February Photo a Day Recap!

Can you believe it's the last day of February, because I sure can't! It seems like this month has flown by! I can'y decide if I want time to speed up or slow down, everything is a little bittersweet in my life right now! I have enjoyed doing these Photo-a-Day challenges! It has made me more active on Instagram (follow me @enh410) and I've found some friends through it. I am looking forward to March. If you are on Instagram or are doing the Photo-a-day challenges comment & let me know so I can follow you :-)

February Photo a Day
1. Your view today: studying notes!
2. Words: I love this quote!
3. Hands: My hand driving me home!
4. Stranger: A stranger playing golf outside my window!

5. 10 a.m.: Dingo pup wakes me up! 
6. Dinner: mmm crab legs (my favorite!)
7. Buttons: buttons on my J.Crew cardigan
8. Sun: sun during my run on the greenway

9. Front Door: My front door!
10. Self Portrait: that's meeee!
11. Makes me happy: my sweet puppy
12. Inside your closet: My closet at my mom's house- some of my spring stuff

13. Blue: Nothing but blue skies on the parkway!
14. Heart: a yummy heart on V-day
15. Phone: I am always on my phone! #teamiphone
16. Something new: My new glasses!

17. Time: My great grandfathers coo-coo clock
18. Drink: lots of wine...my drink of choice
19. Something you hate to do: drive up the mountain in the snow/fog/rain
20. Handwriting: taking notes on social media

21. A favorite picture of you: a candid of me and my BFF Brooke laughing!
22. Where you work: my desk
23. Shoes: an old pair of my fave Tory Burch flats!
24: inside your bathroom cabinet: a place to hold my 50+ nailpolishes!

25. Green: My eos chapstick! 
26. Night: a night full of creating J.Crew ads and homework
27. Something you ate: a Hershey Kiss
28. Money: I always have so much change
29. Something you're listening to: Pandora Two Door Cinema Club station #onpoint

so that was my month in Instagram photos! Now, who will be participating in March??



Like I said yesterday this week is going to be one of my busiest of the semester so far. I am 100% overwhelmed with even looking at my planner. Luckily, I get to end my week by being at home with my family, which I am so excited about. I miss my parents and sisters so much! We are having our "housewarming" party this weekend for our new house, so I know it will be a good time. 

I know I wrote yesterday about feeling a little uninspired and not feeling like blogging. I go through this phase once in a while where I am so busy that blogging is just overwhelming, that I feel like I have nothing to say or that no one wants to read what I have to say. I know I should blog for myself, but I love having the comments and encouragement and friends in the blog world! Since changing my URL my traffic to my blog has been s-l-o-w which makes me sad. Hopefully soon it will all be fixed. So, don't forget to add my NEW url to your reader,bookmark tab, etc! :) Since I'm feeling uninspired I am just going to do a little post that goes around once in a while!

Currently I am...

Listening to... Two Door Cinema Club: Come Back HomeMike Snow: Silvia (and about a thousand other songs too... we all know I love music!)

Wearing... It is a beautiful day here in the mountains so I am breaking out some pre-spring items! 
Top: Old Navy (for a steal... $6)
Jeans: J.Crew Matchstick
Earrings: Target
Driving Mocs: Cole Haan (old) 

Loving... the fact that I have 73 days until Graduation. I am so excited. I am ready to start my big girl life in the same city as Hunter (....oh and have a job to!) I have so many wonderful things to look forward to in the next few months!

Cooking... If you know me, then this is funny. I don't cook. Panera and everywhere else does it for me :) The extent of my cooking skills is breakfast and dessert items. If I could live on those I would be golden!

Reading... Y'all are going to think I am crazy, but I am still reading One Fifth Avenue.  I realize I have been reading for as long as I can remember, but with school, Her Campus and everything else it is hard to sit down and read for fun!

Eyeing... so many things that I have my eye on for spring/summer

ASOS Levan Flat I have loved this & seeing them look so cute on Design Darling made me want them even more!

Watching... Oh gosh, every show under the sun?? PLL, Gossip Girl, Bethenny Ever After, RHOC, Revenge, One Tree Hill... I can't get enough. I am so invested in these shows.... but you already knew that ;-)

Planning... I am planning so much right now. From things with Her Campus, to my graduation party, to what I want to do in Vegas! I am excited to plan every one of them :-) 

Pinning... Question is, what am I not pinning? I have had this habit of simply "liking" things on pinterest lately so I have ended up with 700 pins in my "like" area... It's so easy! 

