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For Christmas Santa brought me the Apple Watch and it’s safe to say I love it. When it originally came out I had my doubts, and to be honest, never thought I would ever want or “need” one. Fast forward a bit to one day when I was waiting at the Apple store for my phone display to be repaired (story of my life haha!) I got to playing around with one and began talking to one of the tech guys in the store about it. I left the store that day thinking “ok, I totally need that watch!!!” My stepdad got his Apple Watch right when it came out, so I played around with his a bit more and really liked it. Luckily Santa was listening and brought me one for Christmas!

Since I got it I have received a lot of compliments, but also a lot of questions, too! So today I wanted to share my personal review of the Apple Watch with y’all! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

apple watch review

I wear a watch on a daily basis, so for me,  I wanted it to look like a watch. I chose the blush leather band so that I could wear it with my every day outfits. I recently purchased an ivory sports band to wear when I teach Pure Barre classes, so I don’t end up putting too much wear on the leather band. I have very small wrists, so I opted for the 38mm watch face, but it also comes in a 42mm face. The home screen can be customized to your liking. I keep mine simple with a photo and the time, but there are a ton of options, such as your calendar, activity tracker, and more.

review on the apple watch
I wasn’t sure quite to expect when I first started wearing it. What would I use it for? Would it be worth it? All those questions and more ran through my mind. Set up was very seamless and I was able to determine which apps I wanted to be able to use within the watch. I quickly learned I didn’t want everything being sent to my watch- such as Poshmark notifications, Snapchats, etc. I also learned it is great to have on hand (no pun intended!) when I don’t have access to my phone or can’t have my phone out. It easily lets me view if a text or email is important and I can read it directly on my watch, if so. It has also made my phone battery last a bit longer because I’m not always having to bring out my phone to check something every few minutes.

As far as usage, I use it for reading texts and emails, but also for a variety of other things as well. I have all of my cards (debit, credit, Starbuck’s, rewards cards, etc.) on my passbook and use my watch to pay for items very often! I use the activity app to track my steps, but I wish the activity app was better. Before this, I used my FitBit for tracking my steps and it always felt accurate, but sometimes this doesn’t seem as accurate. The watch also allows you to set goals for calories, standing, but not for steps and that’s something I really wish it did! I use it to track my burned calories during Pure Barre work outs as well (I quickly make my calorie goal each time I take class!) Another great aspect of the Apple Watch is being able to answer a phone call on it. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard my phone ring but been unable to find it in my purse before it rolled over to voicemail. With this I can easily make and answer calls. The only con to this is having everyone hear your conversation — but in my home and in the car, I don’t care!

The battery life is pretty good, it typically lasts me a day and a half or two days before it needs to be charged, depending on how often I use it. While the FitBit does hold a longer charge, it also doesn’t have my emails, etc. loaded onto it, so the battery life is not an issue for me.working out with the apple watch
So far, I am loving this new addition to my wrist. It’s high tech, convenient, and keeps me in touch without needing my phone by my side 24/7! Just like every tech item, I think this watch will continue to get more (and better) updates with the feedback they are being given! Every time I update my watch there are more and more apps that have watch capability! I am excited to see what new updates come to the watch & am crossing my fingers for a better activity tracker app!

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  1. Sara Kate wrote:

    Oh how fun!!! My biz partner has one of these and is obsessed with it!

    Sara Kate Styling

    Posted 1.19.16 Reply
  2. Alyssa wrote:

    I also received an Apple watch from Santa and I LOVE mine thus far! Great post!

    Posted 1.19.16 Reply
  3. At first I wasn’t so into them, but like you – since I’ve played with them, I really want one!! I love the shape/sportiness of them.

    Posted 1.19.16 Reply
  4. I’ve been wondering about this watch –Hanna Lei

    Posted 1.19.16 Reply
  5. Thanks for sharing! I’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of an Apple Watch, but just can’t commit yet because I want to be sure I’ll love it. I think you’re convincing me! I’m also wondering if I should just hold out until the next model since I’ve waited this long :).

    Erin, AttentionToDarling.com

    Posted 1.19.16 Reply
  6. Rachel wrote:

    I’ve been on the fence about getting one for awhile – and normally I jump at Apple products! I do love my FitBit, but if the price dropped a bit, I think I might splurge on the Watch!

    Posted 1.21.16 Reply
  7. Caley wrote:

    I CANNOT wait to get mine!! x

    Posted 1.22.16 Reply
  8. Kristy wrote:

    I feel like it isn’t accurately tracking my calories during Pure Barre, I feel like I’m burning more than it is crediting me! Do you find that that happens or do you think it is accurate for you?

    Posted 8.8.16 Reply
    • Emily wrote:

      I have felt that way a time or two! Mine seems to track accurately for the most part. I will say, because the moves are so small and isometric (and a lot of times you aren’t moving your arms, etc.) its harder for the watch to pick up on it! I put mine on the “other” setting when teaching or taking class to get a more accurate reading.

      Posted 8.9.16 Reply
  9. Serena wrote:

    How do you track your calories for barre or platform?

    Posted 8.9.16 Reply
    • Emily wrote:

      You use the green fitness icon and select “other” — you can then determine how many calories you would like to burn through the class and press start!

      Posted 8.10.16 Reply
  10. Jessica wrote:

    How can you track pure barre workouts on the Apple Watch? I just got an Apple Watch but haven’t figured that out yet!

    Posted 12.19.17 Reply
    • Emily wrote:

      Hey Jessica,

      When you select a workout select “other” and then once you have finished the workout it will ask if you want to save it . Select “save” and then it’ll ask you to categorize the workout (choose barre) and in the future it’ll allow you do “barre” as a quick start option. If you’re doing an Empower class I always select other instead of barre because it will be a bit more accurate with calories, etc!

      Enjoy your watch! XO

      Posted 12.19.17 Reply

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