Essential iPhone Apps

Last Friday I finally received my iPhone 5! I had been anticipating this since I found out the date of my upgrade! My iPhone 4 had been acting crazy. The home button only worked when it wanted to...which really makes using a touch screen hard! When it arrived on Friday I was elated (and I may have actually hugged the UPS man for being early!) no judging!
Anyways, on my iPhone 4 I ended up downloading a ton of useless apps that took up so much space and really slowed down my phone a lot. On my iPhone 5 I want to keep everything simple, organized and de-cluttered. These are the apps that I deemed "necessary" to have!

Goodreads: I am a huge reader so this app is completely necessary. It's the convenience of this app that is so great. If I am at target or a book store I can scan the book and add it to my "to-read" list (so that i can download it on my Kindle). It's also great because I am one of those people who ALWAYS picks up a book that looks good and think "Have I read this before??" By pulling up the app I can see if I have read it or not. 

Bloglovin': Now that Google Reader is going away I needed to find a new way to keep up with my favorite blogs. I have really been impressed with Bloglovin' as a whole. Their readability is clean. The following is easy (except for that pesky number that hovers over my page when I get behind in reading blogs!!) and the mobile app is very user friendly! Now I can keep up with all my favorites on the go.

Flixster: If you are a movie lover like me, then you need this app! I always look up what movies are new to theaters or what rating a movie got (and probably judge it by that....). I also like that you can look up older movies and get the cast info, the rating, and a synopsis (that doesn't ruin the entire movie)!

RunKeeper: Now that I have gotten back into running I decided that I needed something to keep up with my runs and my progress.... in comes the RunKeeper app. It tracks my runs, my paths, my calories burned, and my progress! I love how it shows me how I've done compared to my last run and the last week's stats. It also allows me to jot down my thoughts on that particular run. It really pushes me to improve and do better.

Tweetbot: Let's face it....I'm addicted to social media, mainly twitter and instagram. This is the only Twitter app that I have tried and fully 100% been satisfied with. It never shuts down or stops notifying me of tweets. And that's important for this twitter-loving girl. The best part?? The awesome noises and notifications it sends. That makes the app worth the money!

Pandora: I am one of those people who is constantly listening to music. I turn my Pandora app on when I am in the shower, when I'm getting ready for work, and plug it into my car on long trips. It is perfect, but, you already knew that didn't you?

Daily Mail Online: If you care about fashion, celebrities, and the like then you NEED to get this app ASAP! I love getting on this app and seeing the latest Kim K. drama, or Lindsay Lohan's mug shot. It's my guilty pleasure. I like the share feature on it. It allows me to automatically share Miley's awful hair do with my twitter followers in the matter of seconds! Get it, now...promise you won't regret it!

Instagram: Does this even need an explanation? I didn't think so. Follow me here!

Typic: I recently discovered this app and I am glad I did. This app is great for adding text to photos. You can choose from an assortment of different filters, fonts, sizes, and banners! It adds a little "pizazz" to any photo!

What are essential apps for your phone?


  1. I love this post! I am going to download the Flixster and Tweetbot apps right now. :)

  2. My home button on my 4 has been acting up lately, too! I can't wait for my upgrade in May! Were you able to transfer over any apps that you had paid for? I dread figuring that process out!

  3. So glad you posted this! I never knew about Typic and it is awesome! I also love Pic Stich to make picture collages and Picfx to add light to pictures. Thanks for the share! -Alex www.alexandramoor.blogspot.com

  4. I love that you posted this! I always like to see what other people's favorite apps are.. I need to check out that typic app ASAP.

  5. I was thinking of doing a post like this!! I love to find new apps :) I didn't even know bloglovin' had an app..just downloaded it!!

  6. Must download Goodreads like, now. I always try to remember the books I want to read and of course end up forgetting them. Thanks for the tips lady!

  7. I didn't know you could scan the books with the goodreads app that will make my life so much easier! Thanks!

    You did one of these a long time ago and I found P tracker and I love that app!

  8. I've never heard of GoodReads! i just keep a list in my phone, but the app is definitely a better solution! I try not to clutter my phone up with a lot of aps but one I recommend getting is the starbucks app! When I registered a gift card they added $10 to my total as a "gift" for registering and you can earn drink rewards :)


  9. I am just in love with your blog and i am going to download Tweetbot app right now. I know there are several blog present in the market such as iPhone Family and iPhone World providing free iPhone apps, but your site is just awesome full of useful apps and well managed and nice looking. Thanks for this post and sharing

  10. I just downloaded GoodReads but haven't done much with it...any tips?!?

    Also..I just started a book I know you'd love--Fireflies in December! Check it out!!

  11. I am going to have to check the running app out! sounds great!

  12. That's awesome, Emily! Not just the the arrival of your new phone, but how you planned to keep the contents simple, organized and uncluttered as well. Honestly, I would have to wince at the thought of trimming down my gaming apps alone, much more everything else. But I know I would have to do it one of this days. What would you do with an iPhone loaded with fun and exciting apps if it keeps on lagging anyway? -->Kiera

  13. I love seeing what other apps bloggers are obsessed with!
    I'm downloading the bloglovin and typic apps as we speak!


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