January Photo-a-day Recap!

When the new year started I knew that I wanted to participate in the 365 photo challenge. I was caught between what I was going to take pictures of & what I would do with them. Luckily, Fat Mum Slim solved all of my problems for me by creating the photo-a-day challenge! Each month she will post a list of items to photograph each day! I decided to post as many of mine as I can on instagram (username: enh410, find me!) I thought it would be fun to do a monthly re-cap so I can look back on it and force myself to do each challenge. I would love to know who else is participating so we can all hold each other to it! :-) 

So, without further adieu, my month in review!

1. You Me, on the cruise in Puerto Rico. Not a bad way to spend the first day of 2012!
2. Breakfast Honey Nut Cheerios. Fun fact: I could probably eat cereal every meal. I love it!
3. Something you adore My precious puppy, Dingo. I miss him so much!
4. Your letterbox My email inbox. Which is always overflowing!
5. Something you wore My Little Miss Matched Socks. They're so fun (none of them match!)
6. Makes you smile My favorite boy, everrrrr! He still gives me butterflies!
7. Favorite My favorite MK watch. I'm obsessed with watches, can you tell?
8. Your sky The sky in St. Thomas while I was there!
9. Daily Routine Using my Chi straightener (most days.)
10. Childhood Check me out, in my Sunday best sitting on the porch ha!
11. Where you sleep My bed at school.
12. Close Up Ulta's Smoke Screen. I'm a huge fan of Ulta nail polish!
13. In your bag Longchamp for a day of class. It holds everything I need.
14. Something you're reading One Fifth Avenue. So far, so good.
15. Happiness me & Hunter on the parkway, such a fun day!
16. Morning My first sunrise on the cruise (yes, I woke up for all but one!)
17. Water From my Lilly tumbler. An everyday essential!
18. Something you bought Old Navy loafers for a steal! They hurt so bad though.
19. Sweet One of my favorite Starbucks drinks.
20. Someone you love My BFF, my mom. She's the absolute best ever!
21. Reflection Price Lake is where I go to sit & reflect.
22. You shoes L.L. Bean Boots, a staple for every rainy day!
23. Something old My baby pillow. I have had it since I was born.
24. Guilty Pleasure What I call "trash" magazines. Tabloids.
25. Something you made My freehand Lilly letters. They took forever, but I love them!
26. Color Stabilo pens make even taking notes better!
27. Lunch Black Cat for lunch before Hunter left town, yum!
28. Light Candle light is the best.
29. Inside your fridge Yoplait yogurt is the best. Strawberry is my fave!
30. Nature My college towns have the best sunsets
31. You, again Me, on date night with Hunter

Will you be participating in February? 


Monday Mixed Bag

Monday.... ugh. I was having a serious case-of-the-Mondays this morning. I got distracted by the SAG Awards and KKTNY (obsessed with Scott) last night and put my work aside. Which meant today I was been running around trying to catch up. So since my brain is moving in all kinds of directions, a Monday mixed bag is what my blog followers are getting. Sorry for the randomness! 

I have spent my day yelling at Illustrator and Photoshop (they weren't cooperating with me), replying to emails, planning my week, and doing lots of brainstorming for Her Campus. Some days it just feels like I can't catch up. Do any of you have days like that? 

  • This weekend was super relaxing and much needed! Hunter came to visit, we watched movies, went to dinner, laughed a lot, and found a cute antique shop in town! Sometimes it's fun to do things you don't typically do! 
  • I got my graduation application via email today and nearly had a heart attack because my heart was beating so fast!!! I am so excited & so nervous. This means I reallllly need to get a move on looking for jobs. Anyone with connections in PR/event planning in Charlotte??? 
  • I had a brainstorming meeting with my assistant PR Director this afternoon for Her Campus. It was just what I needed. Jessie is fabulous & we always seem to have the best ideas when we combine our brains! Who else is involved in Her Campus? We're still new to campus & are in the process of becoming a club....they are giving us the hardest time with this! Ugh.
  • I am looking so forward to Friday. We are finalllly moving into our new home on Friday and I am sooooo excited. I am definitely heading home after class on Friday for the weekend! If there's one thing I love, it is moving. I love organizing everything when moving somewhere new :-)
  • I have spring fever. The weather is surprising here this semester. It is usually snowing and freezing (like temps in the negatives!) but it has been beautiful. This kind of weather is making me want spring weather. And helllo, how cute are the spring lines so far?! 
  • I have some super-de-duper  things coming up on my blog! One year blogoversary and some exciting things for all of my wonderful followers! 
How is your Monday?


