Denim + Dots

I love denim.
I love polka dots.
Combined? even better!

That was basically my thought process as I perused the racks of Old Navy this past weekend and found the greatest denim + polka dotted top! I bought it not knowing what I would pair it with but I loved it with a neutral color palate. I wore it with my J.Crew Minnie pants and my Sam Edelman flats! It made the shirt "pop" a little more!

I ventured across our front yard to the golf course for this shoot, where some golfers spotted me....awkward encounter for sure! 


Fall Essentials pt 2

In yesterday's post I told you my fall shoe essentials and today I'm going to share you with my clothing essentials for fall! In the fall I am all about layering because chances are it will either be warmer inside than outside or vice versa, so I try to always be prepared either way!

fall essentials 2
Utility Jackets: I have always been on the lookout for a good fall jacket, something not too light but not too heavy either. Let me tell you...they are hard to come by. It's either one extreme or the other. Luckily, the J.Crew angels were looking out for me when they came out with the downtown field jacket! It is the perfect fall jacket. I love the masculine, yet feminine feel of it! I have seen these type of jackets all over this season and I definitely don't hate it!

Striped shirt: Stripes are classic no matter how they are done. They are versatile and simple, my two favorite things. Stripes are typically my go-to if I can't find anything else to put with an outfit....and it always seems to work (think: stripes + colored denim). I suggest buying a few classic striped shirts such as navy, tan, and black!

Quilted vest: While living in the mountains for college these were a dime a dozen, and maybe that's why I'm partial to them! I have worn my quilted vest with everything from a long sleeve t-shirt, leggings and uggs to an oxford, jeans, and flats. No matter what the outfit it always makes it look a little more put together and is a great layering piece.

Camel colored sweater: I'm not quite sure why I have this obsession with the camel color, but I do! I recently bought one and I can't stop going over the many outfit possibilities it has (I'm thinking layered over my denim shirt, minnie pants and a statement necklace). It is such a classic color that you can't go wrong with adding this to your wardrobe.

Denim/Chambray shirt: I'll admit it...this was a trend I was dead set on never trying. ever. Until I tried it! As much as I loved my denim this summer I can't wait for round two this fall. I am in the market for a thicker denim shirt...any suggestions? 

Black Denim: I wear a lot of a) neutral colored tops b) bright colored tops in the fall and having black denim would really offset what's on top! I own a pair of bootcut black denim but am really searching for a good pair of skinnies to wear with my flats this fall! I know I would definitely get a lot of use out of them! 


Fall Essentials pt. 1

For every season there are essential items that I believe every girl should have in their closet. These are items that are classics, can be mixed and matched, are versatile, and most importantly, will be around for years to come! Over the next week I'll be sharing by favorite fall essentials with y'all. Starting off the series today will be shoes. 

fall shoe essentials

Although I love summer and love wearing sandals, there is nothing quite like shoes in the fall. Seriously, the possibilities are endless from flats to boots and everything in between! I'm getting excited just talking about them!

Tortoiseshell Flats: I have seen these popping up all over the place. I think Talbots was where I saw them first, but I scored a pair at Old Navy during their family and friends sale! I can't wait to style these! The pointed toe and patent is such a fun spin on a classic!

Loafers: How can you go wrong, seriously? Loafers are classic. Plain and simple. I always look to pinterest style boards to find new ways to wear these! Jeans and an oxford? check! Skirt, tights and a sweater? check! These Michael Kors are my most recent go-to loafer!

Leopard Print Flats: Need to add a statement piece to an outfit? Look no further! The leopard flats are perfect for spicing up almost any outfit! I recently paired mine with my denim shirt and pixie pants and it was the perfect touch to my outfit! 

Riding Boots: This is a "no-brainer". Every girl needs a good pair of riding boots! Pair riding boots with a dress, leggings, tights, or jeans to make any outfit fall worthy! I spotted these not too long ago and I now have my eye on them!

Booties: These are absolutely perfect for fall. I'm picturing these with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. Comfy and cute? That's my kind of outfit. Now, if only I could pull them off the way Pretty in Pink Megan does! *sigh*

Desert Boots: Another classic. Clarks has some of my favorite styles, but they seemed to be a bit chunky on my feet, so instead I opted for these Madden Girl boots! I can't wait to wear these with my favorite jeans and casual tops! 

What are your fall shoe essentials?
Will you be wearing any of the new trends this season?
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