Halloweekend recap & a winner!

Oh my, what a weekend! I am definitely not ready for the busy school week to begin bright and early tomorrow! This weekend was just what I needed. On Friday I slept in and skipped my english class and then ran some errands and did some shopping (check out my vlog for some of the items I got!) Hunter came up late and we just spent the night in and relaxed. Saturday we woke up to very cold temperatures! I'm talking low 30s and flurries of snow.

It was the Black Saturday game here, but given the weather we decided to go to the movies instead and stay warm!! We bundled up and bought lots of candy (we're sneaky, we know!) and headed to the movies! I'm sure by now you know Hunter & I are movie lovers. I am very open to watching all kinds of movies, so it works out perfectly! We went to go see In Time with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. I am a fan of both of them and these roles were different from any roles they have ever played, and I liked it! If you like action movies, I suggest you check it out! Although, I will say I didn't really like the underlying message it wanted you to have! minor detail

What I Wore:
Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Joes
Boots: DSW
Boot Socks: Chinese Laundry
I got to wear my new boot socks!
So, onto Halloween stuff....I started to get annoyed with the whole Circus ring leader outfit that I told everyone about here. I couldn't figure out the whole cape/blazer with coat tails thing. It wouldn't have looked right without it. So after the movie we came back and tried to brainstorm. I thought, maybe Britney Spears...no. a school girl....absolutely not. vampire....real original. So I set off for K-Mart....yes I realize this is weird. But given that it's Boone there is NO WHERE to shop for costumes. Luckily, I hit the jack pot. Their costumes were 50% off and I found a flapper outfit!!! Everything was right in the world again ;) 

 I curled my hair, added my grandmother's pearls, stockings from F21 and I was set! 
1920s flapper & Maverick from Top Gun!

Bonfire...great until it gets so hot you think your skin is going to melt off....or a girl almost falls into it (not me, but I almost saw a girl fall into it.Yikes!)

Burnetts, Kate Middleton, Flapper, Gift, Burnetts

What did you do for Halloween?

Now onto the WINNER of my Marley Lilly Giveaway!
There were 306 entries. Using random.org generator the winning number was.... 33

Megan @ Mackey Madness
congrats girl! Please email me at ehn410@gmail.com :)


What's in my bag Vlog!

I am linking up with one of my blog besties for the "What's in my bag" linkup! Me, Rachel, Crystal, Ashley & Jackie had see the post edition of this going around and we were tweeting and decided a vlog would be fun! I'm a little behind on doing it because 1) I have been so darn busy 2) I have looked so not cute. Now that I am presentable here goes nothing.....

and yes, I think I'm loosing my mind... I called this the "what's in your bag accent vlog." Whatever. Don't Judge

And yes, my words and video are off. ENJOY!

Bag: Kate Spade
Wallet: Hobo
Camera: Olympus

Have a great weekend!
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A Woman Who Doesn't Wear Perfume Has No Future

Just Peachy
I am linking up with the wonderful Rachel @ Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday. The theme this week is Perfumes. I of course had to title it with a Coco Chanel quote, it was too perfect not to! I love perfume, and this weeks theme is great because my mom & I just looked at perfume when I was home a week or so ago.

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy
I got this perfume last year for Christmas and I fell in love instantly. The smell is just enough and stays on all day! I am almost out :(

2. Michael Kors by Michael Kors
(real original name, right?) I smelled this last week...oh my goodness, it smells AMAZING. This is going on my Christmas list for sure.

3. Ralph Lauren Hot
I got this one year for Christmas (I'm 'scent'sing a trend...no pun intended HA) and the smell is so perfect. I always forget about RL when I think about perfume, but I do remember that I really liked this one (along with the original)
4. Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani
This is the perfume my mom chose last week when we went perfume shopping. It smells so clean. Hunter wears the men's version of this and it makes me weak at the knees ;)
5. Dolce Gabana Light Blue
This is another go-to of me and my mom. It just smells so clean and it isn't over powering! The men's version of this smells great too!