You can just call me Carrie Bradshaw!

Hello ladies, Emily here.... blogging from Starbucks on this rainy day. I feel like a total Carrie Bradshaw right now! My BF has gone to have some guy time with one of his best friends, so I immediately drove to Starbucks to have some "me" time!

Starbucks is new in our college town. That's right, I have somehow survived being without a Starbucks for almost four years....while in school. Our town is all about "local small businesses," and while that is great, there isn't one coffee shop in town that can make a drink the way Starbucks can! I am 100% a Starbucks snob! 

So now, since I'm playing the part of Carrie Bradshaw I think I should talk about...relationships. She's famous for her columns on relationships, so I'll take a stab at it, even though I'm no expert! 

What do I know best? Long Distance Relationships. I have been in two. Luckily, my time with LDR is coming to a close- in about three months I will be in the city with the one I love! Long Distance Relationships are not easy by any means, but here's a few tips to make them a little better! I know there are quite a few bloggers who are in LDR's so we all can bond together :-) 

  • Communicate: Communication is key in any relationship, but especially in LDR. However, sometimes communicating effectively is easier said than done, right? I always make an effort to talk on the phone, text, or skype every day...no matter what I'm doing. I have found that it is important to not talk aimlessly too much during the day because then you're left with nothing to talk about at the end of the day :-) 
  • Trust: If there is no trust, there might as well not be a relationship. Trust can make or break a relationship. Even though it's hard being far away, you both need to trust the other and also take the steps to let the other know you trust them. Some people just need that reassurance!
  • Be Open: Since you're no longer side by side to gage the reaction of the other or to look for their non-verbal signs, it is important to be 100% open. Talk about things...anything. If something is bothering you, let the other know... no one is a mind reader, after all. 
  • Sharing: It is so important to share news, information, and important things going on in your life while apart! Sharing the smallest things, like letting him know his favorite movie is on or that you got a A+ on a paper, can make you two feel a little closer and more involved! I know, from experience, that sharing even the smallest details can make a day! 
  • Visit: I can't tell you how many countdowns I've had to see Hunter! I think my life revolves around countdowns, seriously! Visiting each other is time you both can look forward too! Although everyone has a busy schedule, there is nothing like spending time together! Nothing can replace those precious moments spent with the one you love. Enjoy that time & definitely don't take it for granted. Go on a cute date, make new memories, and spend that quality time together that you both need! 

It definitely helps knowing there are other people (whether IRL or blog friends) out there going through the same thing! No one hesitate to talk to me about it :-) 


Outfits of Days Past

Happy Friday, everyone! Is it just me or did Friday feel like it was never going to get here? This has been such a long week for me. I was definitely working for the weekend. I am so excited for a relaxing weekend. Hunter is coming to visit so I am extra happy today (although I woke up late & didn't have time for my coffee.)
Just Peachy

Rachel at Just Peachy had a great idea at the beginning of this week... take a photo of your outfit everyday and she would host a link up at the end of the week! I absolutely loved this idea. I'm also nosey and like to see what everyone else is wearing :-) 

Outfit #1
Top: J.Crew // Cardigan: target: // Cords: J.Crew Matchstick // Loafers: Old Navy // 
Outfit #2
Top: J.Crew // Jeans: Seven For All Mankind // Shoes: LL Bean Boots // 
Outfit 3:
Top: J.Crew // Scarf: Francesca's // Jeans: J.Crew Matchstick // Boots: DSW

Outfit #4
Top: Pike T-Shirt // Vest: Lands End // Shorts: Nike Tempo // Shoes: Asics //
Outfit #5
Top: Michael Stars // Jeans: Hudson // Shoes: Justin Cowboy boots //
Outfit 6:
Top: J.Crew // Jacket: Lilly Pulitzer // Jeans: J.Crew toothpick // Boots: DSW //

All of my outfits are for going to class. I try to make a conscious effort to dress nice for class....but some days I really just want to wear leggings, and over sized t-shirt, patagonia pullover and Uggs! I have found when I dress well that I actually pay more attention in class, I'm more awake, and I'm not so tired :-)

What do you wear to class? What's your everyday staple?


