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You know that feeling when something finally starts coming together? I got that feeling a few weekends ago when my desk space finally went from being a mess (literally frames stacked on top of each other and stuff all over it) to nearly completed. We have had so much rain recently that I finally chose to be productive on what is typically a lazy-rainy-Saturday for me! 

I had all of the supplies and had somewhat of an idea in mind, it was just finding the time to put my ideas to action. These gold dot decals from CozyWallArt.com were the perfect touch to my little corner! But don't be fooled.... measuring, straightening, and placing these little things was much harder than it appears! The decals themselves were so easy to put on (and peel off when I messed up) but making sure they were straight and even proved to be quite a task. And yes.... there are some that aren't perfect...but I gave up trying when my arms fell asleep ha!

It makes me happy to be able to have a space (even though it's not a large or glamorous one) to be able to sit, think, work, and plan... all without distraction. There are still things that I want to change & add to the space, but isn't that the way it always goes? Nothing is never actually "complete!"

p.s. everything will be linked at the bottom of the page! 

Mirrored Frame: Target
Large Frame: Target
Turquoise frame: gift 
"E" Initial: Anthropologie (also love these letters)
2014 Agenda: Sugar Paper LA x Target (in stores)
Essie Polish: Bordeaux
"Hi" Notecards, Printed pencil, Baker's Twine: Target $1 section (score!!!)
Hustle Print: Shop Dandy
Hello, Darling Print: Jenny Bevlin 


  1. Ohhh it all looks so cute!!!! :)

  2. Such a lovely working corner :)


  3. LOVE this! My desk area needs some serious help, thanks for the ideas :)

  4. Love your desk space! I wish mine was that cute! :)


  5. Adorable! Excellent use of space!


  6. I adoreeee this!!! Can you come do mine now?! ;)

  7. LOVING THIS! The Hustle sign is one of my favorites!

  8. This space is too cute! I absolutely love the gold decals, and the fact they aren't perfectly lined up just adds character! (Though they look pretty perfect to me!) Also, I spy some cards from Target that I have, too!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  9. I love your Blogs & Coffee print! It is such a cozy little corner; a post on my blogging space is now on my to do list, after seeing your space my desk area needs a facelift!
    ~ Madylin @ smilesnmiles.com

  10. I love your work space, it's cute and not overdone. Perfect!

  11. I love your work space, its cute and not overdone. Perfect! I hope to work on something similar.

  12. I am OBSESSED with those gold dots but I think they are sold out :(

    Sparkles and Shoes

  13. Such a cute little nook! Love all the gold!


  14. What an adorable space! You have a great eye for design!

  15. What an adorable desk! You have a great eye for design! :)

  16. Love your space, all the gold accents are gorgeous! I've recently been trying to make my desk space look a little more fab!


  17. Love the wall decal and prints! Such a cute space!

  18. What a perfect little workspace! Love the gold decals!

  19. Even a teeny tiny space like this, that's all yours, can have a huge effect on your outlook!

  20. What a stylish little space - I'm swooning over the gold dots!

  21. Great job putting it all together! I'm sure it's super satisfying having your work space done. I can feel the motivational vibes through the pics. A good reminder for me to get my own done before spring!

    Catherine | The Single Diaries


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