Meet my BEST FRIEND, B!!!!!

I lived in my hometown until I was 13, then I moved to the town where I reside now (not my college town...my home town haha!)  I literally knew no one. at all. I met her from an acquaintance and we instantly became very close friends... and the rest is history!  

She has literally been there through it all from family fights, mean friends, and breakups.  I don't know what I would do without her.  We go to colleges that are about 4 hours apart, so seeing each other is pretty hard with both of our schedules.  But, when we're together it is like we haven't ever left each others side (which is important!)

While texting her I found out we would both be home during our Spring Breaks, which start Thursday! I am so happy we finally get to catch up and spend BFF time together!!!

Here is a few pictures of us! (Believe me, the pictures could go on and on...and on!) I'll try starting from beginning to most recent!

Our first picture together!!

night of Graduation
Beach Music in the Park

At Circa in Winter Park visiting our friend, Virginia who goes to Rollins!

My Fall Break last year at her college

NYE 2010... we had entirely too much fun and lost too many things (i.e: LV bags, camera, jewelry, alcohol, and even left friends on Fig8 island woops! All was found eventually)


Winning the Oscars

Although I love watching the Oscars pre-show for the outfits, I actually enjoyed (more than previous years) watching who won the awards this year!

I have seen a TON of movies this year & I am so happy that some of my favorites won!

I could watch this movie over & over.  It was not what I expected whatsoever, but I loved the 'darkness' of it.  Natalie Portman did a fantastic job in this lead role.  This may be my favorite role she's ever played in!

I am so glad she won Actress in a Leading Role

Alice in Wonderland won the Academy Award for Costume Design & Art Direction

The Social Network

Movies on my list to see (ASAP):
* The King's Speech
*The Kids are All Right
*Winter's Bone
*127 Hours
*Toy Story 3 (I know, I know I should have seen it already!)

Best & Worst of the Oscars

The 83rd Annual Oscars! There were a lot of 'Wow!' looks and a lot of 'Wooow (what was she thinking)' looks!!

Here are what I have donned the Best & Worst of the Oscars this year! Let me know what you think! *PS: All images from Fox News or Fashion Sites!*


Mila Kunis looked stunning in this Elie Saab gown!  The color did wonders for her & I loved the detailing, especially the lace on the top.

Gwyneth Paltrow in a Calvin Klein metallic sheath. I loved the look.  But, I also like Metallic right now.  I saw on Twitter that people thought her boobs looked like Robots?? Not sure about that, although, I do think she could have done more with her hair...I mean, it is the Oscars.  I loved Country Strong, but I wasn't impressed with her singing at the Oscars.

Fourteen year old, Hailee Steinfeld, star of True Grit.  She wore the cutest, age appropriate dress by Marchesa.  I'll admit, I saw True Grit and loved it, but wasn't a huge fan of her...but seeing her on the Red Carpet was a total different sight, she looked beautiful!
Camilla Alves wore a stunning Kaufman Franco dress.  I loved the simplicity of the dress.  These two together totally stole the Red Carpet.  They are the most beautiful couple, and I loved every second of seeing them!

Mandy Moore looked stunning while performing a duet with Zachary Levi.  I honestly like this blue dress much better than the one she wore down the Red Carpet.  What do you think?

  Natalie Portman is the absolute cutest (preggers) thing ever!! She looked absolutely amazing and happy.  The color of her dress did wonders on her & I even liked the tassle earrings! 

Reese Witherspoon. I have always loved her & (confession) I want to be like her! This wasn't her best outfit, but she still looked stunning.  When I first saw her hair I instantly thought 'I dream of Genie' But then, as I saw her more it grew on me.  She always looks so good & classic!

Cate Blanchett looked awful IMO. The circle on the front of her dress literally looked like she was framing her boobs.  The colors & the beading had potential to be great, but it failed, miserably.
Helena Carter is a train wreck... But, this is always her style & she doesn't try to be something she's not.  
Hilary Swank.  I don't like her anyways, but this dress gave me more of an excuse to dislike her.  She looked like she was trailing a tail feather behind her.  The color did nothing for her.
Melissa Leo... do you have a stylist?  You needed one, BAD.  Is this from my great great grandmothers home???
Michelle Williams.  I didn't like the coloring on her.  Her fair skin didn't bode well with this outfit.
Nicole, Nicole, Nicole...what were you thinking?  The shape, the gems, the shoes were all SO wrong.  Keith was the only thing right in this equation.
Oprah Winfrey... Honey, the whole time she was talking I could ONLY focus on her "hoohas"  They were the focal point in this dress and they shouldn't have been.

I really wasn't sure what to think of the following Celebs & their dresses... so you tell me!
Amy Adams?
Halle Barry?  I saw a lot of controversial thoughts on Twitter about her.
Jennifer Lawrence.  I think that for the Oscars she could have done it 'up' a little more than a simple red dress and hair.
Sandra Bullock?  
Scarlett Johansson?

I hope you all enjoyed watching the Oscars & I can't wait to hear what you thought!


Shopping Saturday

Since the shopping opportunities in my town are less than desirable I am spending my day relaxing and shopping around online... More like browsing! I am saving up for when I go home in a week to do *lots* of shopping.

Although I am not thrilled with Lilly's new spring collection, I find myself going to look at it often.  Of the few (in my opinion) good things/patterns, here is what I like best!

(*PS: They did wonderful with their white dresses this season!)

(A cute belt, or chunky necklace would go so great with this... love it)

I think these pieces still represent what Lilly should be... Lilly has changed so much over the last year, for the worse.  It doesn't have its signature anymore.  Some of the prints and pieces are so, NOT Lilly. Like this:

It just comes off as too short, and not worth $268.  I could easily find that at F21.

What do y'all think about the new Lilly?


Need *honest* Suggestions!

I've been wanting a change lately.  Nothing super crazy.  I didn't know what exactly I wanted to do, until one day it dawned on me!! I wanted to do something different with my hair.


I am in LOVE with this type of hair style.  I have found that my hair is really stingy feeling, and I just want a change.  I had a bad haircut experience and I have been afraid to do anything with it ever since.  In 2008 I had my hair cut short, and it made me look like I was a five year old! I DO NOT WANT THAT.  

I think this look is more sophisticated and older looking. I don't want it tooo short though. I love the Lauren Conrad picture. It is exactly what I want. 

Is there a way to cut hair so that it naturally curls under like that? Or the style that is a TINY bit longer in front & shapes your face?? I'm not talking about the trashy style

more like that?!

Do y'all like this style?? Suggestions? Comments? Anything? Help!!!

xo, E


Kate Spade bangle

Since I won Ashley Lauren's giveaway, I have been waiting anxiously for that box to be at my door! Today was that day!

This will be a GREAT addition to my stack!
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