TV to Talk About

Hi. My name is Emily and I am addicted to TV shows. I am the girl who has the TV schedule written in my planner. The girl who will skip opportunities, like dinner with friends, to watch a show. I get roped in so easily....and then I can't stop watching! But, with all of the amazing shows on right now, can you really blame me. No. I know there are plenty of girls in the blog & twitter world who will agree with me on these TV shows! 

Gossip Girl
I read the books, and although the show is nothing like the books I keep coming back for more every season. Maybe, it's due to the fact that I have a huge celeb crush on Ed Westwick. Or Maybe it's the great fashion in each episode. Either way I am sure to tune in. PS: I do not like Charlie. She has got to go.

Pretty Little Liars
I don't know about y'all but I watch this every Monday....and am scared to death afterwards! I love the mystery of the show but I like the fashion even more. Spencer has, without fail, amazing outfits every week. It also helps that Mr. Fitz is easy on the eyes. 

This has to be my favorite show of the season. It is so intense. The plot thickens every week and I'm left wanting more! The Hampton homes are TDF. I am in shock nearly every Wednesday when it is over. I typically re-watch the episodes to make sure I didn't miss anything! 

One Tree Hill
I have followed this show from the first season. Now that it's on its last season I am so excited to see where the show is headed! I love seeing Stephen Coletti on the show, he plays his part so well! Brooke is my favorite & I just know we would be BFFs in real life.

It's a Brad Brad World
 I was so sad to see Brad go on The Zoe Report, but when rumors started flying of him getting his own show I was thrilled! I am so happy to see he's still making it without RZ (although I still love her!) It is so cool to see every week what he's doing and how he's building himself in the styling world!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Oh my word, where do you even begin with these girls?! Drama.Drama.Drama. The Season finale was so weird. Both happy and sad, with it showing Pandora's wedding and the death of Russell. Taylor is definitely in a dark place in her life. I am a lover of Camille and Lisa cracks me up. Kim is so darn crazy. Get her off the show! What're your thoughts on these ladies?

Let me just say, Kourtney is my all time favorite Kardashian. She is so funny, cute, and down to earth. And I, for one, am a huge fan of Scott. I think he is hilarious. His antics keep me in stitches every episode! Now, Kris could fall off the balcony and I wouldn't care. He is the rudest human being ever...and I blame him for Kim's attitude this season!

What shows do you watch? 


Old Navy Necessities

Happy Monday, Ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent Friday in class until 3... This is something so foreign to me, but I'm actually liking it. Friday night Jordan and I went to dinner at Macados. It was so good and it was fun to just have a relaxing dinner with a friend! We had plans to have a wine night, unfortunately I took my cough medicine (which made me drowsy) and was asleep by 8:30. whoopsies. I slept 15 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. But, I woke up feeling 1000 times better...and to a text that Bre was coming to visit!

Bre and I had such a fun girls day together! We went to the new Starbucks that just opened in my town. We drank coffee, laughed, and caught up. Of course, no girls day would be complete without a little shopping! She had mentioned some good finds that she got from Old Navy so we headed there!

I got some great deals! I got the brown & cream flannel shirt for $6, the gold lizard print flats for $6, and the black loafers for $20! The photo on the left was a new pearl necklace I got from Belk by Ralph Lauren about a week ago. It was a new look I tried out, and loved. What do you think?

Old Navy, to me, is always hit or miss....and this time it was definitely a hit! I will most likely be going back this week to scoop up some more great items! Here are some of my favorites that I need right now :-) 

1. A blue & white polka dot chiffon dress. This dress could easily be dressed up or down. Simple chic.
2. A striped dress. I think it would be so cute in the summer with sandals
3. This chambray shirt is a pullover...I can see this with white capris or shorts. So cute.
4. This light floral shirt would be a good piece to have and seems so versatile! 

