Barrister Ball Dress Options

For all of you lawyers and law student's you're familiar with the Barrister's Ball. For those of you who aren't, it's a semi-formal event at the end of the school year for those in law school. So basically, it's a law school prom! This year I have the pleasure of attending Barrister's Ball with Brian, right before he graduates law school! I am so excited. I love a good excuse to get dressed up and have some fun! But, like anything else, I am fretting over what on earth to wear. 

Do I go with a long dress?
Do I stay with a short dress?
How dressy should I go?

All of those questions have been hovering over me since Brian told me the date! I love that it's Great Gatsby themed though! I've pretty much narrowed down my options to renting from Rent the Runway, but I would like a second (or third, fourth, or fifth) opinion! I have exactly one month until the ball!

Short Dress Options...
I like the idea of having a short dress the best because I know I will be more comfortable and shorter dresses tend to fit my body (and shortness) better. Here are my top seven (did I go overboard?...probably...)

one // two // three // four (one of my favorites!!!) // five // six // seven

Long Dresses Options....
While I much prefer short dresses, the beauty and sophistication of a longer dress is not lost on me! They always looks stunning on and usually make me look taller than 5'2, which is a plus! I just don't know if I want to "deal" with having on a long dress all night. Hmm, decisions, decisions!

one // two // three // four // five

And then there's the debate if I want to just wear a dress that I already have! I have my beloved Tory Burch dress that I have only worn twice that I simply love. The silvery-gold details are just plain amazing. It is comfortable and I know it fits me very well.

Here's a photo of the TB dress
Ok so....help me out! What do you think? What are your favorite long & short dresses? Should I stick with a non-rented dress of my own that I know I like?!?


  1. I'm in LOVE with number 6 of the short dress options! It looks glamorous, fun and not too revealing.


  2. Have you asked around to those who went to the ball before? If it's Great Gatsby themed, maybe a long dress option? Huge fan of #3 long dress!

  3. I love short dress #4! The material and cut make it dressy and the length is perfect for semi formal. From what I can see of the TB dress that's super cute also!

    xo Liz

  4. I really like short dresses five and six, and I think long three would be gorgeous on you! But honestly if it were me, I'd go with the Tory. It is pretty, and you know you're going to be comfortable in it.

  5. I would rent a new dress. You said this is his last year of law school so it's your last chance to go! If you rent a new dress, I'd just try to wear old shoes and jewlery! Or else, wear your Tory dress and splurge on new shoes in stead! As for favorites, iI love short #4 and #6 and long #5.


  6. They are all pretty options!! I love dress #4 :) Good luck choosing!

    xoxo Jamie

  7. I saw go with the one you already have and donate the money you would've spent on a new one (or renting one) to charity. It's a cute dress. You know you feel comfy in it and you know you already like it. Plus, you'd be helping out a good cause. :)

  8. I love all of your dress options! I went to the Barristers Ball for Campbell a few weekends ago. Most girls had on short dresses!

  9. Absolutely LOVING the Blue Tidal Wave short dress. Blue is a great color on blondes, too! The TB is stunning as well- I would say it all just depends on if you're looking for an excuse to wear a new dress or not :)

  10. I really like short dress (especially that blue #1 option) but it could be fun to have a glamorous, long dress moment!


  11. I love your Tory burch dress! You could wear that and splurge on some Gatsby-like accessories and shoes! I've been pinning all the looks that they've realized for the new film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan! you should check them out for inspiration! Short Dress #6 and Long Dress #3 are both gorgeous too! Have fun!

  12. I loved going to Barrister Ball when I was in law school, it is so fun and I loved seeing everyone dressed up. I remember most people wearing short dresses, but I think a long dress would be fun for a Great Gatspy Theme. I am loving short dress number 2 and the Tory Burch dress both are so fun and sparkly!

  13. I have a Military Ball coming up and have been having the same debate! The #3 on the long dress list is actually on my list as well, it's so gorgeous! I'm also really liking #6 on the short dress list. Good luck on your decision!

  14. I love #4 and #5 of the short dress options!

  15. HY!wow so nice your dress you look very nice and wonderful.Thanks for share.


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