it on!

Sunglasses/Croakies: Pretty self explanatory...So, I don't go blind in the blazing Summer sun!  I also tend to get in the pool with m sunglasses on, so croakies are good so they can be easily put around your neck!

Koozies: I have far too many of them.  ENTIRELY TOO MANY.  But, you can't ever have enough.  I hate when water bottle, beer bottles, or the like sweat all over my hands or my clothes so Koozies stop this from happening!

Tinted Moisturizer: In the Summer, I get so tan that I really don't have to wear much else other than tinted moisturizer.  It keeps my skin hydrated and it looks even.

Lotion: In the Summer my skin definitely takes a hit.  The chlorine and the sun dry my skin out SO badly.  I feel like I am constantly putting on lotion, but at the end of the day I can always tell a difference.  I love the Vaseline lotion- it works wonders!

Planner: Yes, I realize it's Summer but I stilllll need my planner.  From interning to babysitting to the events I want to remember- I NEED my planner! I can't wait to get my newest Lilly planner :)

What are your Summer Must-Haves??


  1. I love everything on your list especially the tops and dresses! I did a summer fashion post today on my favorite looks for summer.

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  2. I'm with you on all of this! Great picks! Summer is the best :)

  3. i love summer too! flowy tops are the my favorite. they're so simple, light, and most of all comfy. i'm so glad they're in style :)


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