5. This wrap was so cute. Bre had it on and I fell in love. Unfortunately, it was too bulky on me. Sad.
6. This pink collarless coat NEEDS to be mine. But, unless I'm an XL it won't be found in my closet. I was so looking forward to wearing this though!
7. These flats are Kate Spade look-a-likes for a way cheaper price!
8. This color block bag is way cuter in person. In the store it came in camel and hot pink. It will be mine soon! 

Have you checked out Old Navy lately? What do you love?


Tag, you're it!

Oh my goodness, I have put this post off for as long as I could! I have been so busy and I kept getting tagged, so I figured I better post this before it got too out of hand & I was tagged even more ;-) I can't wait to answer everyone's questions! 

Sorry in advance for this ridiculously long post!
1. you must post the rules
2. post 11 fun facts about yourself
I'm leaving this out since I'm answering 55 questions.
3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger that tagged you in & create 11 new questions for those who you tag.
4. tag 11 different people 
I'm not tagging! So many people have done this that I can't keep track!

Here goes nothing!

Bless Your Heart's Questions
What's your favorite nail polish color?
OPI Bubble Bath. It's my favorite go-to color.
Best book you've ever read?
Hmm. This is hard because I love to read! Either Pride & Prejudice, The Help or Water for Elephants
If you could stop time for 1 hour, what would you do?
I would run a bath, light some candles, and grab a good book to read!
Silver or Gold?
Silver-Gold combo!
You favorite thing in your closet?
I love so much in my closet, but I would have to say currently my fur vest!
What's your favorite song?
Anything by John Mayer or Lady Antebellum. huge fan of both!
Last concert you went to?
Taylor Swift this summer with my little sisters.
Do you have a case on your phone? If so, what does it look like?
I have so many phone covers for my iphone, but I am using my pink/white otter box right now!

Favorite make-up item?
Mascara. 100%. Can't go without it.
Is there a show you stop everything to watch?
Revenge & Pretty Little Liars get my full attention. Always.
If you could insert yourself into any movie, which would it be?
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, it's such a fun movie!

Glitz & Grammer's Questions

What is your favorite part about blogging?
I love that it is a great outlet for my thoughts & the great friends I have made through it!
Who is your celebrity crush?
Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) swoon
What is your favorite city/place in the world?
I love Savannah, GA & Charleston, SC.
If you could tell us a time where you helped a stranger the most, when was it?
In high school there was a homeless guy that was near my school. I would always meet my BFF every day after school to hang out, eat, shop,etc. Every time we ate we would buy something and take it to the homeless man. He was so nice and he really appreciated it, I think. I don't know if that's when I helped someone the most, but it's the first thing that popped into my head.
If you could have only one magazine subscription for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Glamour. I love Cosmo, but their information is overused and repeated a lot. I like the fashion, health, style, and sex that Glamour has!

What is your biggest fear?
I am so afraid of being raped...or falling down the stairs backwards. 

What is your guilty pleasure?
hmmm... people watching. I guess? People watching usually leads to judging, but I can't look away haha! 

Can you recall your favorite childhood memory?
I can vividly recall getting Hanson tickets for Christmas one year. I was screaming and yelling and jumping up and down ha! I won't ever forget it!

Facebook or Twitter?
Twitter. But, I like looking at pictures (and adding them) on FB.
What is your biggest pet peeve?
Oh I have so many. Fake people, slow drivers, blinkers being on in cars (but they aren't actually turning), people who constantly try to one-up others, slow walkers, coughing in classrooms, cracking knuckles, smacking food....the list could go on and on!
How would you sum yourself up in three words or less?
talkative. sassy. entertaining.

Where do you see yourself a year from today?
I will (hopefully) be living in Charlotte, have an event planning job, and enjoying every minute of life with Hunter!

