New Year, New You!

Now that Christmas is over, we have one more big holiday to look forward to....the New Year! New Years Eve is one of my favorite holidays, and this year is no exception! While this years festivities will be a little different I am still excited :-) 

I wish all of my followers the best New Years Eve and a wonderful year ahead! I can't wait to catch up with everyone when I return! 

What are your new years resolutions?


{Guest Post}- Annie

Hey y'all!  I'm Annie from Classic Annie and am so excited to be here on Emily's blog while she is enjoying time with her family and friends over the holidays.  
I thought before 2012 begins, it would be fun to show you all some classic work outfit ideas so you can kick your year off to a good start in the fashion department, if I do say so myself! ;) 
First I'll show you some of my favorite pieces then show you some of my recent outfit of the days.  Here we go!
You can never go wrong with a standard suit dress.  You can do SO many things with a simple dress.  Accessorize it up, wear heels or flats, put a cardigan over it...
I recently got this exact shirt and love it.  It's the perfect top to wear under a suit jacket during the day and by itself later that night if you have a happy hour with girlfriends.
A khaki pencil skirt is an essential part of your work collection.  It goes with everything!
Alright onto the OOTD's...
Here I am wearing the ivory Jackie cardigan set from J. Crew with a navy pin striped skirt and tan pumps.  I'm always a fan of pearl stud earrings as I think they are simple and classy for business attire.
This is a BB Dakota jacket that I got at a shop in Maryland a few years ago.  I just wore a simple white tee underneath and some brown pants.
The below outfit is for a day of travel (aka running around in airports and lots of driving).  I slipped on a champagne colored shell, this Jackie cardigan and brown suit pants.  I had to wear a suit to a meeting later that night so I just took my cardigan off and put my suit jacket on over the shell.  Easy and a comfortable.  I did wear my Tory Burch heels that Kevin just gave me for my birthday.  Yall I wore those babies all.day.long running all over and they were SO comfortable. 
And if you can't get enough of my work OOTD's, feel free to check out more here!

Thank you for taking your time to read all about my work outfit inspirations!  I'd love for y'all to hop on over to my blog as I talk wedding planning, recipes, what we did last weekend in Charlotte and everything in between! You can find it here.  Thank you again to sweet Emily for having me!
Happy New Year!


{Guest Post}- Melody

Hi everyone! I'm Melody from Sweet Like a Song! I'm so excited to be guest posting while Miss Emily is on her cruise. What a lucky girl! This is my first time guest posting and I hope you enjoy hearing about my 10 favorite moments from 2011!
Since New Year's Eve will be here before we know it, I thought this was a great time to look back on some of the best times I've had in the past year. These are memories about school, my family, friends, & life in general.

1. January 27th, 2011: This was the first time that my boyfriend, Jake and I had ever hung out. We met through a mutual friend and then I invited Jake to come with me to a famous couples grab-a-date that my sorority was having. He agreed and we decided to go as Barbie and Ken. He and I hit it off that night and the rest is history:)                                                  

2. March 9th, 2011: During spring break this past year, I went on my first cruise with three of my closest friends in Alpha Phi. We traveled to Coco Cay and Nassau in the Bahamas. It was an amazing trip, so relaxing!
3. April 2, 2011: I attended my second Carolina Cup in Camden, SC. Every year, a big group of us go down together and stay in Columbia for the weekend. We wear beautiful dresses and big hats while, tailgating and watching horse races all day long. This year, I had a dress custom made, as well as a bow tie for Jake. 

