Cruise Recap: Days 5-7

I am back with my last cruise recap (sorry if I have bored you). On the fifth day of the cruise we were in St. Thomas. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t impressed. It was entirely too touristy for my taste. Now, don’t get me wrong it was a beautiful place but there were waaay too many t-shirt & jewelry stores. We had fun though! We went to Senor Frogs, drank a little too much, and did a little shopping. I think the highlight of St. Thomas was seeing all of the yachts and sailboats out-so beautiful……..oh, and the 525789 iguanas we saw! (*fun fact: I had an iguana as a child & when I wouldn’t wake up in the mornings for school my mom would set him on my pillow Ha!!*)




Seriously…these things were ALL over. HUGE.


On the boat that night my mom & I had a “girls night” while my stepdad hung out with my sisters. We went to the piano bar, sipped on some wine and sang to The Beatles……then we hit the casino (and there was no turning back!) We gambled our little hearts out until almost 2 in the morning! I came away with about $80 and my mom hit it BIG with $1000!! I am soooo ready for Vegas in May!

New Years Eve on the ship was a total blast! I was a little unsure of how the night would be since I had no plans and we were on a ship! All of my worries diminished after seeing the amazing party they had planned. We put my sisters in the kids club for a few hours and attended formal dinner, gambled, and had some fun at the party!


 double fisting.. why am I so classy?



Our last day was spent at Half Moon Cay. We were all feeling the effects from NYE festivities so we spent the day laying out on the boat. It was dead on the boat, so it was like having it to ourself! That night we had our farewell dinner & packed for the end of our trip :-(



The end.

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  1. I remember back in college deciding I had two hands for a reason — so I could carry two drinks. :)

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  2. Kristin wrote:

    i just stumbled across your blog and am a new follower. i read your recaps of your cruise. sounds like you had a wonderful time! i am going on one in may to grand turk, half moon cay and nassau, bahamas. so excited!


    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  3. Michelle P wrote:

    Great pictures! Looks like so much fun.

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  4. Those things freaked me out …lol.

    Beautiful pictures :)

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  5. Oh my goodness, your trip looked fabulous! I am beyond jealous right now! Your pictures are all fabulous, as are your cute little cruising outfits.

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  6. JR Mazur wrote:

    that red dress is gorgeous!!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  7. You wore some of the cutest outfits on the cruise! Love that red dress!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  8. kelseaf wrote:

    Looks like you had an amazing time! And I am loving all your outfits from the cruise, so cute!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  9. You're so gorgeous! And this trip looks like so much fun!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  10. lori wrote:

    st. thomas is a little touristy… but if you go over to st. john (short ferry ride) its not at all… the beaches are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    i went on a cruise for nye a few years ago, SO SO fun!! love all of your pictures… looks like a good time :)

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  11. Oh wow! Those iguana look HUGE! Do they bite or no? Glad you had a fun nye on the ship!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  12. Neely wrote:

    Your family is too cute!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  13. You look GREAT! It looks like your cruise was wonderful! I LOVED reading about it!!!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  14. You look GREAT! It looks like your cruise was wonderful! I LOVED reading about it!!!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  15. Morgan wrote:

    Wow! That's so cool that your mom won $1000! What a fun trip. =)

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply
  16. kelly wrote:

    Ohmygosh, how fun!!!!!!! The iguanas, fruity drinks, spending NYE on a cruise! Love love love. I adore those little feathered headbands y'all got, and of course your outfits are all precious!

    Posted 1.9.12 Reply

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