What are your favorite perfumes?
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My Marley Lilly Giveaway!

Since I had such a great response from my first giveaway, I was anxious to host another one...this time with Marley Lilly! I am a huge fan of all things Marley Lilly from their cute tote and weekender bags to cell phone cases! Every product I have from them has been of great quality, and I always get so many compliments on whatever product it is! There are quite a few M.L. items on my Christmas List too! 

Marley Lilly has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway on my blog! The winner will be able to choose a cashmere feel scarf or pashmina!

There are so many choices of fabric & font! Who doesn't love scarves, especially during fall and winter! Also, they have a deal going that is wonderful for the holiday gift giving & buying season....buy 7 scarves get the 8th free. So, you could buy for 7 friends and even get one for yourself :)

Ways to Enter...
Required: Follow my blog via GFC! {1 entry}
Go to Marley Lilly Website and tell me which scarf/pashmina you would choose! {1 entry}
"Like" Marley Lilly on Facebook {1 entry}
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Blog about this giveaway {1 entry}

That's 6 ways to enter! I will select the winner on Sunday October 30 using random.org! 

Good Luck!

Monday Musings

This is how I feel about today...

-I don't know what it is but I am feeling so burnt out on school right now. I feel like I can't get ahead and there are just so many ridiculous assignments and group projects. Is it May yet?!

-Although I am thankful that it isn't snowing and freezing, I am still a little mad that the weather isn't really fall yet. Which is weird for this time of year, usually fall has come and gone and winter is approaching quickly! I just want to wear my favorite fall clothes before it's too late!

-I have a case of anxiousness lately! I have so many great packages that I am waiting on.... that have NOT shown up yet! A scarf from my scarf swap partner, a few giveaway items I won, and a few *secret* packages that I can't reveal yet. I'm sure the mail man is annoyed with me asking him everyday about them :) 

-I have so much to look forward to as the semester begins to wind down (I mean this figuartively because it surely isn't winding down...more like winding up with so much to do). Halloween, the last of our football games, Thanksgiving Break we are going to the Great Wolf Lodge again, and finally Christmas Break!

-Speaking of Christmas Break, my family informed me today that instead of traveling around California, we are going on a cruise the day after Christmas to Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Maarten! Talk about Excitement! That made my Monday so much better!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday! I am looking forward to Friday!


Homecoming Weekend Recap!

This weekend was Homecoming Weekend at my school. I absolutely love Homecoming! All of the alums come into town and it is always so great catching up with everyone you haven't seen in forever! The one bad thing I will say about Homecoming is that I despise the traffic. I was trying to go to the bank & to send off the scarf to my scarf swap partner and it took AN HOUR. My college town is tiny, that should usually take 10 minutes. That part tested my patience!

Anyways, everyone came into town on Friday so I had dinner with some of my best girl friends while Hunter went to hang out with the boys! We went to Proper, which is the best southern-home cooked food! You even get to drink out of mason jars....seriously it's the best!

Afterwards we went to the bar to hang out with everyone! I chose to wear a dress, that was a mistake. It was SO cold. I would have much rather been warm than looked cute :)I forgot to even bring my camera out on Friday, so I was left with iPhone photos!

Saturday we got up bright and early (welll really it was more like 10:30, but whatever!) and made blueberry muffins and other breakfast....IT WAS GAMEDAY! I have been a horrible fan this year. This was my first tailgate of the season...I had been out of town for every other one! We made our way to one of the Pike houses and tailgated for friends, then headed to Duckpond Field where all of the fraternity/sorority tents are for some more tailgating fun!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend xo!


Come As You Aren't: Halloween

Halloween weekend is just one week away! This year is flying by, seriously. Halloween gives me anxiety every year. A little background: I am not one of those people who follows the rule "dress as slutty as you want to on Halloween." I am also not one to buy costumes. I also don't like being what anyone else is going to be! Anyways, every year I freak out trying to come up with SOMETHING or SOMEONE to be. This might have to do with the fact that my Collegetown, USA offers Wal-mart & K-mart for Halloween costumes......UH NO. 

