Work it Out

I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to get back into a regular work out routine, made plans to do it........and then failed miserably. Life just always seems to get in the way! It is just so easy to come up with an excuse to not go (I'm tired, it's too early, traffic is bad...) but I always LOVE the results and the way I feel after working out.

Bre and I were texting the other day about things we could do differently and how we could get back into working out and we had a brilliant idea! Although we are an hour and a half away from each other, we talk about everything under the sun every single day, so why not have the same work out routine and keep each other accountable?? We know we will talk throughout the day and we can make sure the other is working out! Perfect plan, right?

We went over details and decided to cut out fast food (as much as possible)....but decided that we have a weakness for Chick-fil-a and really can't rule that out!! In addition to our work out routine we found we are also going to do 30 minutes on the elliptical! If we miss a day, we don't advance to the next day. We each wrote down the daily tasks in our planners so we won't forget! Hopefully we can keep each other accountable and get back in shape the way we want to!

Our workout plan..... thanks to Pinterest.
Do you have a workout routine?
What motivates you?


Giveaway Alert:: Town & Reese

It is no secret here that I love a good statement necklace! Whether it is a big bauble or brightly colored jewels, statement necklaces do just what their name says....make a statement! So when Lacey, the owner of Flirt Boutique, located in Florence, SC contacted me a few days ago to do a Town & Reese necklace giveaway for my followers I couldn't say no!

So, today I am hosting a giveaway for a fabulous necklace that Emily Maynard has been seen wearing multiple times. And, as much as I hate to admit it, that girl is quite the fashionista! 

Introducing the Poppy Necklace by Town & Reese...

Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget to win one Poppy Necklace in pink!
The giveaway will run from August 30, 2012- September 9, 2012.

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current obsessions

Currently Obsessing Over....

Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie
My friend from college, Bridget now works in the book publishing industry in New York. We share a common love for books, so when she told me to read Matched I knew it had to be good! If you liked The Hunger Games books then you will like this trilogy as well!  They are very futuristic and must reads in my opinion!

Essie Fall 2012 Collection
I am an avid nail painter (more like an obsession...) and these colors are perfect for fall! I can not wait to get my hands on these!

Denim Shirts
At first I strayed from this trend, not sure how I would wear it since jeans are a staple in my wardrobe (and double denim...uh no). But then, one day I came to my senses and I'm glad I did. I loved my denim shirts in the summer but I know they will be great for fall as well!
Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner
I received samples of this in my Influenster box over the summer and I am loving it. If you are looking for a new shampoo/conditioner I highly recommend using this. My hair looks and feels better ALL day and it has added body to it as well! 

Fall Booties
These are the next best thing to riding boots! These can be worn with shorts + tights, dresses, leggings, and skinnies. Oh, the possibilities. Now....to just find the right pair! Any suggestions?

What are you currently obsessing over?


What I Wore: Denim + Leopard Print Loafers

 I love a good comfy outfit, but I typically try to still look put together. This is that "comfy cute" outfit for me. I wear my denim shirt probably more than I should but it is so versatile, how could I not? 

Top: J.Crew similar
Loafers: Target

bag: Target
Watch: Anne Klein
Bracelets: David Yurman, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, grandmother's

And just because I'm not serious at all...... some of the out takes from this little shoot. Enjoy!
Have a fabulous Tuesday, everyone!


A weekend in Asheville

Hello! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, I know I sure did! This past weekend I was invited to go to Asheville with my friend Bre, her boyfriend, and his friend! I hadn't been to Asheville since before I was 21, so I was overly excited to get to experience it differently this time!

I drove to Charlotte on Friday to meet Bre, do some shopping, and then finally head to Asheville. Oh....and you would have thought we were going for a week, not a weekend. #shopaholicproblems?

We got to Asheville pretty late, but just in time to have some drinks and go out. We bar hopped, enjoyed Asheville's free spirited lifestyle, danced, and naturally I was having so much fun I left my phone. Hence my lack of social media and photos of the weekend!

yes, that was the view from Brian's condo! Amazing, right?

The next morning we didn't hesitate to start our day off right! We got up, laughed about the previous night, and had some more fun in downtown! We wined (maybe a little too much!), dined, and people watched. Three of my favorite things!

That night, Bre's parents were in town and so nicely decided to take us to dinner! It was great to catch up with them! Afterwards we went to an awesome jazz bar where Bre and I decided it was a great idea to dance....beside of lesbians....in a full bar. Hope the people of Asheville enjoyed that... ;-)

bff love!

me, bre, her sweet mom!

me and my new friend Brian :-)

and this happened. Yes....that's a drunken elevator pic.

I was so sad to wake up on Sunday because I knew the perfect weekend in "Paris of the South" was coming to an end :-( We enjoyed one last brunch downtown, walked around, ran into a topless protest (yes...you read that correctly and no we didn't participate), and said our goodbyes!

What a fabulous weekend with even more fabulous friends!  I can't wait to go back soon!


Road Trippin'

road trippin

Who doesn't love a good road trip? Summer time with the windows down and the music blaring seems so perfect. Lucky for me, I get to go on a fun weekend road trip to Asheville with my great friend Bre!! I am so excited to go hang out, relax, and drink some wine with a good friend!!

If you can, enjoy one last road trip...even if just for a day, before summer ends!

Happy weekend! xoxo


Seeing Dots

I have loved summer while its lasted, but now I am wanting fall to be here. Like now. I have started transitioning my wardrobe to my end of summer and early fall clothes and I couldn't be happier!! It has definitely been cooler here in North Carolina with less humidity. This outfit was perfect for a semi cool day in August! 