4. May 2011: I was chosen to be an intern at FOX8 NEWS in High Point this past summer. I wrote stories for the news every day and went out with reporters on assignments.
5. September 6, 2011: I started my little blog "Sweet Like a Song." This was something I'd wanted to do for so long and I'm so glad I did. It has definitely become my passion! You can read my very first post here. It seems like it was just yesterday!
6. September 18, 2011: This past year, I was the "Pledge Mom" for Alpha Phi. My committee and I planned a beautiful Bid Day for over 100 people. Our theme was "Alpha Phi Life is Good."
7. September, 27th 2011: I FINALLY turned 21! Some of my closest friends came over and we went to one of our favorite bars to celebrate my birthday!
8. October 22, 2011: I was nominated for Homecoming court at Appalachian and got to be in the parade and walk out on the field during the game! So much fun!
9. October 2011: My Alpha Phi Princess Family gained four new princesses, Ivey, Kaitlyn, Liz & Kim. 
10. December 16th, 2011: I finished my first semester of senior year in college! Even though I'm so ready to be done with school and move on to the next step of my life, I know I'll miss this once it's gone. 
I hope yall enjoyed hearing about my 10 favorite moments from 2011!


{Guest Post}- Ryann

Hi to Emily's readers! I'm ryann, the blogger behind { joy, joy, unspeakable joy } ! I am so excited to be a guest blogger- I am a relatively new blogger but have loved every second of it and the community I have found! So, thank you Emily! I am honored! If you like what you see, hop on over to my blog and check it out!

 I know we've all had our fill of Christmas posts, and I hope Santa was good to you all! But, once the gifts have been given, the wrapping paper and ribbons are everywhere, and you've called/texted all your friends  about all the sweet loot you got... It's time to write thank you notes. I'm from the South, and in my family, it is basically scandalous not to write a thank you note. For literally everything. Dinner out with a friend's family? Thank you note. Cookies as part of a care package from the old ladies at church? Thank you note. Donation to my sorority's fundraiser? Thank you note. I'm betting most of you girls reading this are saying "Duh! I always write thank you notes!"... it's a given for me, too, and I can't believe there are people out there who won't thank people- or thank them in a proper way, with a note in a timely manner! Also, now that I'm applying for internships and big-girl jobs in a year (eeeek!) thank you notes are a necessity for those who write me recommendations, as well as those who interview you! All this being said, here are some of my favorite picks for cute thank you notes and stationary in general!
Gadabout: I am obsessed with this line of stationary. The designer behind these chic designs, Hanna Nation, is a recent graduate of Wofford... in fact, her brother lives on my hall! She made a special line of cards as a fundraiser that are specific to our campus. Anyway, she has cute cards with the "Gadabout girl" on them (like above), but she also has some pretty designs that feature monograms! They're a little pricey for a college budget, but so classy and timeless.
Kate Spade: Need I say more? Preppy, peppy, and colorful. This is one of the cutest thank you cards I have seen around! And I love the gold on the inside of the envelope. What a nice, polished touch! How could you not smile if you received this card?!
Crane & Co: How beautiful is this? Crane & Co. is a great site for all your needs for stationary, calling cards, thank yous, etc. This particular card is from the Martha Stewart line and the most affordable of what I have shared- $10! So, though writing endless thank you notes for Christmas, graduation, job hunts, birthdays, and showers may not be fun... the fun, colorful options make it slightly better! Thanks for reading and hop on over to my blog if you'd like- I'd love to have you!


Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all of my lovely followers! I know I have been slacking with my blog, but with family in town, trying to pack, traveling back and forth and spending quality time with my relatives my blog has taken the back seat :-) Luckily, over the next week while I'm gone there will be fabulous guest bloggers that we all know and love on here, so show them some love! 

I hope everyone has the absolute best day and that Santa was extra good to you ;-) We've all been on the good list, of course! 

And now.....
I am off to the land of white beaches, sunny skies, and lots of fun drinks! 
I am ready to soak up the sun!!!

*a special thanks to my guest bloggers this coming week!*


I'm back... What have I been up to?

I am b-a-c-k! After a week of being private, I think I have taken control of the situation! I have been so busy since coming home from school for Christmas break! I feel like there is so much I need to catch everyone up on! 

