Halloweekend Recap

When I was younger I always looked forward to Halloween for trick-or-treating, but now I always look forward to dressing up and the fun parties that always ensue! This year I didn't go to a party hosted at a fraternity house, but instead my family hosted one ourselves! It was an absolute blast! We had been planning it for quite some time from the decorations to the menu. None of it was a let down, that's for sure!

Our house was basically turned into a halloween wonderland! Our gay friend came over to help us decorate and did a fabulous job! I wish I had gotten more photos of the decorations. There were so many awesome decorations, that admittedly, kept scaring me to death!

I was a military pin up girl and Brian was an old school pilot! I love Halloween and coming up with original Halloween ideas, so Brian and I went to a costume shop & rented our costumes! They are both authentic so it made them extra fun & different! 

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and having fun with Brian! It's always those one on one times that end up being so memorable :-)

How did you celebrate Halloweekend?


Monday Mantra

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Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. My favorite feeling in all the world is  getting butterflies in your stomach from being nervous, giddy, and excited all at the same time! I love that feeling and seem to get them (still) everytime I see Brian  .

2. My favorite smell is  pumpkin anything. It is one of my favorite things about fall.

3. My favorite taste is a mixture of salty & sweet. I think they go hand in hand! I can't have sweet without salty.
4. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen was   when I was in the airport a few years back and saw a service man come home from Iraq to his daughter.It was sad and heart warming at the same time.

5. The best sound ever is  the sound of laughter when someone is truly happy.

6. A smell that reminds me of my childhood is peanut butter crackers and the smell of the outdoors. I loved being outside as a kid and my parents would always make me peanut butter crackers while I played outside.

7. My favorite of all the senses is sense of sight. Being able to see every little detail is truly a gift. I can't imagine not being able to see all of the  beautiful things around me every day! (especially the beautiful fall leaves...my favorite!)


Las Vegas Weekend Recap

Whew, I am back from Vegas! What a fun and exhausting long weekend it was! Although I love traveling that trip definitely made me very happy to be home...Vegas was very demanding! And the three hour time difference sure didn't help!

Saturday morning (way earlier than I am used to) we headed to the airport to board the plane to Vegas! We had a short layover in Denver and it was such a beautiful area....ya know, what I saw from the sky! We arrived in Vegas around 11:30 a.m. and our first stop was In-n-Out Burger on the strip! I had never been there before but it certainly lived up to my expectations. We powered through lunch and headed to the hotel! 

We stayed at New York New York and I absolutely loved it! The atmosphere was so fun and the age group was great too! I didn't waste any time getting my gamble on. The first night I came out on top! woo hoo...always a good thing when gambling! 

I don't even think I saw the sun the second day because I was inside gambling all day...with much less luck! But, we did venture out at night to play around in The Bellagio and The Cosmopolitan. I loved seeing the light show at The Bellagio!

During the day on Monday we went out exploring Vegas! Since it was my first time here I was still anxious to see all of the hotels and do a few touristy things! We went into "old" Las Vegas (hello sketchy area) and went up in the Stratosphere. It was extremely windy and I wore a dress, not my best idea ever, but it was beautiful 109 stories up!

After the Stratosphere we went to Wynn, The Venetian, Caesar's and The Bellagio to explore and shop! Y'all if only I had endless money. I was having some serious designer lust. Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada, Louboutin, Lanvin, Balenciaga.... I wanted it all! I was slightly jealous of the Asians buying 5 LV and 3 Balenciaga bags.  

Our last night we went to the Bar at Times Square inside our hotel and had a blast! It is a dueling piano bar and the pianists were extremely talented, fun, and could play any song! It was the perfect ending to a fun weekend! I can't wait to go back.

If you are looking to plan a trip & want any suggestions on food/entertainment let me know! 


Monday Mantra

These words ring so true for me. If you are confident in yourself nothing can get in your way! 
Always a good thought to keep in your mind, especially when things are upsetting you!
Happy Monday, ladies (and gentlemen!)
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Friday Randoms

It has been quite the week for me! My to-do list has been never ending lately it seems. I would love nothing more than to curl up on the couch and watch a movie while drinking wine. However, those are not my plans for the weekend!

Instead I am jet setting to Vegas for four days! I am a "first timer" and I'm so excited! I can't wait to gamble, drink, and sight see... I know there will be a lot of all three! Hopefully my trip doesn't end up like The Hangover!!

