That Time I Tried a Sock Bun….

One of my favorite things about living in a world full of social media is the new things you can discover! Whether I’m browsing Pinterest, scrolling through my Instagram feed, or see someone tweet about a new hair style they’re trying it is fun to see the new trends (and get some ideas of my own!
 Before I chopped my hair 12 inches about two years ago (I still can’t believe it was SHORTER than that!) I had long, flowing locks, that I often referred to as “Rapunzel hair.” I could curl it, throw it up in a high bun, and braid it at any given time. Gone were those days once I had short hair. I was so happy with my short hair for the longest time. Until I wasn’t anymore.  
Suddenly hair trends were popping up left and right that required long hair. The sock bun. The top knot. The high pony. Finally after months and months of praying (and taking tons of biotin) my hair is at a length where I can do most of these fun hair trends! To say I was excited might be the understatement of the century. Here are some hair styles I’ve tried lately! What do you think?
The Sock Bun
I have been dying to try this hair style. I love how chic and fun it looks! One night I decided to try it using a sock (while avoiding all of the chores I needed to actually be doing) My first ten attempts were downright awful. I’m talking sock-stuck-in-my-hair tragedies. I looked like a cockatoo, no joke. But then the hair gods shined down on me and I got it right! My hair is still a little too short and has some layers mixed in, but after scouring YouTube tutorials I finally found a helpful one for people with fine, layered, and shorter hair! Oh, and I got the donut from Sally’s and it works WONDERS!

The “Better” Bun
I found this tutorial via Pinterest, and I am so glad I did! This is the alternate version of the sock bun. It is much easier than the sock bun, and yet it still looks cute! I really like how this one is a less formal look than the sock bun. I could easily throw my hair up like this for a night out on the town or a day on the beach! I tried this one time, but didn’t follow her exact directions. I simply teased my hair a little then put my hair in the ponytail AFTER I had wrapped it around. That seemed to work better, personally, for my hair.

The Low Rolled Updo
Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. This is where I get frustrated! Hair bloggers make things look so simple….but they never are. I pinned this one thinking “this will be so easy!”  I instantly took that statement back as I was throwing bobby pins out of my hair left and right in the bathroom. Can I wake up tomorrow and just be an awesome hair blogger where everything just magically “works?” Is that too much to ask?! Also, please fill me in if you know how I managed to fail so miserably at this style!
Um. This is just bad. Clearly mine looks nothing like the cheery blond hair model….. *bitter*

What hair style trends are you loving right now?

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  1. Kudos for trying and showing us the results!

    I love the food fails too – who knows how people make it look so easy!

    Posted 3.7.13 Reply
  2. Hahaha, I'm so happy to see I'm not the only one who fails at Pinterest hair tutorials! I blame my hair though, not my sweet skills {at least, that's what I tell myself…}

    Posted 3.7.13 Reply
  3. I think your sockbun looks great!! When I first tried it with an actually sock I couldn't do it at all..way too difficult. The 'donut' is so much more helpful! 🙂

    Posted 3.7.13 Reply
  4. SHF wrote:

    Thank you do much for posting these! I also have hair that's just abut too short for most of the trendier styles (like the sock bun) so I'll definitely be trying these out!


    Posted 3.7.13 Reply
  5. Darcy wrote:

    I love the sock bun, but sometimes I just can't get it to look good! Definitely a fan of the better bun, instead. Usually, I'll try the sock bun and if it just doesn't look right after 2 tries I resort to the better bun! I feel like I always look so pulled together with one of these styles!

    Posted 3.7.13 Reply
  6. Hanny wrote:

    I went through the same crazy tries with the sock bun. They are times it works and doesn't but I do like the "better" bun. No need for a sock and also less frustrating.

    I've been also using my straightener to curl my hair and I find way easier than a curling iron, plus the curls last longer.


    Posted 3.8.13 Reply

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