Do you you have your future children's names picked out?
Yes, but they are pretty original so I don't want anyone to take them. :-)

What is your favorite part about where you live?
Well my college town, I'm not a huge fan of it in the winter because of the snow.... but in the Summer there isn't any humidity here so the weather is perfect!

What is your favorite color and why?
I love the color blue. There are so many shades of it and I love every single one of them. It's so pretty and different!
What is your best memory?
There are so many memories I have that are great, I can't pick one! 
What is your worst memory?
Every time I have to say good-bye to someone. I absolutely hate it. 
What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Ask me this in May and I will tell you graduating from college ;-)
What is the meanest thing you've ever said to anyone?
I'm going to keep that to myself!! 
What is your #1 deal breaker in a relationship?
Having no trust. 
What is the one movie you can watch over and over again and never get tired of it?
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Notebook, Pride & Prejudice, Mean Girls. 
Who is your, hands down, best friend?
Brooke, my BFF!

1. Name five clothing items you cannot live without?
1.a good pair of jeans (all of them) 2.button downs 3.my Tory Burch Revas 4.Cardigans 5.my Patagonia's
2. Are you named after anyone?
3. How tall are you?
4. How many languages do you speak?
Just English. And some French.
5. Who was the last person you hugged?
I'm not sure actually? I think Hunter!
6. What three questions do you wish you knew the answers to?
What job will I have after I graduate? When will I get married? How many kids will I have (and when)?
7. How did you come up with your blog title?
I knew I was going to blog about my life and things that I liked so I figured I would keep it simple with "In the Life of Emily."
8. What is your favorite sport?
Well I played varsity golf all through high school and I still play occasionally, so I guess golf!
9. What do you order at Starbucks?
A Grande vanilla latte with an extra shot of vanilla.
or a venti pumpkin spice latte.
10. When was the last time you tried something new?
On the cruise I tried a new kind of sushi....and hated it.
11.  Do you prefer pens or pencils?
Pens all the way! I love how smooth they write.

Sundresses & Smiles' Questions
If you could have an unlimited supply of ONE brand of clothes (EVERY item that you wanted from that brand would magically appear in your closet) which brand would you choose?
hmmm. so many good brands to choose from, but after much thought I would say J.Crew. They have such great pieces that can be styled so many different ways!
Most days, do you dress for comfort or style?
A little bit of both! I like to to comfy-cute!
What is your least favorite chore?
Doing the dishes. It absolutely disgusts me. Especially other peoples dirty dishes. No thanks! Any other chore I don't mind (except vacuuming, that's a close 2nd)
What is your favorite color to wear?
I love black, blues, and neutrals.
Where do you want to be in your life when you're 60?
I want to have had a successful career, be retired, and still holding hands in public with my husband (that melts my heart when I see that!)
 If you could have one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?
NY style cheesecake! mmm mmm good.
Would you rather work at an office or at home?
At the office. I know I would be more focused there and have less distractions. Although, I would like the option to work from home sometimes.
What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?
All of my David Yurman pieces and my MK watches. I can't just choose one thing ha! 
What is your favorite article of clothing?
I love jeans. I have over 25 pair. But I also love cardigans. Both are my go-tos!
Flats or heels?
Well, I am also a shoe addict. I recently bought two pairs of flats. Flats are better for everyday type shoes, but I do love to dress up and put on a sassy pair of heels from time to time, too!
What was the last movie you watched?
The Notebook. Never gets old.
What are your Top 5 favorite TV shows?
Friends, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Say Yes to the Dress, Real Housewives (any of them)

woooow that was a LOT of questions! I hope you enjoyed my answers!
If you want to play along, pick 11 questions from above & answer! Anyone is welcome to do so :-) 


First Week Success

Happy Friday everyone! I have finally made it to the weekend (well almost!) I am currently sitting in the communication building wasting time before my next two classes! I am happy to say I have successfully made it through my first week of my last semester of college! I think this one is going to be the best semester yet. I am really excited for my classes & the people in my class, so far! 

