Friday Fancies

Happy Friday to you all! I am joining {long distance loving} today for Friday's Fancies! The theme this week is beachy chic. I love planning outfits for the beach, so this topic was fun for me! What would you wear to be beachy chic?

beachy chic


Life Lately

I have been on the go lately! It seemed like I was never slowing down and finishing one thing before something else came up! It has felt just plain weird not blogging consistently for the past few weeks but I have been so busy that I haven't even been by my personal computer very often! Now, it's time to catch y'all up on what I've been up to lately! 


I have spent some quality time with my favorite Aussie, Dingo! 

 I have soaked up the sun at SFCC. Nothing better!

I have gotten drinks and spent a fun night with friends! (can't wait to do this again!)

I have gone to see my wonderful dad for Father's Day! 

I found out on Father's day that my dad's mom passed away... so we took a trip to our family farm in Tennessee for the week for her funeral. Although it wasn't an ideal situation it gave us all more time to spend together and to be thankful to have each other.

 (Dingo had traveled with me to my dad's and got to take a trip to TN!)

Upon my grandmother's passing I received the most special piece of jewelry. My grandmother had a few rings that she always wore that she wanted to pass on to her granddaughters. This one in particular was made with diamonds from my great grandmother's and great-great grandmother's rings. I know this is something that I will cherish forever.

I had some packages waiting for me upon my arrival that were not sentimental, but very exciting! 

 I went to the Kenny Chesney/ Tim McGraw concert with some of my best friends and had the best time! It was so nice to just hang out and have some fun after a rough week!

 I  took Dingo to "Bark in the Park" night at our local baseball game! It is so fun to see all the dogs interact :-)

So, there you have it... almost everything that has been going on in my life lately! 
What have you been up to?


Wishing you a happy Saturday!

{Happy Saturday}
I will be spending mine by the pool! 

What are your plans? 


Big girl life, big girl decisions

Forewarning: this is a very "real" post and has been super hard to write & come to terms with....

As I write this my eyes are filled with tears as I try to navigate my first few months as a "big girl." But, the truth is that even though I am a college graduate with big plans for my future I am still so confused with where I want to be, what I want to do, and who I need to please. I feel like I am a young girl not knowing what decision I need to make.

I originally thought that I wanted to be in my home state of N.C., but after countless phone interviews, and long days of searching high and low for something in my field I have come up empty and exhausted. I spent countless hours going back and forth in my head with what I needed vs. what I wanted. What was right vs. what was wrong. What I should have vs. what I deserve...and so on. I finally decided that since I wasn't having much success with my limited area that I wanted to be in that I should expand that area.

For those of you who have followed me for a while you know that I am extremely passionate in almost everything in my life, including what I want to do for the rest of my life- Public Relations and/or Event Planning. I want to do those things so bad it hurts. So, keeping in track with my career aspirations I decided I had to do what's right for me. No matter who or what it affected. 

I am young. I have aspirations. I have dreams. I have goals. Now is the time for me to achieve those things. I can't always live in a big city or have my "dream job." But, right now I can do that... and I should do that.

And that is when I decided I needed to stop limiting myself to N.C. So, I began casually looking for jobs all over the place... D.C., Florida, NYC, California... everywhere that might have what I'm looking for.... and what happened?? I get a few leads. I researched companies and jobs and happened upon some things that made me happy (and excited!!!)

I am a very honest person. I had thought about keeping all this to myself. But, honestly, big stuff like this is hard to keep secret. I decided to share it. My parents are thrilled and know there is a whole world at my feet just waiting for me to explore it, while my boyfriend wants the best for me- but is tired of long distance and wants to be together......

So friends... life with Emily isn't always easy... ever. I try to stay positive on my blog, but in all honesty life isn't all wonderful all the time. Life is full of ups/downs, changes and decisions that we may not know the answer to....and that is where I am right now.

I would like to thank all of my readers for allowing me to be me through the good and the bad, happy and sad... and confused! xoxo


Displaying Jewelry

Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces... oh my!

When I first began wearing jewelry I steered more towards the classic and simple pieces that were great for everyday wear. There are certain pieces of jewelry that I wear everyday religiously, no matter what the occasion or outfit. In recent months though bigger and bolder pieces have been capturing my attention more.... and I like what I see! So, over the years I have built up quite the collection (that is ever growing) and these beauties are now taking over. I am running out of space. I have no idea how to display these pretty little pieces that make every outfit so fun! 

These are my newest ways of displaying my jewelry! 
L: Francesca's Collections; M: Anthropologie; R: T.J. Maxx

I am still searching high and low for a better way to display my jewelry, so any suggestions are welcome!

How do you display your jewelry??


Mother-Daughter Weekend at the Beach!

This past weekend my mom, sister, and I packed up and headed for the beach! We had all had pretty rough weeks and just needed to get away from it all and relax! I have to say, it was a fantastic weekend with my two favorites! We laid out on the beach, did some shopping, and laughed a lot! It was a much needed weekend, that's for sure! 

I wish it could have been a longer trip, but there's always next time! I am so glad that we had such great weather while we were there! 


Beachin' It

Happy Saturday!

I am enjoying a weekend full of laughter, relaxation, and fun with my mom and sister! 
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 



Friday Fancies: Rockin' the White

rockin the white

Happy Friday ladies! I am linking up with {long distance loving} today for Friday's Fancies. This week is all about wearing white. Since Memorial Day it can "officially" be worn, although since I'm in the south most people have been wearing it since after Easter! 

In the summer I love wearing white. It just seems to pop with tanned skin and bright accessories! I am off to the beach this weekend where I will be wearing lots of white :-)

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