Halloweekend recap & a winner!

Oh my, what a weekend! I am definitely not ready for the busy school week to begin bright and early tomorrow! This weekend was just what I needed. On Friday I slept in and skipped my english class and then ran some errands and did some shopping (check out my vlog for some of the items I got!) Hunter came up late and we just spent the night in and relaxed. Saturday we woke up to very cold temperatures! I'm talking low 30s and flurries of snow.

It was the Black Saturday game here, but given the weather we decided to go to the movies instead and stay warm!! We bundled up and bought lots of candy (we're sneaky, we know!) and headed to the movies! I'm sure by now you know Hunter & I are movie lovers. I am very open to watching all kinds of movies, so it works out perfectly! We went to go see In Time with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. I am a fan of both of them and these roles were different from any roles they have ever played, and I liked it! If you like action movies, I suggest you check it out! Although, I will say I didn't really like the underlying message it wanted you to have! minor detail

What I Wore:
Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Joes
Boots: DSW
Boot Socks: Chinese Laundry
I got to wear my new boot socks!
So, onto Halloween stuff....I started to get annoyed with the whole Circus ring leader outfit that I told everyone about here. I couldn't figure out the whole cape/blazer with coat tails thing. It wouldn't have looked right without it. So after the movie we came back and tried to brainstorm. I thought, maybe Britney Spears...no. a school girl....absolutely not. vampire....real original. So I set off for K-Mart....yes I realize this is weird. But given that it's Boone there is NO WHERE to shop for costumes. Luckily, I hit the jack pot. Their costumes were 50% off and I found a flapper outfit!!! Everything was right in the world again ;) 

 I curled my hair, added my grandmother's pearls, stockings from F21 and I was set! 
1920s flapper & Maverick from Top Gun!

Bonfire...great until it gets so hot you think your skin is going to melt off....or a girl almost falls into it (not me, but I almost saw a girl fall into it.Yikes!)

Burnetts, Kate Middleton, Flapper, Gift, Burnetts

What did you do for Halloween?

Now onto the WINNER of my Marley Lilly Giveaway!
There were 306 entries. Using random.org generator the winning number was.... 33

Megan @ Mackey Madness
congrats girl! Please email me at ehn410@gmail.com :)


What's in my bag Vlog!

I am linking up with one of my blog besties for the "What's in my bag" linkup! Me, Rachel, Crystal, Ashley & Jackie had see the post edition of this going around and we were tweeting and decided a vlog would be fun! I'm a little behind on doing it because 1) I have been so darn busy 2) I have looked so not cute. Now that I am presentable here goes nothing.....

and yes, I think I'm loosing my mind... I called this the "what's in your bag accent vlog." Whatever. Don't Judge

And yes, my words and video are off. ENJOY!

Bag: Kate Spade
Wallet: Hobo
Camera: Olympus

Have a great weekend!
only a few more days to enter My Marley Lilly Giveaway. The winner will be announced on Sunday!

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