Here's the breakdown
I have four more classes (12 credit hours) to complete before graduation in May. I am finally done with general education so I have all PR/Communication classes left! Thank goodness. If I had to sit through any more general ed. classes with freshmen I might have screamed....loud. Here are the classes that I'm taking this semester

Mass Media & Society: It's all about the different forms of media and how important it is in communication. Our first day of class was on internet 'blackout' day, so it made for a great starter topic! My professor is precious. He's hipster cool. Think: Ray-ban Wayfarer glasses, black t-shirt, plaid blazer cool. I love it! 

PR Seminar: This is my senior capstone class. It is a mixture of everything from every class I have taken in the communication department. This class will really prepare me for the working world. My professor is ah-maz-ing. I haven't ever had her, but I have always wanted to. She has so many connections, is so funny, and loves twitter/blogging (hello, BFF!)

Media Graphics: This class is where I get to put all of my Adobe skills to work...photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator...the works! I love working with these programs, so hopefully this class will be a breeze. The professor said it's easy to make a B, but hard to make an A....so naturally my goal is to make an A and prove him wrong! HA! My competitive side is coming out :-)

PR Practices: I was a little nervous about this class because the professor and I haven't seen eye-to-eye in the past, but everything seems to be off to an ok start. In this class we have a team (I have a great team, thankfully) and we will be working with a client to produce a PR campaign for them. Our client is the Western Youth Network. I am so excited to work for them and hope it is a great learning experience!

So, that is what I will be up to this semester! Although it is only 12 credit hours, I know I will be very busy with work + Her Campus stuff + applying for jobs. Sorry in advance if I'm a horrible blogger for a little bit while I figure out my schedule, timing, etc! 

For those who are in school I hope the first week(s) have been wonderful for you! I would love to hear what all you have on your plates too!! 

This weekend I plan to get more organized, do some schoolwork, and get over this sickness that I've had for over a week! Wish me luck.

Happy Friday! What are you looking forward to this weekend?


I'm lovin' it

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am loving that the week is going by so fast! Wednesday already, I'll take it!

I am loving that I am only taking 12 hours for my last semester! I've never just taken 12.

I am loving my new Lilly dress(similar) from Hunter! :-)

I am loving that I am starting to feel a little better! Finally...

I am loving Gossip Girl being back on! #chuckbass

I am loving that tonight = Revenge! It gets more intense every week! 

What are you loving this week?


I'm getting close

It has begun to sink in. 
What has begun to sink in, you might ask? 
The realization that I graduate in less than 4 months. 
Today marked my last first day of college classes ever! 

While I'm always a bit sad to leave home, there is nothing quite like the first day back at school! Today was a little different for me though. Today marked my last time buying school supplies for another semester (lets be honest, I'll never stop buying school supplies!) ;-) It marked the last time I'll feel the anticipation of what my classes will be like and who will be in my class. It marked the last time I will have to wait in the bookstore line for textbooks. It marked the beginning of many other lasts that I will be having over the course of the next few months. 


Being a senior in high school meant more fun to look forward to in college. But the reality is starting to sink in as a senior in college about to enter the working world. I have enjoyed my past three and a half years here and while I am ready to see where the real world takes me I am really going to miss college and all of the fun times & opportunities I have had here. I'm definitely having mixed emotions... I am so ready to be done with papers, tests, group projects and meaningless work but I'm not sure I'm ready to be on my own working 9-5. 

I'm sure these next four months will bring a lot of mixed emotions for me. Looking back & moving forward. I am ready to soak up these next few months, enjoy them, and ready to see what opportunities lie ahead!

Is anyone else experiencing their "lasts" too?


Lets get personal

Happy Thursday ladies (and gentlemen!) I am so excited for Friday, it's so close! I thought today I would get a little personal on my blog. I have been going back and forth on whether I would actually write and post this and after much debate I decided to..... it is my blog after all. 

I think in the blog world there are a lot of misconceptions about people. We spend our time reading about other strangers lives. We read what bloggers want us to read. We are given (or give) certain information while other information stays private. 

And that's what I'm here to talk about. I started a blog (before this one) that was 100% private. No one knew my name, where I was from...nothing. I blogged about products I liked. But, that wasn't the type of blog I wanted. I didn't want a blog that I had to hide behind. So, I created Life of Emily almost one year ago and decided to be a little less private.

