Stocking Stuffer Ideas: For the Ladies

When it comes to Christmas, my family always goes a little crazy with stocking stuffers. My mom has always loved the stockings almost more than giving presents. I have to give her credit… she always puts GREAT items in my stocking! One year my favorite Michael Kors watch was hidden in my stocking. If you are looking for any fun stocking stuffer ideas for the ladies in your life here are some great suggestions!

stocking stuffer ideas-girls

1. Pandora Bead(s): Every year I get a Pandora bead for Christmas. I love collecting them and knowing that I get one for every holiday and special occassion.
2. Candy: Who doesn’t love to see their favorite candy fall out of their stocking?! I know I do. Plus, it’s an excuse to eat candy in the wee hours of the morning!
3. Nail Polish: I am a nail polish hoarder, for lack of better words. Getting more on Christmas would be my heaven! I recently tried Butter London and can’t get enough of it.
4. Dogeared Necklace: I love that each dogeared necklace has a special meaning and special message. Having someone pick out one that meant a lot to them would mean a lot to me!
5. EOS lipbalm: I go through this stuff like crazy! Any extras would be much appreciated. 
6. Stud Earrings: These Kate Spade and Loren Hope earrings would do the trick!
7. Magazines: Magazines are something I love but don’t buy often (Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why!), so it would be nice to have a subscription to my favorite ones!
8. Keychain: Nothing like adding a little bling to your keys! I have seen quite a few tassle keychains that I have my eye on!
9. Hand Moisturizer: In the cold winter months my hands get so dry. I am a big fan of L’Occtaine and the Sally Hansen hand moisturizers!

10. Hair Ties: If you (or your lady) is anything like me, I am always losing my hair ties. I love the Emi Jay (Goody’s also has great ones) ties. I can put my hair up mid-day without a crease line!

11. Giftcards: Self explanatory. Why wouldn’t you want some extra $$$ to your favorite places??

12. iPhone case: I seem to change my iPhone case as much as I change my clothes! You can never have too many cute ones!

13. Stationery: I am always making to-do lists and sending out thank you notes, so it is always nice to have a variety to choose from!

14. Carry All Clutch: I have quite a few of these that I use for a) makeup cases b) pencil holder c) use to put my items in when going out! It’s a perfect and compact gift!

What items do you like to see in your stocking?

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  1. Cathy wrote:

    Awww, reminds me of my stocking! Mine is usually stocked with candy, hand moisturizer, a copy of soap opera digest, lotto tickets, lip gloss, and a piece of jewelry 🙂

    Posted 12.20.12 Reply
  2. Annie wrote:

    I love candy and gift cards in my stocking! That's usually what I get in mine each year.

    Posted 12.20.12 Reply
  3. Cotton wrote:

    Chocolate and undies are always a go-to in my family!

    Posted 12.20.12 Reply
  4. Nicole wrote:

    I love all of these ideas! And I think our mom's must be similar because my mom LOVES stuffing our stockings. We have extra large stocking so you never know what she's slipped in there. 😉

    Posted 12.20.12 Reply
  5. Chelsie wrote:

    I love Butter London polish. They have such cute colors and it stays on forever!

    Posted 12.20.12 Reply
  6. great ideas for stocking stuffers!! :]

    Posted 12.21.12 Reply
  7. Taylor wrote:

    Such good ideas!! I have to fill my moms stocking today!!

    Posted 12.21.12 Reply
  8. Haha…you are one lucky lady! I think "Santa" was on a $5 and under budget with our stockings. Therefore our stocking stuffers consisted of an orange, candy, toothbrush, deodorant and socks. Maybe a nice lipgloss if we had been extra good. Haha… I love all your ideas though. I would love to see any of those things in my stocking!

    Posted 12.21.12 Reply

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