Man, I love college

Yes, I did just quote Asher Roth in my blog tittle 
{bless my heart}
While college is all about getting an education, college life is also about making memories and having some fun. Over the course of my four years at Appalachian I have had my fair share of fun. There are things I would do nearly every week and weekend that became almost traditions in my book. For me, there were two main things that became “traditions” that really made college for me. These are things that I will definitely continue to come back to once I am an alumni and the memories that I have from these days and nights I will remember forever. 
Fellow App students and alumni will appreciate this post 100%!
Tradition 1: Mountaineer Gameday
Gameday at Appalachian is a way of life. We pull out all the stops for our mountaineers. Over the years I have collected a plethora of black and yellow shirts, skirts, and dresses all for my favorite days, gamedays. Blaring the Appalachian Fight Song or Black and Yellow at 8 a.m. became the norm among me and my friends. We lived for gamedays where we got to wear our cowboy boots and day drink with our favorite people. While I was never quite ready for summer to end and school to begin I was ALWAYS excited for gamedays at Appalachian. I will miss being a student and pregaming at Pike and KA and having so much fun on Duck Pond before the games. But, I am looking forward to my first game as an Appalachian Alum with my favorites! I know we will cause just as much rowdyness as we always have!
Tradition #2: Klondike
There’s always that one place in a college town that you can go to any day and at any given time and have a blast. Klondike was that for me and my friends. We spent countless beautiful days, nights, and lord knows, a ton of money at this hole in the wall. People who came to visit App never understood our love for that place, but everything about it was just awesome. Yes, it was a hole in the wall, and yes, it was crappy, but you were always guaranteed to have a blast and know at least 10 people there! It was a place where we spent Tuesdays, Thursdays and the weekend. We would  sing and take over the dance floor, and of course no night at Klondike was complete with dancing on the fireplace! A new owner bought it a few weeks ago and it closed (so sad) but I look forward to it reopening and continuing my most favorite times there when I come up for visits! 

Oh, the memories….. 🙂

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  1. Katie wrote:

    Man, do I know the feeling! There are some things I'll really miss about college!

    Posted 5.10.12 Reply
  2. Tayler wrote:

    I know just how you feel! I'm a (former) Penn Stater and there is NOTHING better than game days 🙂 You're much better dressed for games than we are though, we're jeans and sweatshirt people up north! My friends and I liked to hit up a hole-in-the-wall bar in State College too, the bartenders knew us all by name. I'm going to miss college life too.

    Posted 5.11.12 Reply
  3. Sarah wrote:

    I wish gameday was a bigger deal at my school, but that may be just because I'm up north. Looks like you've recorded a ton of great memories!

    Posted 5.13.12 Reply
  4. Erica wrote:

    What a sweet post! Congrats on graduating! It seems like there is always the hole in the wall place in each college town that brings back fond memories – mine is a hole in the wall burrito place.

    Posted 5.13.12 Reply

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