Snow Day in the South

Snow in the south is kind of a big deal. It almost never happens where I live, so when it does it is pure chaos. The bread and milk aisles in the grocery store are completely empty and all of the sleds have been bought when there is just talk of snow.  Schools are cancelled before a single flake has even dropped from the sky. It’s quite a funny site to see, especially after going to school where it snowed often and everyone went about their business!

After going to school in the mountains where it snowed so much I was dreading the “snow” we were supposed to get earlier this week. But, when it started I couldn’t help but get a little giddy inside! When you’re not having to traipse to and from class in the snow it’s pretty and a lot more fun. I didn’t get off work completely, but we all got to go home early and come in late, and for that I am thankful! I got to play out in our back yard with Calvin (it was his first snow) and enjoy it a little more!





I was also super excited that I got to wear one of my favorite ASOS jackets, my fur snood, and my L.L. Bean boots for the occasion! Staying warm while also looking cute is always a plus in my book! But, I am happy to say that the snow is disappearing from the ground and it is feeling a little more like spring today with the weekend temperatures hitting almost 60! (woohoo!

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  1. Ah I was lucky enough to miss two days of class because of the storm! It looks like you had a lovely snow day, great outfit for the occasion!

    An Unblurred Lady

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  2. Cara B wrote:

    Great look! It's too funny hearing how people deal with the snow at home in NC. I kinda miss having multiple days off for barely any snow, especially since I'm now in college in PA when it snows almost everyday!

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  3. Natali wrote:

    I know what you mean about the snow… I also used to live in a place by the sea where it never snowed and schools got canceled when the 1st snowflake flew by, but since I've been now living in a place where Winter and snow last for many months I've started to dread just the thought of snow, yet when it starts snowing, as if some kind of magic happens and I just enjoy it very much :)

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  4. This sounds very much like the Uk…..anything and everything brings London tube to a complete standstill!! Have a lovely weekend. x

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  5. You look beautiful! The staying warm + cute look is hard to pull off, but you've done it perfectly here! xo

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  6. Zelle B. wrote:

    Love this look! Although this weather has been crazy, it's definitely been fun bundling up these past few days!

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  7. Love the fur, that jacket looks so cozy!

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  8. Hanna Lei wrote:

    I love these pictures! You look great. –Hanna Lei

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  9. I still can't wrap my head around that fact that ya'll have snow in the south right now! You look absolutely fabulous despite the chilly temperatures though :) Stay warm!!


    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  10. Beautiful! And how lucky are you to get the day off, I can't remember the last time anything got cancelled for snow up here in Toronto!

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  11. Lyndsay wrote:

    It snows fairly often where I live in New York and people still panic and clear out the bread and milk aisles like it's the end of the world. I love your fur snood, it looks adorable! Enjoy your weekend!

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  12. Morgan S. wrote:

    Charleston is hilarious about snow and ice…I suppose it's because of all of our bridges and our maybe ONE salt truck just can't handle it all. School was cancelled at noon on Tuesday and all day Wed and Thurs. They even went in on a 2-hr delay today…needless to say, I've missed a lot of work this week! Oh well, got extra time with my boys and some things done around the house. :-)

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  13. Amanda wrote:

    I'm both grateful and sad that I missed the snow in Atlanta. After all the craziness that went along with it though, it was probably for the better than I'm in Savannah at the moment. Maybe I'll get to see snow in a couple years! haha.. Adorable fur snood by the way!

    xo Amanda

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  14. Love the outfit and the red lip, you look warm and cozy!

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  15. Kathryn wrote:

    Such a cute snow look! I had a great time playing outside and taking advantage of an opportunity for snowy photos, too. Now I'm ready to go back to work . . .

    Posted 1.31.14 Reply
  16. This is literally making me google faux fur snoods from stores around me. I'm glad Ontario, Canada still has at least 2 months of snow left so I can enjoy one ;)!

    Posted 2.1.14 Reply
  17. I love all the pretty snow and lovely scenery. The fur snood is so chic.

    Posted 2.1.14 Reply
  18. Courtney wrote:

    Oh wow. Ya'll got a lot of snow. I'm from Louisiana and I'm pretty sure the entire state got out off class except for my city. I was not happy. It didn't "snow" at all!! But i agree with it being pretty funny, the University of Monroe cancelled class at the mention of snow and they didn't get any either…if only our school did that too…

    Posted 2.1.14 Reply
  19. katie lake wrote:


    Posted 2.2.14 Reply

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