Displaying Jewelry

Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces... oh my!

When I first began wearing jewelry I steered more towards the classic and simple pieces that were great for everyday wear. There are certain pieces of jewelry that I wear everyday religiously, no matter what the occasion or outfit. In recent months though bigger and bolder pieces have been capturing my attention more.... and I like what I see! So, over the years I have built up quite the collection (that is ever growing) and these beauties are now taking over. I am running out of space. I have no idea how to display these pretty little pieces that make every outfit so fun! 

These are my newest ways of displaying my jewelry! 
L: Francesca's Collections; M: Anthropologie; R: T.J. Maxx

I am still searching high and low for a better way to display my jewelry, so any suggestions are welcome!

How do you display your jewelry??


  1. I was looking for better ways to display my jewelry at showings and I tried something I saw on Pinterest. I use it in my room now because it matches the decor and makes my jewelry easy to see. I'm going to make more in different sizes and colors, and start selling them at shows and on Etsy :)

    http://www.wired-essentials.com/2012/05/lexington-show.html (it's the green hanging frame, and it's super easy to make!)

  2. i definitely have to display my jewelry for sure because it helps me get ready faster in the morning since it is all out there. plus i use different pieces instead of just the jewelry i see first if i don't have my jewelry displayed. i love how you display yours

  3. Im super jealous of your jewelry collection! Serious, I have like a quarter of that :( share with me? ;)

  4. This is fantastic, gorgeous , Awesome pictures. beautiful collection.
    parfum pas cher

  5. you are so darling. i love your blog and those pictures are amazing.


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