Notice anything different on the blog? That's right- it got a fabulous makeover! I am so thankful for Tricia Nae Designs and all she did for me! Check back in a few days for all kinds of awesome details!

I finished up my last broker's class last night. Talk about a relief. Now, I just have to pass the final exam (which is supposedly extremely hard) and I will have my broker's license! Cheers to that!!

Oh, I signed a lease on my first "big girl" apartment! In about a month I will be living on my own in a one bedroom apartment! I am so excited about taking a big step into adulthood....and extremely excited to decorate! But, I have to admit I am a little scared to live alone! Yikes!
Precious Dingo decided to side with Romney/Ryan this election year! he stands beside them ;-) *This will also be my only semi election reference!*  But seriously, how cute is he?!?

I am currently obsessed with Essie's Wrapped in Rubies nail polish. It is the perfect hint of deep red and gold tones. If you're looking for a new polish go out and grab this one!

Well, I think that is enough randomness for this Friday! I hope y'all have a great weekend, I can't wait to catch up with you all next week!


HanaPro Straightener Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Brian at Missiko to do a product review for the Hana Pro 1" hair straightener. I have been a loyal Chi straightener user for about 10 years, but I was excited to give this one a try! Little did I know how many other fun things would be included in the package! I was gifted a few E.L.F products, a great brush and a few other useful items!
I have been thoroughly impressed with this straightener. I have noticed my hair keeps volume after straightening it, looks more shiny, and yet still feels healthy! My previous straightener left my hair smelling like burnt hair....and let me just tell y'all- that is not a good smell! ;-)

When Bre and I were in Asheville we kept going on & on about how great our hair looked and felt! A big thanks to Brian from Missiko for contacting me to review this product! If you are in the market for a new straightener, I highly suggest this one!

*This is a sponsored post. I did receive a free Hana Pro straightener for this review. All thoughts on the product are my own.
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What I Wore: Leopard + Orange Bubble Necklace

Yesterday I was feeling a little sassy so I decided to wear a leopard sweater & make a statement with my bright orange bubble necklace! This outfit was extremely comfortable, but well put together for a day at work!

Top: Old Navy {no longer available}// Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Jeans {I swear by these!}// Necklace: #shopcrystalfaye// Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


Weekend Getaway in Asheville

This past weekend Brian, me, Bre, and Jeremy went to Asheville! The first time we went to Asheville was so much fun & unforgettable (hellllo, that's where Brian and I were introduced!!!) and this time didn't disappoint either! We had more fun in two and a half days than I've had in a while. We took full advantage of our time there and didn't waste a second!

Brian and I got to the condo mid-afternoon on Friday and had a little alone time before Bre & Jeremy got there. We spent the afternoon walking around the city,drinking wine on the rooftop and grabbing a delicious dinner! 

Friday night we headed back to one of our favorite "local" bars there and ended up having a blast! Nothing like dancing with a black man in a skirt to have a great night haha! When in Asheville, does as the Ashevillians do?!?!?

Saturday was absolutely beautiful! We walked around, did a little drinking on the patio of Pack's Tavern, hung out on the rooftop of course we had to watch some baseball! Hooray for the Tiger's win (or else I may have had a grumpy boyfriend!!)

 And it's possible that while the boys were out Bre and I had a little self-timer photo session.... clearly we're really fun(ny)!!

While all of our blog/instagram/twitter friends loved the fur vests we wore, I can't say the same for the people in Asheville. They were not fans and were quick to ask if it was real or fake! For the record-it's fake #thankyouverymuch! 

Cheers to another great weekend with friends! 
What did you do this weekend?


Monday Mantra

Happy (rainy) Monday, everyone!
I am still recovering from my weekend of fun in Asheville.
 I can't wait to share my weekend recap with you tomorrow!

I think it is always important to not let the past get in the way of the present
(although sometimes that is easier said than done).
Learn from your experiences and carry that knowledge with you!


Off We Go...

I'm off to Asheville for the weekend with Brian, Bre & Jeremy!

I am excited to go back to where Brian and I first met (all thanks to Bre and Jeremy)! Asheville now has a special place in my heart ;-) I'm excited to see the leaves changing, enjoy the fall weather, and have a ton of fun with my favorite friends! The last trip to Asheville was unforgettable, so I know this one will be just as great!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
What do you have planned?

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