  • Before leaving, Ashley and I had a wonderful lunch and exchanged Christmas present! I loved all of the stuff I got from her which included flannel PJs, a book, stationary, and a great scarf!
  • When I got into town Bre and I went to lunch....she was my secret santa! I was so surprised! I absolutely loved everything she got me from the cute ornament, Lilly coozie, and OPI nail polish! I can't wait to hang out with her more, she is fabulous! 
  • Waiting at my door step were Christmas presents from Crystal!!! I had won a giveaway of hers from the 12 Days of Giveaways, so I was extra excited! She got me a fabulous monogrammed ring & a friendship Pandora bead for mine, hers, and Ashley's bracelet! The V.B. jewelry carrier is perfect!

  • My parents are moving to a new house! We went to look at one last week and absolutely fell in love! We will be moving in February, I am so thrilled! Pictures to come once we're moved in, of course!
  • Life of Emily now has a FB! Go Like it Here!!! 
  • We have an Elf on the Shelf! We named him Clyde! I, however, did not know all the rules of Elf on the Shelf and nearly ruined Christmas (I'm being dramatic, but still!) I picked up Clyde and my eight year old sister had a fit. She thought Clyde would loose his magic because I touched him. Needless to say, I made up a great excuse that Clyde had fallen off of his spot and I was helping him up....and everything was fine! ;-)

  • I had dinner with my grandparents before I left town at PF Changs, one of my favorite places to eat. I was lucky enough to get a Kate Spade bag that is perfect for the cruise!

  • I have a HUGE book list to read... I'm bringing four on the cruise in hopes of completing some of my 'to-read' list! Here's what I'm reading! Don't judge the LC book, I've heard it was good! Has anyone read anything else?

Top: J.Crew
Belt: J.Crew
Jeans: Joe's Jeans
Boots: Frye

Top: Forever 21
Vest: Dillards (early Christmas present!)
Jeans: J.Crew
Flats: Target


My thoughts on blogging

When I was doing my Q&A session last week Melody asked if I thought there was such thing as blog etiquette and if there were any 'for-sure' rules that I go by. I loved this question and it really sparked my interest! I have so many thoughts about blogging...so I couldn't answer it without devoting an entire blog post to it! 

My thoughts on blogging...
*Keep in mind this is my opinion. I realize everyone may not think the same way!*

  • I think everyone should be themselves on their blog! It's a lot harder to keep up an image of someone else rather than just being yourself.
  • All of the writing rules should still apply in the blog world. There is nothing worse to look at a blog and see 'text lingo,' things not capitalized correctly and spelling/grammar errors. I'm not saying my blog is perfect with all of this!
  • Although blogs are personal, others do read it...keep that in mind. Some stuff could come back to bite you!      ;-)
  • We are all human beings! We all have bad days and we are definitely not all perfect. Show it! I try not to post everything on my blog, but if I'm having a no-good-very-bad-day I'm not afraid to tell everyone! It's nice to know that others are human beings and have similar situations going on too!
  • With that being said...I don't think people should use blogging to boast or complain 24/7. (yes, sometimes I am guilty of both)
  • Don't try to compare your lives with those of other bloggers. Sure, blogger123 may seem to have the most beautiful home and best job but you may not see all of the things she goes through that she doesn't share on her blog! Comparisons do nothing but harm, promise! :-)

Blog Etiquette...and some of my pet peeves!
  • If you don't have something nice to say don't say it at all! This goes for writing posts, commenting..ahem anon comments, etc! The blog world should be a place to enjoy and encourage, not put others down!
  • Commenting! I always love when people comment on my blog and I make a conscious effort to go to their blogs and read/comment. I am guilty of sometimes reading blogs on the go & not commenting, especially this past week or so. I've been so busy, SORRY!
  • Give credit where credit is due. There is seriously nothing worse than taking the time to write a blog post and then seeing basically the same post on another blog with no credit given to you! 
  • Respond to comments on your blog (and bloggers make your email visible)! I appreciate all of the comments I get. Most of the time I reply back to them (unless it only requires a "thanks" or "yes/no" then usually I don't reply because I think that's annoying!)
Pet Peeves
  • Do not use the commenting section as a way to promote your blog. (read: follow me back, I'm having a giveaway, etc.) Most of the time I go back to bloggers who comment whether they promote or not!! 
  • If your site takes more than a few seconds to load I probably wait for it to load! I'm not sure why this even bothers me so bad, but it does. I want to see a blog quickly because usually I'm blogging in my spare time!
  • Music on pages. I know, I know, personal preference. I usually blog and listen to Pandora and it really throws me for a loop when two songs are going on at once HA! 
What do you think about blogging/blog etiquette? What are your blogging pet peeves? 


