Vestique'n around town

I think we all are aware just how much I love clothes and accessories, right? That is definitely no secret. Well since Vestique started their online store, and eventually their Raleigh store opening, I have been a lover of all things Vestique. Their style {and their prices} have always been right up my alley. I would spend countless days and hours lusting over the great pieces they had. Then, when the Raleigh store opened I traveled the hour {yes, you read correctly} to shop at their bright and fun store! 

My love for Charlotte is undying, so when news spread that they were opening a store I knew it would be my new favorite place to shop.... and the perfect opportunity to spend some quality BFF time with Bre! Last week we went to Vestique and had the BEST time trying on clothes and just doing girly stuff! I fell in love with nearly everything in the store...but a few things I knew I just had to have right away. So, I introduce you to the newest pieces to my wardrobe!

Jewelry: Rings: House of Harlow; Bracelet: J.Crew, David Yurman, Lauren by Ralph Lauren; Watch: Michael Kors

Top: Blown Aweigh, Jeans: J.Crew
Necklace: Francesca's Collections; Rings: House of Harlow; Bracelets: David Yurman, Lauren by Ralph Lauren; Watch: Michael Kors

Top: J.Crew; Jeans: J.Crew; Necklace: I Adorn You

I absolutely love each of the items I got from Vestique (along with all the others from previous purchases!) that will be perfect for my summer wardrobe.

What have you purchased that you're loving lately?
Do you shop Vestique? 


Introducing Katy Roll Designs

Happy Wednesday, ladies! Today I have some great stuff to share with you! A few weeks ago on twitter I discovered a great new etsy shop. I am a huge fan of etsy shops and this one did not disappoint either! It is quickly becoming a new favorite and I am excited to share it with you today! 

Introducing.... Katy Roll Designs

Katy Roll Designs is an etsy shop based out of Boston and the owner is just so sweet! I chatted back and forth with her and knew my readers would enjoy the jewelry she has in her shop.

Here are just a few of the pieces she has in her shop.
There are so many ways to style all of them!

Katy sent me a beautiful necklace and I was so excited upon receiving it in the mail just a few days ago! I have styled it quite a few ways and the possibilities are endless.... seriously!

Katy is on all the social media sites, so you can always get updates on the latest pieces and discounts! Go check out her site and see the great pieces she has for you ladies!

And that's not all! All of my readers can receive 20% off using the code ENH410 at checkout! This code will be valid for a month-- so don't waste any time! :-)


MDW at the beach!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I hope y'all had a fabulous long Memorial Day Weekend!
I know I sure did. I spent this weekend at the beach with my family (it was extra special because it was my stepmom's 40th birthday!) We spent as much time on the beach as we could, took some great photos, and enjoyed each others company! We left Friday morning to head to the beach and I was so anxious to get there. Something about being at the beach makes me so happy! Once we were there we unpacked, took a walk on the beach and did a simple dinner so we could just relax! 

Saturday was spent all day on the beach. Our family friends came along with us so it was a fun group of us on the beach all day! I finally got around to trying the Lime-a-Rita and I have to say it was amazing! The perfect drink for a day on the beach.

I'm so glad I got to spend time with my family this weekend, especially my {not so} little brother! The older he gets the closer we get so I loved having extra time to hang out with him this weekend! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and took the time to reflect on the reason for the holiday. Thank you to those who have served and continue to serve our country for our freedom. xo! 


Friday Fancies: MDW

Happy Friday, everyone! I am linking up with {long distance loving} once again for Friday Fancies! This week is all about what you're doing for Memorial Day Weekend! I am proud to say that I will be on the beach this Memorial Day! Upon my arrival this afternoon I will spend my weekend in a beach chair soaking up the sun, enjoying time with my family and reading a good book! I made sure to bring all of my essentials from yesterday's post

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope it is filled with fun (and lots of white clothing since we can wear it now....although I've been wearing it since Easter!)


What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans?
Have a great weekend!


My Beach Essentials

beach essentials

If there is one thing that I look forward to in the summer, it is going to the beach! There is just something about being at the beach that is so relaxing. I love spending my days at the beach with my toes in the sand and a good book. There are always essentials that I am sure to bring along with me on my trips to the shore.

1. Bathing Suits: Pretty standard, bring your bathing suit. Unless you're me and have drawers over flowing with bathing suits... and then it's the case of which bathing suits do I not bring. I have a problem when it comes to bathing suits. My motto is "you can never have enough" I always make sure to bring a variety that can be mix-matched and some that will cover areas that have been sunburned.

2. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a necessity at the beach, unless you want to find yourself squinting all day. I can't tell you how many times I have had to buy sunglasses at the beach because I forgot mine (or lost mine in the ocean...another story for another day!) They help shield the sun and look cute! 

3. Beach Towel(s): Call me crazy, but I always bring two down to the beach with me. One to lay in my chair and one to use as a pillow (or to cover up with). Every year I get so excited when stores start to bring out the towels. Having a cute towel is just an added bonus of being on the beach! The more cheery and colorful the better. Personally, I love the towels at Target & Costco because they are oversized...never have to worry about it being too small!

4. Beach Coverup: I  had to learn my lesson the hard way with this. I'm usually pretty good about wearing my cover up to and from the beach, but last summer I was in a hurry to get down to the beach and as I was fixing my chair I bent over and my top went flying....gave the beach their entertainment for the day. Lesson learned. Always wear a coverup. And a cute one at that!! ;-)

5. A book (or a Kindle/Nook): There is seriously nothing better than spending the day indulging in a good book. I got lost in a good book on the beach and it helps the time pass (because lets face it- laying out can be so tedious and tiring)! What are y'all reading this summer? I would love some suggestions.

6. Beach Bag: I use a big beach bag to put all my necessities in. I put my book, sunscreen, face wipes, a brush, chapstick and any other odds and ins that I will need for the day! I always pack it the night before and leave it by the door so I am ready to just walk out to the beach the next day! In the summer I typically leave that bag packed, whether it's for the beach or the pool! I love the bag from C. Wonder that I featured! I've had great bags from Swoozie's and Lilly before as well! 

7. Sunscreen: One of the most important items to bring to the beach! I am allergic to the spray kind so I use the old school lotion kind and love it. I am not too fair skinned (I get pretty tan for a blonde) but I still like to use high SPF when I'm out on the beach all day. Neutragena is a great brand, especially for the face sunscreen and I love Hawaiian Tropic and the way it smells!

8. Chapstick: Chapstick is in every single one of my bags, so of course I have quite a few at the beach with me. My lips get chapped on a normal day- so being at the beach they are extra bad! I actually think I put on chapstick so much that my lips are immune/addicted to it! Fun fact: I can't use Carmex in the summer... my lips end up looking like Angelina Jolie.... 

9. A Tumbler: Tervis Tumblers are my favorite to bring to the beach because they don't "sweat" and the sand won't stick to them. I love drinking lemonade and water on hot days at the beach. Drinking from this cute cup helps me stay hydrated and makes it a little more fun! 

What are your beach essentials? 


Lots of Lovin'

Is it just me or is this week flying by? Maybe it's the fact that it's a short week or that I've been passing the time so quickly at work; either way I'm fine with it! Tomorrow I head to Charlotte before leaving to go to the beach and I am so excited! On this Wednesday I am loving....

I am loving the weather we've been having here. It has been absolutely beautiful and I've been able to catch some sun while relaxing this past weekend!

I am loving that I've gotten to spend so much time with my family lately. I guess being home has its perks!

I am loving the giveaways I won the past few weeks! Oh, just another great thing about blogging! Thanks to these fabulous ladies for hosting & giving these things away!

This great bracelet I won on Sarah's Blog, A Beautiful Life. It came from Linz Gutz's etsy shop. She has some great stuff and I will definitely be ordering from her soon!

This array of goodies came from Amy's wonderful blog, A Glimpse of the Gouglers! A super cute necklace, clutch, Essie "Ole Caliente" and some E.L.F. cosmetics! 

I was so excited to receive these items! Thank you again ladies! 

I am loving that I get to see Bre tomorrow! I am heading to Charlotte for some play time before I go to the beach!

I am loving that I will spend my Memorial Day Weekend soaking up the sun at the beach. There really is nothing better. I live for the beach in the summer!

What're you loving this Wednesday?


My new obsession

In yesterday's post I briefly mentioned one of my graduation gifts, but didn't talk much about it. That's because my newest gadget deserves an entire post to itself! One of my big grad gifts was the newest Canon DSLR, the Canon Rebel t3i!

I couldn't have been more excited upon opening this! {can't you tell!!}

We have a few DSLR cameras in our family so I have been using them for years, but I was so glad to have one of my own that I wasn't constantly having to "borrow." And let me tell you.... this camera is top-of-the-line and amazing. Hands down. End of discussion! This camera takes the BEST photos. Be sure to check out my photo blog for some updates on photos! Here are some of my favorites that I have taken lately!

