Updated Daily Makeup Rountine

Every few months I like to post my updated daily makeup routine. For the most part my routine stays the same, but on occasion I will find a product that I like better than something currently being used or I will try a new product and it will end up transitioning into my daily makeup routine. Recently, I have gotten some people emailing and commenting about what kind of makeup I use, so I thought it was time to do an updated post! Feel free to email or comment below if you have any other questions! P.S. a hair curling tutorial is coming up soon, too!


I always start off by using toner and moisturizing my face. I’m currently using a line by Enza that I am really liking. I have really sensitive skin, so I am always hesitant to try new products, but after using their line for about three months now I am really noticing a subtle difference in my skin complexion. (I’ll be back next week with more details on these products!) After that I get started on my makeup.

1. I start off with BareMinerals Primer, which helps smooth out my pores, lines, etc. and helps my makeup stay on longer. I currently use the original formula, but have thought about using the tinted primer for days where I only want to wear the bare minimum of makeup.

2. Next I put on my foundation. I have never been much of a foundation person because it always felt so thick and heavy on my face, but when my favorite brand came out with a foundation I decided to give it a try….and I’m hooked. I use BareMinerals Foundation in the shade ‘Bare Shell.’ I really like that it doesn’t take a lot to cover, that it is a light formula, and that my skin can still breathe after it is put on!

3. I set my foundation with the original BareMinerals powder in ‘Fairly Light.’ This just gives my face an overall natural look. Depending on how much you want to cover you can either use a little or more. On days when I am covering up dark circles or those pesky pimples I may use a little more for coverage, otherwise I just swipe the brush over  my face quickly and move on.

4. & 5. Then I add a little bronzer and blush to give my cheeks more definition. I use their bronzer in the shade ‘The Skinny Dip‘ and their blush in ‘Golden Gate.’ In the summer months I will use a luminizer to give me that summertime glow!

6. Next I move on to my eyes, my favorite part! I am a total mascara lover, it’s my weakness! I start with some eyeliner on my top eyelid (not on my bottom), then add mascara! I use a few different mascaras, the three pictured are my favorites. Each one adds either volume, length, or thickness. They all serve their purpose and I am a firm believer of using multiple mascaras. P.S. this Too Faced mascara is a new favorite!

7. Finally, I finish off my look with a lipstick and gloss. My go-to shades are BareMinerals ‘Speak Your Mind’ lipstick and ‘Spark Plug’ lipgloss. They are both a shade that complement each other and are appropriate for day or night. Usually for the night I will wear a darker lip, but it all just depends on my outfit!

So there you have it, my daily makeup routine! All products are purchased tried and true favorites of mine! As you can tell, I am a huge fan of BareMinerals. I had used it for years and years, then stopped while I was in college (and didn’t realize the importance of using “good” makeup) About a year ago, after a series of some really bad skin issues, I began using BareMinerals again and I haven’t looked back since! For anyone that wants light makeup or has sensitive skin like myself, I highly suggest trying BareMinerals products!

P.S. if you have any makeup favorites leave them in the comments below!!

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  1. Jeanne wrote:

    Lovely picks!



    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  2. Thanks for sharing, I always love learning about what other people use for makeup and what their routine is

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  3. I always see great reviews on BareMinerals…I think I'll give the products a try 🙂
    Happy Wednesday, Emily 🙂

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  4. I love BareMinerals myself and use the same primer and powder you do! It truly feels like a second skin.
    Red Reticule

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  5. I love knowing other girls beauty and makeup regime – mine is so boring and needs to be worked on! x

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  6. I've never used Bare Minerals makeup before, but I hear nothing but great things! Such a great roundup!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  7. Ashley wrote:

    Isn’t the Too Faced mascara the best?? I’m obsessed. I also use the Bare Minerals liquid foundation and am a huge fan!

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  8. Lauren wrote:

    Great recommendations, I'd love to try the Bare Minerals primer. I actually did an updated makeup routine post on my blog today as well!


    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  9. I love Bare Minerals… my sister recently turned me on to it 2 years ago. Haven't purchased drugstore makeup since 🙂

    xoxo, Jennifer

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  10. Thanks for sharing I always love hearing about new products. I am not a foundation person either, but I will have to try the bare minerals.

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  11. I've been wanting to try their liquid foundation but just haven't pulled the trigger yet. This post reminded my I wanted to get it, thanks for your review!

    Emily at Style Cubby

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  12. Darcy wrote:

    I use Enza products, too, and they are amazing! I love them! I have been using for over 6 months now and my skin has been so clear. I kind of want to try new things but I am getting married in April and do not want to switch up my routine before then, haha!

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  13. I've been using Bare Minerals for almost 10 years (ew I am old) and I love it. I've tried others here and there but I always go back to Bare Minerals. I have to try their foundation yet! Another makeup I have been using almost 10 years is Cover Girl LashBlast (in the orange tube). I swear by it….I have tried all different brands, both expensive and not and nothing beats CG. Makes my eyelashes look amazing!

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  14. Emily wrote:

    I've been using Bare Mineral makeup for the past 6 years and love it! I love that it doesn't feel heavy, even when you feel like you you're wearing a lot to cover up those blemishes!! I started using beauty counter skincare this summer, and my face has never looked better!! They use coconut oil in their products instead of harmful chemicals, and I could tell a difference right away! Definitely recommend!

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
  15. I also used Bare Minerals for a long time and a friend got me to try Mary Kay. They have a mineral foundation and I love it! I feel it offers a little more coverage than the bare minerals brand while not feeling too heavy. I also bought a facial highlighting pen from MK and have loved it as well.

    Posted 10.9.14 Reply

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