I’m an Alum!

{it’s official: I’m an alumna of Appalachian State University}

I can’t believe I get to say that now! It is still so weird. A little over a week ago I was preparing to graduate from college. Between family being in town, packing and unpacking and finding some time here and there to relax I have been very behind on blogging. I am so excited to update y’all on my graduation weekend… it was definitely one that I will remember forever. This past weekend reaffirmed how lucky I am to be surrounded by the most wonderful friends and family!
Friday things definitely got “real.” I had no classes, no exams, and nearly everything was moved out of my apartment except for the basics. Some of my best friends and I got together to take some graduation photos. This was such a fun time and it was nice to see each other once more before graduation chaos began!

Friday night some of my family came to town and we ate at one of my favorite local restaurants, Proper. Proper has the best southern food and the fact that you get to drink out of mason jars just makes it that much better! We spent the night playing around town, going to the infamous “cult house” that over looks the town one last time, and drank a little bit by the fire! 

I was so anxious for my wake up call that I hardly got a wink of sleep! I think it was actually my paranoia that I would miss my alarm and graduation all together that kept me from sleeping! 😉 I was not nervous at all. I was able to sit with some of my best friends that I had made in college and it wasn’t until I was walking up to the stage that “it” really hit me. I was really graduating. I was really closing a chapter in my life. It was really…over. Walking across the stage is honestly a blur. It was one of my proudest moments but I was so caught up I don’t really remember much of it! (is that awful!!??!!)
….. oh, just playing with my new Canon Rebel t3i that I got for graduation!!!
{more on that later}
So after driving home, attempting to unpack, it was time for my big graduation party at our house! I was so happy to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family! 
my stepmom, me, and my mom!
Whew! Sorry for the long post, but it was a fun-filled and eventful weekend! I am so excited to get back to regular blogging! 🙂 

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  1. Charlotte wrote:

    Congrats Emily!! Such a pretty graduate! Welcome to the real adult world!! 🙂 No more homework! yippee!!

    Posted 5.21.12 Reply
  2. Ashley wrote:

    Congratulations, Emily! Looks like you had a wonderful graduation weekend! Miss ya!

    Posted 5.21.12 Reply
  3. Congratulations on your graduation from App!

    Posted 5.21.12 Reply
  4. Michelle P wrote:

    Congrats! Love your pictures.

    Posted 5.21.12 Reply
  5. Congrats again! You looked gorgeous!!

    Posted 5.21.12 Reply
  6. kourtney wrote:

    Congratulations! I remember taking pics at the ASU sign when I graduated![I lived across the street too at Steeplechase!]

    Posted 5.21.12 Reply
  7. Holly wrote:

    Congrats! I remember the day I graduated from college like it was yesterday. Bittersweet memories 🙂

    Posted 5.21.12 Reply
  8. Kaitlyn wrote:

    Congratulations!!! What an exciting time for you.

    However, I'm so glad you're back in the blogosphere- I missed your posts!

    Posted 5.21.12 Reply
  9. Kels wrote:

    congrats on graduating and welcome to the real world 🙂

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  10. It's such an awesome feeling to finally be done! I guess welcome to the real world for us? Have an awesome start to the summer 🙂

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  11. Ali wrote:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so jealous of your new fancy camera, that one is suppose to be amazing! I love your Lilly dresses, you look absolutely gorgeous!

    Posted 5.22.12 Reply
  12. Sarah wrote:


    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  13. Annie wrote:

    Congratulations, Emily! Walking across the stage was a blur for me too! You look just like your pretty momma. That's super exciting that you got a Canon Rebel t3i for graduation! You must love it!

    Posted 5.23.12 Reply
  14. Stephen wrote:

    Congratulations! Graduating is great, and from a quick skim of the blog it looks like you really made the most of your university time. Look forward to the next thing life throws at you!

    Posted 5.27.12 Reply
  15. Eliz wrote:

    congratulations! I'm actually looking to apply to grad school in the south and I noticed appalachian state. tell me what you think about it (obviously you loved it!) because I'd love some more details before I start applying 😀

    Posted 6.1.12 Reply

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