Costumes from years past....

Freshmen Year
Freshmen year, we had a game on Halloween, so everyone dressed up. Since our colors are yellow and black I went as a bumble bee......I couldn't find a picture for the life of me. But, considering it was freezing I wore the above outfit with leggings, and a turtle neck- and I have to say, it was so much more cute that way!

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year I was a Party Animal. I took a leopard costume I had used for homecoming week in high school and chopped it up! I made it into a skirt, and made letters that spelled out 'Party Animal' and glued them onto a hot pink board! I bought mickey mouse ears and covered them with the fabric too. Of course I had leopard earrings. It was SO easy and so super cute. I think this may have been my favorite!

Junior Year

Junior Year I was determined to be Alice in Wonderland. Like I mentioned, being in Collegetown, USA didn't leave me much choice than to buy a child's costume. I curled my hair and wore black heels and white tights! I was dying for Hunter to be the Mad Hatter, but he was not going for that. He ended up being Lil Wayne, don't ask!

Senior Year
So now that I'm a senior, the story is no different. This week I realized how soon Halloween was and went into panic mode. I began thinking of things I could be.....it finally came to me

I plan on wearing....
-black high waisted shorts
-fishnet-like tights (they're not fishnets!!!)
-a button up top that is kind of shiny with ruffles on the top
-black boots
-top hat
-and a red cape/vest thing!

a mix of these two.....kind of!

What do y'all think? What are your Halloween ideas?


My DIY Pinterest Craft

By now everyone is fully aware of my pinterest addiction.... someone call pinners anonymous for me already! I tend to pin entirely too many DIY crafts than I could possibly ever complete! This past weekend when I was home my sister and I went a little craft crazy in Michaels. Although my sister is only 11 she loves crafting like I do! I'm so glad I have someone to craft with even when I'm home. Michael's was having some great deals... 4 for $1 scrapbook paper, TONS of stuff on clearance, and just plain cheap stuff. I won't reveal everything I got that way some of my crafts are a surprise!

Dry Erase Board: What You Will Need
-a frame
-fabric or scrapbook paper
-expo markers

-I had a picture from before I redid my room that was just collecting dust in my closet, so I pulled it out and removed the picture.

-I decided that since the frame was pretty large that I would split it into four sections.

-During my Michael's haul I got these cute labels in a pack of 9 for $1.49! I thought they would work perfectly! 

-I then just measured and cut the scrapbook paper, added the labels and placed it all in the frame-holding it with tape.

I am so happy with the turn out!! I hung it in the space behind my desk and it fits perfectly! I have a section for school, blogging, Her Campus & other!

*Do ya like my pinterest printable too?!*


Make-up Essentials

Just Peachy
Today I am linking up with my (blog) friend Rachel from Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday. Her topic this week is make-up essentials, so of course I had to participate. I love seeing the products other people use and even discovering new ones! I do not wear a lot of make-up, but there are essentials I must have!

1) Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer. I use this religiously. It makes my skin feel so good and even. If I don't have time to do all of my make-up this is my "go-to"

2) Neutrogena Concealer. It covers so well on my dark circles from sleepless nights or pimples from being stressed to the max. 

3) Physicans Formula Mineral Wear. It makes my face so smooth and look flawless (even if it isn't ;)) 

4) Bare Escentual Bronzer in Warmth. It is the absolute perfect color and doesn't look like "bronzer"....if that makes sense? 

5) Mascara. Mascara is the one thing that I MUST have all the time. I was blessed with beautiful long eyelashes from my mom and they are one of my favorite features! I have 'cat eyes,' as Hunter calls them! I am not set on one specific mascara, I usually try a new one every time I need more. These are the two most recent ones I've used. Does anyone have suggestions for mascara?? 