Top: J.Crew

Watch: Anne Klein (similar)

Let's Plan It, Shall We?

plan it

Every year I get giddy when it comes time to buy school supplies, specifically purchasing a planner for the upcoming year! Although I didn't have to buy school supplies this year I still got to pick out a planner for my "big girl job". For the past two years I have had a Lilly Pulitzer planner, but as a workin' girl I didn't think it was quite appropriate anymore! There are some great options for planning your upcoming year!

Graphic Image Planner: The graphic image planner is great for the young professional! It's classic look and room inside for planning is the perfect combination for any young girl starting out! I would love to get my hands on one of these planners!

Johnathan Adler & Lilly Pulitzer: These are great academic planners. Like I've said, I used my Lilly planner for college. It was perfect for that time in my life. The only complaint that I had was that I always felt like I was wasting half of my planner due to the months.

Erin Condren: Erin Condren seems to be what I consider the "catch all" planner. It has a little bit of everything from other planners that we love! It has day/night sections, plenty of room to write, it is clean, and it can be personalized! 

Kate Spade Personal Organizers: These organizers are top of the line! Now, don't shy away just because of the price (that's where ebay & amazon come into play) because these are awesome. Plain and simple. I had the nylon version of this my freshman year and it was small enough to fit into a tote and it never ripped, looked old, or anything of the sort! I still have this packed away somewhere and it may just need to come out of hiding soon!

Target Planners: I have found some of my favorite planners from Target. They're not name brand or sometimes really even that colorful, but they have every single thing I am looking for....and in the end isn't that why you have it? 

After buying my Lilly planner this year I was perusing the aisles of Target when I stumbled upon their fabulous section of planners. I found a perfect one with an $8.99 price tag. You seriously can't beat it! With recycled pages, a crocodile shell, and plenty of space to write, I made out like a bandit on this purchase!

What planner do you use??

PS: If anyone is still in need of a planner I have a brand new Lilly Pulitzer planner up for grabs ;-)


Monday Mantra

Happy Monday, everyone! 

If there is one thing I do know for certain, it is definitely that I'm on my way!


A summer sunset

summer sunset

Let's be honest, there is nothing better than a beautiful sunset in the summer. The warm colors, the bright sun, and the memories made during those sunsets always make for a great evening. Add in some wine and some photo taking and it definitely doesn't get any better! This nautical look would be perfect for a beach sunset, don't you think??



Recent Target Finds

It never fails that I will go into Target for a list of things and come out with items that definitely weren't on my list. But, that is one of the joys of Target. I always find things that I may not have known I needed, right?! ;-) 

My last Target trip ended with these items! The loafers (here) are patiently waiting fall weather so they can be worn! The hair ties are by Remington and are 2 packs for $5. I am obsessed with these! They don't leave that awful crease in your hair and are great for during the work/school day!

Some of these items are also recent Target purchases! How colorful is this bunch?!?

I scooped up these 3 pack mini notebooks. I originally bought them because of the cute colors, but then I found reason to use each of them! I have one for blog ideas, one for a to-do list, and one for quotes I like! Oh, and the quotes on them make them that much more cute!

"Joy delights in joy" -William Shakespeare
"Looking at the stars always makes me dream" -Vincent Van Gogh
"Happiness is a bright and shining thing" -Unknown

The Target $1 is a whole other story. I can always find some great items in there! From trays to hold my jewelry to these great notepads! Each of these cost one dollar and are great for jotting down appointments, who to call, and for knowing what I need to do and when! 

Target did it once again! 

Have you shopped Target lately?


A Peek Into my Closet

Anyone remember the infamous quote "Don't give me a diamond ring, just give me big closet" from the Sex and the City Movie? Well, while I would love a diamond ring, I would also love a really big closet! At my house I have one of the smaller bedrooms since I am typically not living at home full time, therefore, I have the smallest closet. It's not "small" by any means, but I could use much, much more space! 

When I was in college I would leave my off season clothes at home and switch them out when needed. Now that I am at home for a short while (in the process of moving out soon!) I am having to improvise with what closet I have! I currently am keeping my fall/winter clothes in spare closets and in vacuum bags! A few weeks ago on twitter I asked my followers how they organized their closet and that gave me some great ideas.

Welcome to my closet...

On one side (pictured) I have my tops and blouses. Thanks to my retail experience at J.Crew I have quite the system in my closet! Everything is hung according to sleeve length and then by color. And of course, button downs have one arm sleeve rolled up (ring a bell, Rachel?!?)

Above my tops I added baskets from Ikea (they come in this four pack) that are for my tank tops that I wear under clothes, my basic shirts that I have multiple of (i.e. plain white/black shirts), belts, and then my odds and ends. When I was in college I used these for my bathroom, but now they work out great in my closet and keep everything concealed! I have an area for some of my sweatshirts, my monogrammed market tote, hat, etc.

I bought this shoe rack at Target and I was so surprised at just how many shoes it can  hold! For less than $20 this is good enough for me! I have another one beside it that doesn't hold nearly the amount that this one does. Can you tell I like shoes, specifically flats? ;-) 

The other side of my closet is for dresses, some skirts, jeans and pants! I have the same sleeve and color system that I use for the other side! For my skirts and jeans I put more than one on a hanger that way I can hang more! 

I even have a magnetic board and a memory board in my closet! Sometimes I will hang up recent receipts or specials on there so they don't get lost! (I spy something from Crystal & Faison!)

Now....onto my problem area.
I really haven't found a good way to organize bags, totes, and purses. My nicer bags and bags that have shape are on a top shelf, but the others are just placed in a bin (which I can't see all of them...so then I forget about them). Does anyone have any good organization tips for storing bags? In the size of my closet?

How do you organize your closet?
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