The BEST birthday weekend...RECAP

Oh, what a weekend it was!!! I had the time of my life!  I got spend it with (almost) all of the people I love...friends, family, and my boyfriend!

Thursday night was the kick-off to Birthday weekend!! A group of girls and I got ready together and headed to SigEp house to meet up with people!  It was someone else's 21st that night and it really made me get MORE excited for mine!! For those of you who don't know me outside of the blogging world- I am very clumsy...which leads to a story, of course!! So, I was sitting on a table with my feet propped up on a chair just socializing with friends.  It was pretty crowded and I tried to stand on the chair to get around everyone and what happens?? Oh you know, just the entire chair collapsed and broke into pieces!  I was so embarrassed...but I will say, I played it off well! I just stood up (laughing my butt off) and picked up the pieces and said "It's my birthday weekend, woooo" and everyone clapped! HA.
My friend, S! She turned 22!

Friday night was so great! I was excited because I had 24 hours until I started to celebrate!! We all got started early and had a blast! We went to a bar I had never been to (since I was the baby of the group)...and it was SO SO FUN! I loved the atmosphere and everything about it!  I even got some birthday drinks from people- definite perk!

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! I was honestly a little under the weather most of the afternoon so I just relaxed and prepared for what the night held!   We had semi formal that night, so we all went for a while and had a BLAST! We then bar hopped for the rest of the time before calling it a (fun) night!!

I got iced...Iced: hiding a smirnoff ice for someone to accidentally find.  Upon finding it you must drop to one knee and chug. It is a mean game & it happens to me far too often!

First drink at the bar: A bitch fight!

woooo I am 21!!!! I woke up not feeling too bad after my night, surprisingly!  I got up and got ready for my parents to arrive! I was at the point where I was feeling a little homesick- so I was so glad that they came!! I got a Macbook Pro!! (yes, I'm typing on it now...obsessed!) We went to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants here!  We then did a little shopping and hung out at my condo for a bit before they had to leave!

I had the best birthday!!! Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday, blogged me, tweeted me, or wrote on my facebook wall :) 

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