Vacation Recap

After a wonderful, relaxing week by the shore I am back to blogging! A special "thank you" to all of the wonderful ladies who guest-blogged while I was away

For the past nine days I have been soaking up the sun (lathered in sunscreen, of course) and meeting new friends on the shore of South Carolina. Since I was young we have been coming to South Carolina for our annual beach vacation. We have so many memories here and I love making new ones every year!

I got so spend some great time with my brother this week! That's always one of my favorite things about vacation. It was endless fun (and making fun of each other) all week!

I also rode a bike for the first time in (confession) about eight years. I rode my dad's bike for a night and then decided I wanted my own! I am now the proud owner of a white/mint beach cruiser!!! I rode my bike every night as the sun was setting. It was a fun and relaxing activity!

We spent every day lounging by the beach! I absolutely love playing corn hole and bocce ball on the beach, so I was excited that the weather was beautiful all week so we could do that! We even made new friends! We met two wonderful families who had children! I love meeting new people (I truly never meet a stranger) and I look forward to the next beach trip with them!

Here's to new memories, new photos, and new friends! 
Have a fabulous Monday y'all!


Fourth of July recap

I can't believe it is only Thursday! Having a holiday in the middle of the week has really thrown me off! I hope you all had a fabulous fourth of July. Mine was a little different this year. Typically I am a planner, as is my family, but this year we just kind of went with the flow. Sometimes that is much needed.

Yesterday it was so extremely hot & humid that we forfeited our usual "fourth-of-July-at-the-club" plans and decided to do a little shopping instead! Being inside air conditioning for most of the day was fine by me! I still tried to wear red, white, and blue though! Every July Fourth I realize I own nothing red, and every July Fourth I try to remind myself to buy something red. But low and behold I never do! So, this year red nails had to do for the day time! I tried to incorporate some red and wear madras for a more casual night time outfit! 

We went to eat at one of our favorite local places and just relaxed until it was nearly time for fireworks! Our fireworks were held somewhere new this year so we headed that way after dinner so we could get a good spot! It was so nice to be able to relax knowing that we didn't have anywhere we had to be at a specific time! It was a fun night with family! 

And of course, no post is complete with out a little Dingo picture!!

Hope you all had a fabulous fourth!

How did you celebrate the fourth of July?

*also, I am guest posting for Rachel @ Just Peachy about my Current Obsessions, so check it out!*
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