I would like to introduce you to...

...the newest edition to my family!!!

my toy Australian Shepherd

This past weekend I went home to meet this little fella and welcome him into our family....and instantly fell in love! There is just something about him that took a little piece of my heart! He is currently only 2.5 months old and 3 pounds. HE.IS.PRECIOUS! He will get about 15 pounds, which is the perfect size for me! I spent the entire weekend playing with him and taking him everywhere that would allow pets!

I have to say, for him being only 2.5 months old he is very, very smart.  He will walk beside me and if I stop-he immediately stops and will not walk in front of me.  He also loves other dogs.  Our neighbors have a pretty big lab and they played together so well! I was so sad to leave this little bundle of joy when I had to return to school! I made sure to get a lot of photos to hold me over until the next time I see him :-) 

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