Now, I debated what I wanted to reveal about myself on my blog. At first not my name...then I revealed my name...not the college I attend...but as I let my guard down and my blog got more personal that became more apparent....not the town I'm from...but if you follow me on twitter or talk to me a lot, you probably have some idea. 

I just wanted to let everyone know that my blog is mine. It is real. It is me. It is not my whole life, just snippets. I write my blog to share, to remember, to introduce. I write my blog so I have something to look back on down the road. I also try to be pretty positive on my blog. I do not share all of the good times. I do not share all of the bad times (believe me, there are plenty). This is not my journal! 

Basically, I am human. I share certain information, but I also keep certain information private. My life is far from perfect. I'm laughing at the fact that anyone might think my life is. I just don't always share about the down times because lets be honest my blog isn't a pity party. But, I get bad grades. I get in fights with my dysfunctional family. I fight with Hunter. I mess up. I do stupid stuff. I get mad...easily. I cry. I get sad. I get told 'no.' I get cavities. I am a poor college student. I get stressed. I worry. There is a human behind these blog posts afterall.... 

In the blog world I think we all get a little caught up in what we read and picture bloggers having perfect lives, when really we are all struggling through similar things- whether we share them or not. 


Pinterest Addict

This winter break has been a whirlwind of ups and downs for me. That meant not a lot of time for pinning like it's my job! However, when I did have time to pin, I went um......crazy? Sorry to all of my pinterest followers who happened to be on there during my pinning moments! ;-) I haven't linked up with Michelle for Pinteresting Wednesday, so it's about darn time! I'm going to share a little mixed bag of my pins.

Sayings to Live By

Style Me Pretty

What have you been pinning lately?
Head over to The Vintage Apple to share your pins! 


Beauty never felt so good.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I wanted to talk about something I am loving. My new Clarisonic Mia! I received it for Christmas and I'm not sure how I survived this long without this little gem. Seriously. 

I have never really dealt with acne (except during certain times) but I am a hardcore face toucher. At any given time you can find me with my hand resting on my chin, on my forehead, or on my cheek. I also sleep with my hands touching my face....talk about a big no-no. I never realized just how bad this can be for your face. My chin and my forehead (like between my eyebrows) are the only places I ever break out. I always washed and cleaned them, but nothing ever seemed to work.....

Enter my Clarisonic Mia
Upon receiving this for Christmas I was so excited that I showered and washed my face with it immediately. My memaw also bought me more brush heads for different skin types. I have a brush for sensitive skin, a delicate brush for extra sensitive skin, and a normal brush for how my skin is at that moment.

I have always wanted a good skin care routine that I stick with. I have tried everything from Proactive Treatments, Accutane, Cetaphil, and Clean & Clear. However, I have never stuck with any of these, or in fact, been happy with the results. Luckily, my memaw is pretty into skin care/beauty products and she has introduced me to some great ones that I use religiously.

So here's my routine.....

Because my skin is so sensitive I alternate my routine every other night so I am not too rough on my face. 

Night 1: Night 1 I use my Clarisonic Mia. I love that I can use it in the shower. It also has a timer that tells you when to switch to a different part of your face. With the Clarisonic you are supposed to wash your face is small circular motions. I was my cheeks for 20 seconds each, my forehead for 10 seconds, my nose for 5 seconds, and my chin for 10 seconds. It vibrates when it is time to change to another area, which is such a great feature! I wash my face with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple. It is great for sensitive skin and really cleans your face. Ever had those face washes that doesn't fully remove makeup, dirt, etc? This isn't one of those.

Night 2: On the second night I use Philosophy's Microdelivery. I have tried plenty of exfoliants and this one works the best out of everything that I have tried. It doesn't exfoliate your face to the point of extreme redness but it gets the job done and also has resurfacing benefits. After I use this my face feels so refreshed. I don't use my Clarisonic Mia for this, I use my hands to work it in and evenly distribute it. 

So there you have it...my skin routine. If any of you are in between products or are looking for a new one to try. It is available at Ulta, Sephora, select Nordstrom stores, online, QVC in bundles, and in other stores!