What's your favorite photo?
Have a good Tuesday y'all!


I'm an Alum!

{it's official: I'm an alumna of Appalachian State University}

I can't believe I get to say that now! It is still so weird. A little over a week ago I was preparing to graduate from college. Between family being in town, packing and unpacking and finding some time here and there to relax I have been very behind on blogging. I am so excited to update y'all on my graduation weekend... it was definitely one that I will remember forever. This past weekend reaffirmed how lucky I am to be surrounded by the most wonderful friends and family!

Friday things definitely got "real." I had no classes, no exams, and nearly everything was moved out of my apartment except for the basics. Some of my best friends and I got together to take some graduation photos. This was such a fun time and it was nice to see each other once more before graduation chaos began!

Friday night some of my family came to town and we ate at one of my favorite local restaurants, Proper. Proper has the best southern food and the fact that you get to drink out of mason jars just makes it that much better! We spent the night playing around town, going to the infamous "cult house" that over looks the town one last time, and drank a little bit by the fire! 

I was so anxious for my wake up call that I hardly got a wink of sleep! I think it was actually my paranoia that I would miss my alarm and graduation all together that kept me from sleeping! ;-) I was not nervous at all. I was able to sit with some of my best friends that I had made in college and it wasn't until I was walking up to the stage that "it" really hit me. I was really graduating. I was really closing a chapter in my life. It was really...over. Walking across the stage is honestly a blur. It was one of my proudest moments but I was so caught up I don't really remember much of it! (is that awful!!??!!)

..... oh, just playing with my new Canon Rebel t3i that I got for graduation!!!
{more on that later}

So after driving home, attempting to unpack, it was time for my big graduation party at our house! I was so happy to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family! 

my stepmom, me, and my mom!

Whew! Sorry for the long post, but it was a fun-filled and eventful weekend! I am so excited to get back to regular blogging! :-) 


Friday Fancies: Color Crush

Happy Friday, everyone! 
I am joining AV from Long Distance Loving for Friday Fancies! I was so busy last week I didn't get to participate. This weeks theme is "Color Crush"

If there is one color I am ALWAYS crushing on its royal blue. I don't know what it is about this color, but I am always drawn to it. It makes my eyes stand out and is perfect for any season! 

friday fancies color crush

friday fancies color crush by ehn410 featuring pleated shorts

Now... I just need to add even more to my wardrobe. I am loving the bathing suit & pleated skirt featured above.

What's your color crush?


Man, I love college

Yes, I did just quote Asher Roth in my blog tittle 
{bless my heart}

While college is all about getting an education, college life is also about making memories and having some fun. Over the course of my four years at Appalachian I have had my fair share of fun. There are things I would do nearly every week and weekend that became almost traditions in my book. For me, there were two main things that became "traditions" that really made college for me. These are things that I will definitely continue to come back to once I am an alumni and the memories that I have from these days and nights I will remember forever. 

Fellow App students and alumni will appreciate this post 100%!

Tradition 1: Mountaineer Gameday

Gameday at Appalachian is a way of life. We pull out all the stops for our mountaineers. Over the years I have collected a plethora of black and yellow shirts, skirts, and dresses all for my favorite days, gamedays. Blaring the Appalachian Fight Song or Black and Yellow at 8 a.m. became the norm among me and my friends. We lived for gamedays where we got to wear our cowboy boots and day drink with our favorite people. While I was never quite ready for summer to end and school to begin I was ALWAYS excited for gamedays at Appalachian. I will miss being a student and pregaming at Pike and KA and having so much fun on Duck Pond before the games. But, I am looking forward to my first game as an Appalachian Alum with my favorites! I know we will cause just as much rowdyness as we always have!

Tradition #2: Klondike
There's always that one place in a college town that you can go to any day and at any given time and have a blast. Klondike was that for me and my friends. We spent countless beautiful days, nights, and lord knows, a ton of money at this hole in the wall. People who came to visit App never understood our love for that place, but everything about it was just awesome. Yes, it was a hole in the wall, and yes, it was crappy, but you were always guaranteed to have a blast and know at least 10 people there! It was a place where we spent Tuesdays, Thursdays and the weekend. We would  sing and take over the dance floor, and of course no night at Klondike was complete with dancing on the fireplace! A new owner bought it a few weeks ago and it closed (so sad) but I look forward to it reopening and continuing my most favorite times there when I come up for visits! 

Oh, the memories..... :-)
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