Friday Five

Happy Friday, ladies & gents!
{insert silly Happy Friday dance here}
I am so glad it is finally the weekend. I opted to take off Monday instead of Friday, so I am looking forward to a long holiday weekend! I can't wait to sleep in, relax, and celebrate the holiday with family. Do you have any big plans?

I love Easter. Any holiday that involves bunnies, pastels, and signs of spring is good to me! Last year my step-dad forgot to get me an Easter basket and I miiight have had an Easter meltdown. Needless to say, he texted me last night informing me that the Easter bunny DEFINITELY would not be forgetting me this year. I better still be getting an Easter basket full of Peeps, Reese's eggs, and other fun stuff! (someone please tell me I'm not alone in still wanting an Easter basket?!?)

Mint has become my new obsession. I liked it a lot last spring and summer, but this year I have fallen head over heels in love with it. Borderline obsession, really. So, when I saw Petal updating their website with a ton of awesome mint items I died. (well, almost....I'm still here.)  They graciously sent me the first mint bow dress and I am in l-o-v-e. Can the weather please cooperate with my need for spring so I can wear this beauty? P.S. Isn't their model, Chelsey, the cutest?!

 one // two (I have this in coral and it's amazing) // three // four // five
one // two // three

Earlier this week Last Call Neiman Marcus had their Jack Rogers on sale. You better believe that as soon as I got the email I scooped up a pair. They were 40% off....can't beat that! I got this pewter pair. I think they will pair well with my outfits this summer!

This has been one of the busiest weeks work wise for me. With the holiday coming up and me being off on Monday I have been absolutely slammed. My parent's (and owners of the company I work for) are going out of the country for ten days, which pretty much means I will be doing 3x my work & running the company during that time. Add in stress, being overwhelmed, and exhausted and it is NOT a pretty sight. at all. Needless to say I have been (and will be) relying on Starbucks to keep me chugging right along!

I'm joining {long distance loving} once again for Friday Fancies! This week is all about pastels, which I love! This Tibi dress caught my eye as soon as I saw it in stores. The possibilities with this pastel number are endless. I paired it with the Charlotte Street Sloan Kate Spade bag to bring out the pink. I styled it with gold accessories and Jack Rogers for a more casual look!

pastel pretties


  1. No, you are definitely not the only one excited for an Easter basket hehe :) I can't wait to get mine and give my mom hers! I am dying over all of the pastels right now. That tibi dress is just darling and I love the KS bag!


  2. Girl I am so with you in Easter basket thing. Now that my parents live on your side of the country my BF mom has picked up the slack and I cant say I am disappointed about it :)
    Mint... YES PLEASE I cant wait to see how you style your pretty mint bow dress!

    Happy Easter

  3. We still get Easter baskets in our family since none of us kids have any kiddos ourselves. I love Rachel's idea of getting her mom one...I need to get on that because she would be so surprised! I'm also loving the mint this season and for a girl that doesn't stray far from black/white/grey usually only with shades of pink that's a huge step! The cold better step aside so we can stop covering up!!

    Heather (My Little HEA)

  4. The husband and I still make Easter Baskets for each other. I didn't know about that Last Call Neimans! I will have to book mark it or sign up for emails. Whatever lets me knows when Jacks are on sale!

  5. I love mint, and all those dresses are so pretty! I love the one with the bow on the front!

  6. Love the last dress and second top you posted! The bow detail is gorgeous and I love the lace on that shirt.


  7. I love all the mint options you showed. My favorite is the lace top in the bottom middle! I just purchased a mint button up from Express and I'm obsessed :)


  8. Ahhh so many things I love on this page... especially the necklace you are wearing!

    Happy Easter!

  9. I got so mad last year when my parents didn't get me an easter basket!!! haha. They better have one for me this year. And I feel you about being stressed.. work is insane for me too. I think I'm going to live off of frappuccinos this week :)

  10. I got the bow back dress on the far right side for a wedding this past weekend! It was perfect! Love all of those mint beauties!

  11. I love last call neuman marcus!! they ALWAYS have great finds!! I totally made my hubby get me a Easter basket!!
    new follwer

  12. I love that 'Daisy' necklace you're wearing. Any hint on where you got it?!?


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