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Happy Friday, everyone! Today I am so excited to share a new way to shop with Haute Hanger in Charleston, SC! If you’re anything like me then the idea of facing the crowds to go in to shop is actually pretty painful. Any time I get up the courage to go and shop, I instantly become overwhelmed, frustrated, and usually give up with nothing to show at the end of the day. For me, online shopping is just much easier. But now, there’s an even easier way to shop right from home thanks to Haute Hanger‘s new service called Hanger to Home. Hanger to Home is a box service that is sent directly to your home after you fill out a questionnaire about style and sizing details. It’s basically like having a personal shopper.
What I like best about this service is that the questionnaire is extremely detailed, so everything is really tailored to your style. They even ask for a Pinterest board that has styles you like so they can cater to your style even further. I loved being able to have the box delivered, try on everything in the comfort of my own home and then send back the items I didn’t want to keep. Hanger to Home also allows you to select how frequently a box ships to you. So, if you want one every month or every six months, it’s totally up to you! 
I was so  excited when I received my box. I almost couldn’t wait until I got home to see what was inside. Everything comes packaged so nicely and they even go a step further to group everything into outfits (including accessories!) 
Below are the items that were in my box. Almost everything in the box aligned with my style, so I was really pleased! I liked that there was an assortment of casual pieces and items that were very versatile…which is exactly how my style is! 
Once I was done deciding which items I wanted to keep (you have 10 days to decide!), I simply boxed everything back up and send it using their prepaid UPS label. You are only charged for the items that you keep (which is way better than dealing with online shopping & returns!)
So, if you’re like me and want to shop from the comfort of your own home, you can get started using Hanger to Home by filling out the questionnaire HERE and a Hanger to Home box will show up at your doorstep soon! Easy!
Haute Hanger did allow me to try out their Hanger to Home box in exchange for items from the box. However, all opinions, writing, and styling are my own. This is a service that I will continue to use!

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  1. Whitney H wrote:

    What cute outfits! I love that they send you so many pieces versus Stitchfix that only sends 5. What are the prices like on the items?

    Posted 5.16.15 Reply
  2. This idea is pure genius. I might just have to try it!

    Posted 5.17.15 Reply
  3. Preeti wrote:

    love the shorts with the black top!

    xoxo, Preeti

    Posted 5.17.15 Reply
  4. I absolutely adore all the items that came in your box! So cute! Checking it out now!


    Posted 5.18.15 Reply
  5. I love the pieces that you got! I'll definitely have to check this service out!


    Posted 5.18.15 Reply
  6. Hanna Lei wrote:

    Love all the options –Hanna Lei

    Posted 5.19.15 Reply
  7. I love services like this, I'll definitely be trying this out very soon! Xo, Stephanie

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply
  8. Kaitlyn wrote:

    is there a fee for the service?

    Posted 6.3.15 Reply
    • Lanie W. wrote:

      Hi Kaitlyn, there are no membership/annual fees! The only time a fee applies is if the customer keeps nothing from their box. Then the customer is charged an $18 boxing fee to cover the cost of shipping and styling!

      Posted 6.11.15 Reply

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