Here's to New Friends and Old

After spending a wonderful weekend with my family at home, I headed back up the mountain to spend a wonderful Sunday with friends...new and old! Ashley and I have been friends since our freshman/sophomore year in college. I was thrilled when she began blogging! We are a lot alike and have a lot of the same following on our blogs. One of them being, Crystal, from Coffee at Nordstrom. We both instantly hit it off with her! It was almost fate that she was going to be passing through NC, so of course we had to plan a meet up....and I am so glad we did! I love this girl, she is more awesome IRL than she is on her blog...if possible! We started the day off meeting at Ashley's and all met and "caught up." We had a full girls day planned together!

*warning: photo overload in this post*

Our first stop of the afternoon was Mast General Store....when in Boone, you must visit here! Barrels full of all kinds of candy is too good to not indulge! We all indulged in our favorite candies! We walked around our downtown area and just showed Crystal around!

We then headed to the Shoppes on the Parkway to get a little retail therapy in! Crystal got the cute scarf pictured above, and Ashley got a cute headband and some socks! Afterwards, we headed to the Blue Ridge Parkway! It was the perfect day for it. Sunny and not too chilly. We got to all just hang out and talk while playing around on the Parkway! We definitely hit it off and laughed quite a lot.....awkward engagement photo shoot was going on, anyone? Playing in the leaves..... It was definitely a good time!
HA, I had to throw this in....it's too funny not to! don't judge
By the time we were done on the Parkway, it was time for dinner! We ate at a wonderful local Italian restaurant! After dinner we had a wine night! We spend the rest of the night eating (yes, again.) and laughing until our stomachs hurt! 

I am beyond thrilled that we finally got to meet Crystal....and that she wasn't a 50 year old man behind her blog. We had an absolute blast. It was like we had been best friends forever, and now I know it will be that way! We are already planning our next get together! And of course, Ashley and I will be roadtripping with our boys to her Wedding in June! Woo hoo.

So, here's to new friends and to old...and the many memories that we have made so far...and the ones that only we will enjoy!! Ha, love you ladies! 

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