Surviving Finals

Finals week has arrived...
That's right, the dreaded week of finals has arrived for most of us. It is the time where we are overwhelmed, underprepared, and just plain over school! It is usually the time when I end up having my break downs (yes, that's right...) However over the past seven semesters of being in college (it sounds weird saying seven semesters) I have found some great ways to study, survive finals, and stay sane! 

  • Make a schedule- By now, we all know I can't function without my planner + to-do lists. During the last week of classes and finals it is especially important that I write out everything. When things are due, when my finals are and when I need to study are all written out. I typically have more than one list for these things so I can see it and take it all in. I also confirm these dates with my professors and what it on my syllabi. 
  • Study, Study, Study- That's right, take the time to study. If it is planned out ahead of time you won't be pressed for time trying to study for everything. Don't try to force your studying into one session, you won't retain that information. Be sure to stick to the study habits that work for you, exam time isn't the best time to try the study rituals you read on another blog! Also, study where you know you are comfortable. Don't like the library? Don't go. I personally get nothing done, besides socializing, in the library so I usually stick to quieter and desolate places to study.
  • Don't procrastinate- Sure, facebook, twitter, pinterest and blogging all seem way more interesting when you have a test to study for....but don't fall into that trap! It will only make you more stressed in the long run! I found a solution to my procrastination problem, it's called self-controlThis application for computers allows you to block certain websites and mail servers for a predetermined amount of time. Need to study for an hour? Set your Self Control App to an hour..as simple as that! I personally use Self Control pretty frequently-if not, I wouldn't get anything done!
  • Make time for yourself- In the midst of all of the paper writing and group projects, make time for yourself...Grab dinner with a friend or catch your favorite Christmas movie on ABC Family. It will alleviate stress and help you keep life in perspective.
  • Eat, sleep and drink coffee- It doesn't have the same ring as eat, drink and be merry, but it still works! Don't forfeit your eating or sleeping in order to study. Be sure to eat healthy meals and getting enough slip. Make time for each of these, it will result in being well rested and having the energy to study
  • Dress well- I know it is much easier to dress in comfy clothes, but my motto (especially for exam time) is "dress well to test well." If I am comfy I end up slouching and focus more on being done. If I am awake and dressed well my whole persona is just...better. I feel better, I think more positively and I end up doing well!
Keep all of these things in mind as finals approach at your respective schools...and if your finals are over already I am extremely jealous :-) 


Your Questions...Answered! Part 2

Helllo! I am back for Part 2 of answering your questions! I love seeing what everyone asks! 