As you can tell I'm not a make-up "snob." I have tried everything from super expensive products such as Dior and Laura Mercier and super cheap stuff like NYC. As long as it works with sensitive skin and gives me the desired look I am willing to try & use it! I will occasionally wear eyeshadow and eye liner, but not during the school days! What products do you like? What are your make-up essentials?

Courtney Kerr-isms

Courtney Kerr....
Courtney is a 100% southern, down to earth Texan who wooed nearly everyone who watched Most Eligible Dallas. From her style to her hair to her hilarious commentary, I couldn't get enough of this girl and was so sad M.E.D ended last night. At least it was a to die for steamy ending, right?! I Here are my favorite "Courney-isms" throughout the season...

1) "It's not about keeping up with the Jonses. It's about keeping up with Mrs. Jones, and her hair, and her makeup, and her tan, and her skincare, and her Botox, and her eyelashes, and her nails, and her mani or pedi." 

2) "OK, you get a choice: You can either wear high heels, or you can wear bikinis. You can't wear both."

3) Not that there’s a check list but…he’s tall, has like JFK Jr kind of hair, he’s probably really funny, he’s from a Southern family, he probably left Texas for a little bit (like went to school but is coming back because this is where he wants his family to be), he plays golf (probably) and wears like those little polos with the golf club that he plays at, he has a globe in his office that his mentor probably gave him, he wears boots, he can dress up and wear a designer suit but then at the same time wear a Ralph Lauren polo and like cowboy boots, he could go to the ranch or go to a fashion show, he has a dog that has a manly name, like Butch or Duke…
4) Congratu-freaking-lations you're riding a horse....I am too.  
(I seriously haven't heard congratu-freaking-lations in FOR-EVER)
5) "I got 99 problems, but a gay ain't one."
6) "He's my gubby....gay hubby"
7) “Be a complete gentleman, but don't expect a pat on the back for it.”

I loved every second of MED this season and I really hope that Bravo will bring them back for another season. What do you think? Oh, real quick...I must just say, If I were Tara I would never eat at a gas station restaurant..... seriously??? Especially dressed the way they were... bless her heart!


Weekend Recap

I am back at school for a new week after a very relaxing fall break! On Friday morning my parents left for Las Vegas, so I got to play mommy for the weekend with my sisters ha! My 11 year old sister and I had date night on Friday at Outback. It was good just hanging out with her alone. I love hearing about middle school and her crushes....it's so funny. On Saturday we went to her middle school to let Dingo run around. He absolutely loved it. He was worn out afterwards though and took a little nap during my youngest sister, Greysen's soccer game!

(aren't her pink polka dot socks too cute?!)

My parents don't arrive back into town until late Wednesday night, so I had to drop off sweet Dingo to be boarded at the vet. This was his first time and he was so nervous, I could tell.... I might have cried when I left #emotional. I headed to visit Hunter before I made the journey up the mountain. To me, things are still a little 'weird' since our falling out on Friday, but he says everything is ok. I guess things are- it's all just a little weird after our first official fight in over a year. Oh well, I am excited that he will be visiting me for homecoming this weekend! 

The weather is supposed to be SO nice this weekend for homecoming, even a little cool. Maybe I will get to wear my fall clothes finally! I also purchased a cute leopard infinity scarf this weekend...I love it!
$18. can you believe that?!

My mom purchased makeup and got this as a free gift. I love how it had the longchamp look! 

Oh, if you follow me on twitter you may already know this....but Obama came into my college town today. On my drive up the mountain I counted 57 police cars and state vehicles (that was hours before he was heading that way.) I feel like I could've gotten away with anything today!! I got to my apartment right before they shut down the highway for him, thank goodness! I am a republican, but I have to say, this was very cool for our town. He visited three small town businesses and had lunch. He even stopped by the Mast General Store to scoop up some candy. Everyone was running there to see him, I stayed away from the traffic and in my apartment. Our town's traffic is always bad anyways, I was not trying to compete with that today! So, here are a few photos, if you're interested. No matter what party you're with, it was neat to know our president came to town. Although, I have to say I would have been 1000000 times more excited if it had been GWB!!!

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