Counting down the days until... it is the WEEKEND! And Spring Break! And graduation!! I have a lot of count downs going on in my planner! :) 

so, that is what I am currently doing! 


Weekend recap

Whew, this weekend has been very busy, but very fun! Two of my best girlfriends came up for the weekend and I was so excited to see them! We had a wonderful time. It was the fun time that we had that I will definitely miss the most when I graduate (in 74 days....AHHH.)

On Thursday it was absolutely beautiful. After a short meeting I made my way to the bar to do some day drinking. It being in the 60s in February is a rarity in the mountains and (basically) every college student was taking full advantage of it by enjoying the sunshine on the porch of the bar! It was great to hang out with friends for a little bit and catch up! Later, we went to the parkway to get some fresh air and take in the beauty of the mountains. Going to the parkway on a beautiful day is a must!

Thursday night I was convinced by Jordan to go out....I'm glad I did because I had so much fun. I am slowly remembering that I only have two months left to day drink and go out during the week so I better take advantage of that time with friends!

Friday night my two very good friends arrived! I hadn't seen them in forever so a group of girls got together for dinner & drinks! We reverted to our freshmen behavior, but that's ok ;-)

On Saturday I did a little retail therapy at J.Crew (it was fitting since I was doing a project on them- more to come on that later.) Hunter decided he was going to visit his parents and invited me to come along. I was so excited to see him. We had a wonderful dinner with his parents and spent a lot of time talking with them. They are such an enjoyable family. I swear, I fall more and more in love with Hunter every time I am with him :-) I am counting down the days until we are together again! 

*note: I have been so busy & honestly haven't felt like blogging a lot lately so forgive me. I don't want blogging to feel like a chore- so I only do it if I want to!*


Bauble Beauties

Typically I go for simple and classic. That has (for the most part) always been my style. However, in recent years I have been eyeing BIG statement pieces of jewelry. My motto is 'go big or go home' and I feel no differently about some jewelry! A statement necklace or a great stack of bracelets can make an outfit go a long way.

I spend most of my days perusing websites in my spare time. I have always been a fan of BaubleBar but my love for them has expanded lately! With spring and summer quickly approaching BaubleBar has some great statement pieces for any occasion! 

Bracelets are quickly becoming my favorite accessory! At any given time you can find me with at least four on my arm. #armparty I am loving the layering of wrap bracelets this season. They are everywhere and in every store! 

Statement Necklaces
I have quite a few statement necklaces, but these are amazing! The colors are perfect for spring and summer and would add to any outfit! Which is your favorite?

Crayola Links Necklace- $20
Pearl Cluster Bib- $52
Reductive Massai- $56
Seafoam Cable Necklace- $54

I usually wear my two "everyday" rings, my monogrammed one and a diamond one my mom gave me. But, these beauties have me wanting to trade in my everyday staples for

Champagne Cocktail Ring- $78
Inverted Dome Ring- $46
Cerulean Dome Ring- $92
Gold Shell Ring- $92

I have too many earrings to count but I am always on the lookout for a fun new pair that I can wear multiple ways!

What jewelry items are you loving for spring & summer?


Playing Catch Up!

I have felt so behind in the blog world for the past while! With the giveaways and being so busy I feel like I haven't had time to read other blogs or catch y'all up on my life! My google reader is out of control right now! I am behind, but I hope to catch up. Now....lets catch up on what I've been doing!

I have been so busy with school but I have had a few opportunities to let my hair down & have some fun with my friends. I am enjoying the last few months of college! 

The first match of the Carolina-Duke game was SO fun! Jordan and I went to dinner and ended up staying at the bar all night for the game with friends. Although Carolina lost it was so fun to watch with friends! 

Hunter & I celebrated an early Valentine's day in Charlotte. We had a FABULOUS time together. We had our Valentine's dinner at The Palm. Funny enough, Annie and her fiance were there the same night and same time and we didn't even know it! We also had lunch with his sister, Rachel and her husband. They are so fun & so so nice. 

I recently got new glasses. The glasses I originally had were Ray-Bans and just classic. I wanted to go a little more trendy and that is exactly what I did! I am still unsure if I like them but I am getting used to them! 