I also use other philosophy products too!
I use the pure grace as shower gel & recently purchases the raspberry shower gel to try! I'm telling y'all I swear by their products!

*No, I was not paid nor did I receive any product for this post. I just wanted to tell my followers about a great product I love & believe in! :-)


Looking Back & Moving Forward

Is it just me or does it not feel like a new year? Maybe it's the fact that it's still in the 50s and 60s in January? Or the fact that I haven't gone back to school yet? Either way, I always love to look back on the previous year and reflect and then move forward to the excitement of a new year.

2011 brought...
2011 was a year of change and opportunity for me. I began this blog in February 2011 (one year blogoversary is coming up!), I had a great internship, I began my senior year of college, celebrated my one year with Hunter, became a member of Her Campus Magazine, and made plenty of memories that I will remember forever. I also changed a lot in 2011. 

2012 will bring...
I am so very excited to see what this year will bring! I will be starting my last semester of college in one week, my family will be moving into a new home, I will begin (seriously) applying for 'big girl' jobs, I will turn 22, I will graduate from college, and I will start my "adult" life in the same city as Hunter! All of these things are so very exciting. I can't wait to see what other opportunities the new year brings. I also want to continue to change and improve myself.

my goals...
I am not one to make resolutions because I know I won't keep them. Instead I make goals for myself. Realistic goals. Goals that I think I can actually accomplish. The following are the goals I have for 2012.

  • Worry Less, Relax More. If you know me, you know I am a worrier. I worry and get anxious about everything from an upcoming test to what I will be doing two months from now. I have lost countless hours of sleep due to the fact that I am always worried about something. I always have to have things perfect and the way I want them....and that is a problem. My mom has told me I was going to have a heart attack by 30 if I didn't stop worrying! I had my annual doctors visit and spoke to my doctor about this... I am now on medicine that will help reduce my anxiety/worrying! YAY. Here's to hoping this will change ;-)
  • Be Optimistic. I can sometimes be a negative nancy. I just get in these moods and I can't get out of them. I know no one wants to be around that so I am trying my best to be more positive and optimistic about things, even when they seem bad!
  • Save More Money. Hi. My name is Emily and I am a shopping addict. The amount of clothes/shoes/purses I have is insane. I will be graduating in May and will be on my own. I need to save money for that. It may be harder to part with that shirt I want right now, but I will be glad I did when May rolls around and I need stuff for my apartment :-) 
What are your goals/resolutions for 2012?


Cruise Recap: Days 5-7

I am back with my last cruise recap (sorry if I have bored you). On the fifth day of the cruise we were in St. Thomas. I'll be honest. I wasn't impressed. It was entirely too touristy for my taste. Now, don't get me wrong it was a beautiful place but there were waaay too many t-shirt & jewelry stores. We had fun though! We went to Senor Frogs, drank a little too much, and did a little shopping. I think the highlight of St. Thomas was seeing all of the yachts and sailboats out-so beautiful........oh, and the 525789 iguanas we saw! (*fun fact: I had an iguana as a child & when I wouldn't wake up in the mornings for school my mom would set him on my pillow Ha!!*)

Seriously...these things were ALL over. HUGE.

On the boat that night my mom & I had a "girls night" while my stepdad hung out with my sisters. We went to the piano bar, sipped on some wine and sang to The Beatles......then we hit the casino (and there was no turning back!) We gambled our little hearts out until almost 2 in the morning! I came away with about $80 and my mom hit it BIG with $1000!! I am soooo ready for Vegas in May!

New Years Eve on the ship was a total blast! I was a little unsure of how the night would be since I had no plans, didn't have my BF to kiss, and we were on a ship! All of my worries diminished after seeing the amazing party they had planned. We put my sisters in the kids club for a few hours and attended formal dinner, gambled, and had some fun at the party! 

 double fisting.. why am I so classy?

Our last day was spent at Half Moon Cay. We were all feeling the effects from NYE festivities so we spent the day laying out on the boat. It was dead on the boat, so it was like having it to ourself! That night we had our farewell dinner & packed for the end of our trip :-(

The end.
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