  • Where do you want to live/work after graduation? This question overwhelms me HA! I know  I have been researching PR firms, consulting firms, event planning agencies etc. I am just starting to send out my resume. I wanted to make sure it was 100% perfect! 
  • How do you study? At a desk or a bed? With TV or music? All at once or gradually? Oh goodness. There is a method to my madness. First, every week I write out my to-do list. I then begin studying for whatever needs to be studied. This week, it happened to be my corrections final. In that particular class I don't take notes- it's more of a lecture + power point. So, when I study I basically re-write the most important info of the power points and look it over. Re-writing it helps me remember it because I know where I wrote it and what it was for. My notes are ridiculously organized. I usually study either 1) at home 2) in the comm building 3) in the student union solarium (there are plants and waterfalls!) I like to study with something on, whether it's the TV or pandora, it can't be completely silent. I try to study gradually, but sometime my busy schedule doesn't allow that! :-)
  • What would you like to do for a job after graduation with your PR degree? Goodness, y'all are interested in what I want to do after I graduate ;-) I wish I had more answers. Ultimately I want to be an event planner or promoter. I did that for my internship this summer and learned so much, was constantly working on a task, and it was different from day to day! I would also enjoy working for a PR firm!
  • How do you get such gorgeous/shiny hair? Shampoo/Conditioner/ Hair ritual please! I honestly don't use anything special. I have 3 different shampoos and conditioners in my shower right now.... They are Herbal Essence Body Envy, Mane & Tail (trying to grow it out) and B&BW Sweet Pea shampoo and conditioner. I usually switch between them and use M&T three times a week. I usually shower at night & dry my hair, then straighten it in the morning!

  • I'd love to know what is your favorite thing to do on a day when the weather is beautiful up here and you could choose anything? Great question, these are the things I am going to miss most about my college town! In the warm summer months I LOVE to go to Houndstooth with the girls and day drink and lay out on the huge rocks! I can't tell you how many times I go there during the summer. I also love the hiking trails on the parkway. A bunch of my best girl friends and I would always go hike up there and then lay out on the parkway (or Houndstooth) after! Days like that are ones I will surely miss most!
    Do you think there is such a thing as blog etiquette? Are there any for-sure rules that you go by? I think this is my favorite question! YES there is DEFINITELY such a thing as blog etiquette! Check back on my blog for a post, you inspired me Melody!


Your Questions...Answered! Part 1

Hellllo everyone! I am here to answer all of the fabulous questions you had for me! I had a ton of different questions, so I am excited to answer them all! I will be doing this in two parts since there were so many!
  • What is your ideal city to live in? Well since I am a PR major, I will have to live in a big city.  I am a southern girl at heart, but I wouldn't mind living in LA, DC, or NYC for a little while! I guess we will see where life takes me!
  • You always look so cute for your OOTD pictures! Do you ever just have a "bumming it" kind of day? Thank you for your sweet comment! I would be 100% lying if I said my favorite outfit wasn't leggings, an oversized T, and my Patagonia pullover! For the most part I try to dress semi-cute for class...although there ARE days when I wear comfy clothes! The winter months are pretty hard to dress cute here. There is constantly snow on the ground, ice, rain, and wind temperatures of -10. I still try to look cute behind my puffer jacket, but sometimes warmth trumps cuteness!
  • lazy day outfits

  • What's your staple piece of jewelry you wear everyday? There are 5 pieces of jewelry I wear hands down every.single.day. I feel "naked" without them! They are.... my David Yurman Onyx Necklace, my David Yurman Cable Bracelet, a watch (either MK or Anne Klein...love them!), my Novica rings, and my Pandora bracelet!
  • What are tips you would give to a new blogger?I just started my own blog a few weeks ago and I'm still learning the ropes! I love your blog and I think you would have a ton of great advice!! Thank you! Believe it or not, I started my blog with absolutely NO idea what to do. But, I started it for ME. I didn't have followers for a long time, but that was ok. My advice would be to be 1) 100% you, don't try to be someone or something you're not. 2) Write about what interests you! 3) Find others blogs that are similar to you and read them (and comment!) Most of the time other bloggers with follow you back and you'll make friends! 4) Participate in link-ups. I didn't know what this was at first, but it's a good way to make your way into the blog world!  
  • What's your ideal "perfect" date with Hunter? This is a good one! I've been thinking about this a lot. Now that we are long distance, any date would be perfect as long as we get to spend time together! I would love for it to be something sweet that he planned and came up with on his own...I like surprises like that!! I always think boys coming up with their own cute ideas is so special! 
  • If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life, where would it be? I 100% love Nordstrom. It has everything. Jewelry, clothing, lingerie, shoes, makeup, etc! But, I could also shop at Target forever too. They have everything under the sun it seems!
  • What's your "can't live without" beauty product? MASCARA! If there is one thing I put on even if I can't put on 'full makeup' it is mascara. It makes you look awake & alive HAHA. I try all kinds of mascaras and I'm always in the market for a new one! If anyone has any great ones, product names would be wonderful! 
If you have any other questions while I'm answering the others, just let me know!