I went home this past weekend to visit my dad & family. I hadn't seen them since Christmas day so it was great to spend some time with them! I love being at home...yes, I am a senior & still get homesick! I did some shopping & figured out what I want for my birthday from them (blog post about that!) Every time I come home my 15 year old brother is getting taller and taller. He is now a few inches taller than me. Where did he get this height from?

I finalllly was able to meet Melody from Sweet Like a Song! We go to the same school but had never met, it was so much fun! Her, Jordan and I went to dinner and had a blast! I look forward to hanging out with her again soon! 

Now, I think we are all caught up! I look forward to catching up with all of you & getting back to regular blogging :)


Q&A Mon...err.. Tuesday

I am a day late, but I am linking up with Megan & Shasta for Q&A Monday! 
You should too! :)

1.   What is the best advice you've ever given and received?
2.   Type of music you like most?
3.   Shoe size?
4.   Who sent the last text message you received?
5.   If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?
6.   Have you ever been fired or “let go”?
7.   What's under your bed?
8.   Do you believe in love at first sight?
9.   What is your middle name?
10. Do you think you are a good singer?

Giveaway Winners + updates

Hello ladies! I am finally back. I hope you all enjoyed my giveaways to celebrate my one year blogoversary. Rafflecopter was so much easier for giveaways. I wasn't getting 1,000,000 emails a day & you didn't have to scroll and enter and repeat :-) That was a big change, and I liked it! Speaking of big changes..........

I updated & redesigned my blog!!! 

I had been bored with my blog design for a while. I am so indecisive with design stuff so I decided to do it myself and on my own time! I played around with design and coding & this  was my result! I changed the blog name a little bit. It is now Life with Emily. However, the URL changed with my design. Please add www.lifewithemilyh.blogspot.com to your google reader or re-follow me so I appear in your dashboard :-) I also have a button now for those of you who had inquired about one, be sure to add it!

Life with Emily

Now for the winners...
(if you are a winner please email me at ehn410@gmail.com)

The Preppy Patch giveaway- #74 Callie Collins @ The Good Life

Oh Louise! Stationery giveaway- #26 Makenzie @ Makenzie's Mind

Not So Blank Canvas giveaway- #153 Rachel @ Love a la Mode

Olive Yew Jewelry giveaway- #295 Breanne @ Sugar & Spice

Knotty Monkey Earring giveaway- #33 Michelle P @ Making Sense of Cents

My Pink & Green Garden giveaway #215 Crystal @ Life According to Crystal

Swell Caroline Spade Earrings giveaway- #644 Jordan @ Style Grace & Charm...The Southern Way

*please email me by Feb 25 or I will choose another lucky lady :)


Swell Caroline Giveaway!

I'm baccck & we are nearing the end of the giveaways :( There is just one more left for tomorrow! I hope all of you have enjoyed them. I can't wait to pick the winners! Today I am partnering with Swell Caroline for a great giveaway! The winner will receive one pair of the Fornash Spade Earrings. They have 7 color options and are SO cute. I will be adding these to my collection of jewels soon. They would be perfect for summer.

These are only 4 of the 7 options!
This giveaway will run until 2/21/12! I will be using Rafflecopter for this giveaway. if you can't see the widget just click "read more." PS: Rafflecopter is awesome & so easy. Everyone should use it for giveaways :-)


Pink & Green Garden Giveaway!

Hello ladies, I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's day! My sweet Valentine is far away so I spent my night with some of my favorite Her Campus team ladies! We went to Crave, a topas restaurant and had so much fun! Anyways, today I am partnering with My Pink & Green Garden for a wonderful giveaway! She has SO many great items in her etsy shop! The winner of this giveaway will win a monogrammed pillow! I have two pillows waiting for me at my parent's house and I can't WAIT to see them! 
How cute is this?! You can choose from a variety of Lilly fabric for the pillow :-) This giveaway will end February 19, 2012. I'll be using Rafflecopter for this giveaway. If you don't see the widget click "read more."


OliveYew Jewelry Giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Single or taken I hope you all enjoy this day & wear lots of pink :-)

I'm back again with another great giveaway! They just keep getting better and better! Today is a giveaway from OliveYew Jewels! This etsy shop is full of cute items! The winner of this giveaway will receive the small rose gold bar necklace. It is so simple and understated. It is totally my style. I will be adding this to my (overflowing) jewelry collection soon!

This giveaway will run until 2/18/12 using the Rafflecopter widget. If you can't see it click "read more." *I am making these giveaways shorter so they don't run on for weeks since there are a lot!!*

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