What I Wore

What I'm Wearing: interning.
Top: J.Crew
Pants: J.Crew Matchstick White Pants
Watch: Anne Klein

 What I'm Wearing: TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT!!!
Dress: Target (!!!)
Shoes: Jack Rogers

*I left my cowboy boots at my college apartment...can't channel my inner T.Swift tonight without them!


What I Wore: baseball game

 it's hot outside...simple edition
Top: J.Crew
Shorts: Banana Republic
Shoes: Jack Rogers
Bag: Foley + Corinna
Jewelry: David Yurman, Michael Kors, Pandora


any suggestions??

I am looking for a new duvet cover & wanted to see if any of you ladies had any suggestions on where to look besides the obvious...Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, etc! Help a blogger out :)


One Lovely Blog

While on vacation, Preppy Wife Preppy Life gave me "One Lovely Blog" award! 
(thank you so much!)

7 facts about myself:
1) I love reading...a lot. I love when school is over & I can just read for fun. I read two books this past week at the beach!
2) I am very independent.  I don't like relying on others to do things...good or bad? Who knows.
3) I am obsessed with reality TV. I type this as I'm watching The Bachelorette ha!
4) I like to decorate. Anything. I can't wait to have an actual "big girl" apartment to decorate.
5) I love to sleep.
6) I can't wait to graduate college & see what the future holds for me
7) I realllly missed blogging this past week & seeing what everyone was up to! 

I now tag:

Beach update...in photos

This past week has been just wonderful!  The beach weather was amazing...not too ridiculously humid and a great breeze!  It was a much-needed and relaxing trip!  Here are some photos from my trip!


knee deep in the water somewhere...

I am off to the beach for a week! I'll try to check in! xoxo blog friends!

You will find me lounging in my beach chair reading and sunning all week!

Au Revoir mes amis!



Closure (n): an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality; (n): the state of experiencing an emotional conclusion to a difficult life event.

Why am I defining closure? Because I think I finally got closure to something yesterday.  I may have briefly mentioned before, but before my relationship with H, I had been in a six year relationship.  I ended the relationship and it just ended *very* badly.  It was abrupt and we didn't talk for almost a year.  At that time I felt like things went left unanswered and that I didn't get closure.  Yes, I realize that since I am the one who called it off I shouldn't have needed closure....but I did. And I never got it.  Until last night.

Last night, I went to a celebratory dinner with my family for my sister graduating fifth grade! (woo hoo... bring on the middle school drama!) We went into the bar to have a pre-dinner drink and who do I see?  My ex's mother. Of course my parents and I said our hellos and caught up a bit... Not only did she say she missed me a great deal, BUT (wait for it) that she was waiting and holding out for me and my ex to get back together.  news flash: I told her that would not be in the cards.  Oh then to find out that my ex is in the restroom and eating dinner with her. UH WHOA...not prepared for THAT.  Y'all I seriously went into panic I'm-shaking-with-furiousity mode.  I ordered (and downed) a drink stat.  When he came out of the restroom I literally could only word "hello"... and that was it.  I couldn't force myself to say another word.  I have fully moved on and couldn't be happier, but seeing someone who hurt me so badly and whom our last words to each other were just...BAD... was odd.  They were leaving as we were coming in.  During dinner we exchanged a few text messages and he apologizing for being (for lack of better words) a dick, and saying congrats on my internship and that he was happy for me and glad I was doing well and happy.

Anyways, just from that small amount I think I finally received the closure I needed.  Closure is needed in almost every relationship that ends to some extent.  It comes in different forms and comes at often very odd times.  I'm not complaining though, I can now live my life knowing that I did the right thing in calling things off and live with no regrets.  The end (for those of you still reading this dramatic event!)


Bloggers Block...

I haven't posted in nearly one week and I give my best apologies! I have been so busy, and honestly my life hasn't been *so* exciting that I felt like sharing.  Does this ever happen to anyone else?  I could read hundreds of other blogger's posts about their days and think they are great....but when it comes to mine- BOR-ING. Also, I don't know if it is just me or not (*don't answer that!*) but I used to get all kinds of feed back and comments...and now it's almost at a standstill.  Do my bloggie friends not like what I have to say? Or don't care? Or don't have time?  **Again, don't answer that! ;)**

My past week has consisted of either working for my parents, interning, or driving. "Exciting," right?  The only exciting thing about this past week has been going to see my boyfriend and best friends :) (BIG SMILE).  I drove there, to school, on Thursday after interning.  That night my boyfriend's fraternity house had a party and so many of my friends were there! It was so good to spend time & see everyone...and not feel out of the loop! I wish I would have gotten a back picture of my dress... it was backless & from ModCloth!

Friday night, H and I took it easy.  After a fun night it was very necessary.  We went to see the Hangover II and went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom.  Oh my goodness, the Hangover II was...well, interesting!  Same concept and all, but a lot more...gross? Is that even the correct word? It was very vulgar. And of course, there were GRANDPARENTS sitting near us (not ours thank goodness!!!)  I wonder how uncomfortable they felt.  I even felt odd.  For some reason that always happens to me & H... we go to see a movie, there ends up being awkward/vulgar/gross scene, and then BAM we realize there are grandparents/old people right beside us!  It gave us a good laugh...as if we needed anymore after that movie!  

Saturday night our local bar had a theme night...and made it prom! I opted out of dressing up.  I also just didn't have a prom dress in my closet at school! But it was fun!! They played mostly music from 2003-2007 around the time we were in high school.  It was pure entertainment! I didn't get too many pictures from this night because I thought I lost ONE, yes just one, of my Jack Rogers.  And no, I wasn't wearing them!  I had brought them incase my wedges hurt my feet- and I realized I didn't have it when my toes started hurting.  Of course, being a little drunkie I thought someone had tried to steal ONE of my shoes....... really? I'm an idiot! It was found thank goodness :)

That is all that has been going on with me lately! I will try to read & comment as soon as I have some spare time! XO lovies!


Thankful Thursday

Being at a desk non-stop for days on end (and being an intern at that) can be...well, a drag.  Agree?  I am so thankful that today at 3:30 begins my weekend.  And that one week from today marks my vacation to the beach with my family! I am even more thankful that I get to spend some quality time with, H and my best friends.  All of whom I have missed SO much. You never realize how important people are in your life until they aren't there for extended periods of time.  I am thankful I can have a worry-free weekend, free of no desk work, freezing offices, or anything work related for that matter.  I am also thankful I won't be behind a computer (sorry blog, you will have to wait for a few days)!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday & weekend! :) xoxo

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