Life Via My iPhone...

I have been insanely busy lately. Whether it is me studying in the library for 13 hours, rushing to group projects, or heading down the mountain to get away from it all I have been extremely busy! I haven't even had time to blog in two days, if that tells you anything ;-) Since my brain is solely focused on school work right now, I thought I would share the array of photos from my iphone... they are sure to entertain!

Here's what I've been up to...
1. I've taken precious little Dingo pup on plenty of car rides!
2. I decorated (my very pink and green) Christmas tree!
3.I had dinner with bloggers Hailey & Sarah! Our waiter didn't do too well with the picture ;-) GREAT time though!

4. Dingo played Black Jack with us!
5. I drank lots of hot chocolate with my sister, Greysen.
6. I got a new iphone cover, IN LOVE with it!

7. I took way too many pictures of Dingo, even while sleeping.
8. I found a genius Coca-Cola idea, of course I shared it with Hunter!
9. I cuddled with Dingo forever and ever.

10. I did so much shopping that I unlocked the mall rat badge on foursquare.
11. I ate some country cooked food from Cracker Barrel...yum!
12. I obsessed over Dingo a little more.....oops (too many pictures of him)

13. I pulled out my holiday pajamas, while drinking Hot Chocolate, of course.
14. Got OVERLY excited about the Snowflake lights hanging around town!
15. I cuddled with my puppy at my dads!

16. I bought my new Christmas ornament with my brother, I love it!
17. I went to visit Hunter in Charlotte!
18. I have studied my life away thanks to the last week of classes! 

I know it was a quick (and boring) little post, but my blog was getting lonely! 


Weekend Recap+ Marley Lilly Product Review!

Helllooo, I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I sure did! I went home this weekend. I knew with the upcoming week being the last week of classes I would be super busy and stressed, so I went home for a little R&R. I did some shopping, but of course it is all put away until Christmas...good thing there's only 20 days left :)
my brother is 7 years younger than me, but already taller at age 15....
We bought our new ornaments for the tree! 
One of our trees this year is pink/green/blue themed, in our sunroom, love it!

On Saturday I went to visit Hunter at his new apartment! It is so cute (well, handsome!)...I am insanely jealous of his closet. We had a great dinner and just enjoyed each others company! I can't wait to graduate and finally be in the same town again! Long distance is hard y'all! 
YAY, I loved the Christmas lights in Phillips Place!
Onto Marley Lilly... I was contacted by a rep at Marley Lilly not too long ago! My blog was in the top 10 referring sites to their website, so they wanted to do something nice for me! They let me pick out a scarf/pashmina and sent it on to me! Kelly at Marley Lilly is absolutely fab-u-lous! I received my scarf a day before Thanksgiving, so it worked out perfectly! 
I chose the Crimson Red Pashmina!
I absolutely LOVE this scarf! It is the perfect color and I have found it goes with so much! Plus, the customer service with Marley Lilly is amazing, and that truly has a lot to do with where I order things from! I have already worn my scarf a lot, with a ton of different outfits! I like how you can have the monogram exposed or have it hidden :)

Go check out all of the great things Marley Lilly has to offer! I just ordered this...


Attention! Guest Bloggers Needed!

Oops, I'm posting twice! Anyways, I am in need of 8 people to guest blog for me while I am on my cruise! Guest Posts will run from December 26- January 2! Feel free to blog about style, love, health, crafting....anything you wish! :) 

If you are interested in blogging for me while I am cruising, leave a comment on here with your email address! 

Thanks Ladies!
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