Event Recap: Hosting H&M NorthLake Mall Opening

A few months ago the buzz began about H&M coming to not only Greensboro but also Charlotte, NC! Being that I live in Greensboro and frequent Charlotte often I was thrilled! I was finally going to be able to shop at H&M without the inconvenience of spending a day traveling back and forth to the nearest store (which was 45 minutes away). After representing H&M as the NC style blogger for the 50 States of Fashion Campaign, I was so excited and honored when they asked me to host the store opening in Charlotte! Of course, I had to invite my style partner, Bre! 
On Thursday November 14th we arrived early to NorthLake Mall for the Grand Opening of H&M! Little did we know there would already be over 300 people in line at 9:45. I was in total and complete shock. And the line kept growing and growing as we got closer to the store opening at noon.
Bre and I met with some of the H&M reps, got to tour the store and shop around for a few hours for a look of our own before the doors opened to the public. hello that was so so so awesome. Going into an untouched store is kind of exhilarating! Everything was so neat, new, and ready for the opening. It was also a little overwhelming trying to pick an outfit for the day at a brand new store that you had to yourself! It was a fun experience to see all of the staff excited and prepping for the madness that was about to ensue. 
At 11:15 we got to pick a winner from the line who tweeted at me to win a head-to-toe look styled by us! The winner, Michelle, was so cute and excited about winning (who wouldn’t want to win a head-to-toe look?!?) We had a blast picking out items and helping her find a new outfit. She was the first to ever shop & check out at H&M Northlake!
 The closer it got to noon, the more buzz we heard! We could hear the screaming and chanting of the people in line, the DJ was getting everyone hype for the day, and the countdown to the ribbon cutting was an amazing experience! At the strike of 12 p.m. the ribbon was cut and mass chaos ensued! Whew! I thought I was a shopaholic… items were flying off the racks like crazy (I was so glad I had scooped up my items in time!) It was such a fun experience and I am so glad I had Bre by my side for it!

Thank you H&M for letting us host the opening of NorthLake Mall!

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  1. Natali wrote:

    Love the jacket that you're wearing!


    Posted 11.18.13 Reply
  2. Cara wrote:

    I'm from Greensboro and I'm so excited we have H&M now! I can't wait to shop the new store when I get home for Thanksgiving

    Posted 11.18.13 Reply
  3. Great photos! It looks like you had a good time.

    Posted 11.18.13 Reply
  4. Can't wait to check out the store in CLT next month!! How fun!


    Posted 11.18.13 Reply
  5. Darcy wrote:

    That is so exciting! Sounds like such a fun time!!

    Posted 11.18.13 Reply
  6. Dona wrote:

    the jacket you're wearing is gorgeous!

    Posted 11.18.13 Reply
  7. Miss ALK wrote:

    What a wonderful opportunity for you and Bre!! When H&M opened in Maine a few years ago I happened to be at the mall on opening day, and I remember how much fun it was to be in the brand new store. :-) I love H&M and will definitely have to stop by NorthLake soon!

    xoxo A

    Posted 11.18.13 Reply
  8. Looks awesome!

    Posted 11.18.13 Reply
  9. How fun! Looks like a fabulous new store!! :)

    xoxo Devon Alana

    Posted 11.18.13 Reply
  10. Hanna Lei wrote:

    I love the outfit you're wearing! –Hanna Lei

    Posted 11.19.13 Reply
  11. Signe wrote:

    Loving that beaded blazer ;)


    Posted 11.19.13 Reply

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