Your Questions...Answered! Part 2

Helllo! I am back for Part 2 of answering your questions! I love seeing what everyone asks! 

  • Where do you want to live/work after graduation? This question overwhelms me HA! I know  I have been researching PR firms, consulting firms, event planning agencies etc. I am just starting to send out my resume. I wanted to make sure it was 100% perfect! 
  • How do you study? At a desk or a bed? With TV or music? All at once or gradually? Oh goodness. There is a method to my madness. First, every week I write out my to-do list. I then begin studying for whatever needs to be studied. This week, it happened to be my corrections final. In that particular class I don't take notes- it's more of a lecture + power point. So, when I study I basically re-write the most important info of the power points and look it over. Re-writing it helps me remember it because I know where I wrote it and what it was for. My notes are ridiculously organized. I usually study either 1) at home 2) in the comm building 3) in the student union solarium (there are plants and waterfalls!) I like to study with something on, whether it's the TV or pandora, it can't be completely silent. I try to study gradually, but sometime my busy schedule doesn't allow that! :-)
  • What would you like to do for a job after graduation with your PR degree? Goodness, y'all are interested in what I want to do after I graduate ;-) I wish I had more answers. Ultimately I want to be an event planner or promoter. I did that for my internship this summer and learned so much, was constantly working on a task, and it was different from day to day! I would also enjoy working for a PR firm!
  • How do you get such gorgeous/shiny hair? Shampoo/Conditioner/ Hair ritual please! I honestly don't use anything special. I have 3 different shampoos and conditioners in my shower right now.... They are Herbal Essence Body Envy, Mane & Tail (trying to grow it out) and B&BW Sweet Pea shampoo and conditioner. I usually switch between them and use M&T three times a week. I usually shower at night & dry my hair, then straighten it in the morning!

  • I'd love to know what is your favorite thing to do on a day when the weather is beautiful up here and you could choose anything? Great question, these are the things I am going to miss most about my college town! In the warm summer months I LOVE to go to Houndstooth with the girls and day drink and lay out on the huge rocks! I can't tell you how many times I go there during the summer. I also love the hiking trails on the parkway. A bunch of my best girl friends and I would always go hike up there and then lay out on the parkway (or Houndstooth) after! Days like that are ones I will surely miss most!
    Do you think there is such a thing as blog etiquette? Are there any for-sure rules that you go by? I think this is my favorite question! YES there is DEFINITELY such a thing as blog etiquette! Check back on my blog for a post, you inspired me Melody!


Your Questions...Answered! Part 1

Hellllo everyone! I am here to answer all of the fabulous questions you had for me! I had a ton of different questions, so I am excited to answer them all! I will be doing this in two parts since there were so many!
  • What is your ideal city to live in? Well since I am a PR major, I will have to live in a big city.  I am a southern girl at heart, but I wouldn't mind living in LA, DC, or NYC for a little while! I guess we will see where life takes me!
  • You always look so cute for your OOTD pictures! Do you ever just have a "bumming it" kind of day? Thank you for your sweet comment! I would be 100% lying if I said my favorite outfit wasn't leggings, an oversized T, and my Patagonia pullover! For the most part I try to dress semi-cute for class...although there ARE days when I wear comfy clothes! The winter months are pretty hard to dress cute here. There is constantly snow on the ground, ice, rain, and wind temperatures of -10. I still try to look cute behind my puffer jacket, but sometimes warmth trumps cuteness!
  • lazy day outfits

  • What's your staple piece of jewelry you wear everyday? There are 5 pieces of jewelry I wear hands down every.single.day. I feel "naked" without them! They are.... my David Yurman Onyx Necklace, my David Yurman Cable Bracelet, a watch (either MK or Anne Klein...love them!), my Novica rings, and my Pandora bracelet!
  • What are tips you would give to a new blogger?I just started my own blog a few weeks ago and I'm still learning the ropes! I love your blog and I think you would have a ton of great advice!! Thank you! Believe it or not, I started my blog with absolutely NO idea what to do. But, I started it for ME. I didn't have followers for a long time, but that was ok. My advice would be to be 1) 100% you, don't try to be someone or something you're not. 2) Write about what interests you! 3) Find others blogs that are similar to you and read them (and comment!) Most of the time other bloggers with follow you back and you'll make friends! 4) Participate in link-ups. I didn't know what this was at first, but it's a good way to make your way into the blog world!  
  • What's your ideal "perfect" date with Hunter? This is a good one! I've been thinking about this a lot. Now that we are long distance, any date would be perfect as long as we get to spend time together! I would love for it to be something sweet that he planned and came up with on his own...I like surprises like that!! I always think boys coming up with their own cute ideas is so special! 
  • If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life, where would it be? I 100% love Nordstrom. It has everything. Jewelry, clothing, lingerie, shoes, makeup, etc! But, I could also shop at Target forever too. They have everything under the sun it seems!
  • What's your "can't live without" beauty product? MASCARA! If there is one thing I put on even if I can't put on 'full makeup' it is mascara. It makes you look awake & alive HAHA. I try all kinds of mascaras and I'm always in the market for a new one! If anyone has any great ones, product names would be wonderful! 
If you have any other questions while I'm answering the others, just let me know!
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