Wedding Wednesday: Top Registry Picks

I’m really excited about today’s Wedding Wednesday topic.  When I started this series, so many of you requested a post about what we would be putting on our registry! Today I’m partnering with Bed Bath & Beyond to share our top registry picks with you all!

One of the things Nick and I were most excited about in the wedding process was registering for our wedding gifts! Since we will have lived together for over a year by our wedding date, we knew we wanted to register for items we didn’t have and to upgrade some of the things we did have! Today I’m excited to share 10 “must have” registry picks and 5 items to you should add to your registry (that you didn’t know you could add…but totally should!)

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond. All thoughts, writing & styling are my own! 


1. KITCHENAID MIXER & KITCHENAID ATTACHMENTSNick and I really love to cook, so a KitchenAid mixer was at the top of our list! Nick’s grandmother surprised us with a KitchenAid when we got engaged and we have used it so often since. Even if you don’t do a lot of cooking right now there’s a chance you will be doing a lot of cooking as your family grows. The great thing about the KitchenAid is that is comes in a ton of colors, so you can easily choose based on your personality! We’re practical, so we went with ‘contour silver’-but there are SO MANY fun colors if you want a pop of color in your kitchen! Another bonus: the attachments. You can add a food slicer, spiralizer, and even an ice cream maker! 2. CALPHALON NONSTICK COOKWARE SET | One thing Nick and I are in desperate need of is nice cookware. Since we cook so often, we quickly realized that cheap pots & pans don’t cut it! Needless to say, we are so excited to get ours & start cooking with them.3. WAMSUTTA TURKISH COTTON TOWELS | I’m a big believer in a good towel, so as soon as I felt these I was s-o-l-d. The Wamsutta Turkish Towels come in an array of colors (seriously almost every color you could imagine!) We chose to go with classic white & french blue for a pop of color. They are so soft & feel so luxurious. And in case you love baths as much as I do…. it also comes in a bath sheet version. When you wrap yourself in it, it feels like a big cloud haha. Oh and this teak bathtub caddy totally changed my life. Now I can be in full relaxation mode when I’m taking a bath.

4. WAMSUTTA BEDDING & SHEET SETS | After our consultant suggested these items, we knew we had to add them to our registry. The sheets are incredibly soft and the classic white duvet set is something that can be used for years to come (thank goodness for bleach, right?!) Pro tip: don’t forget to add pillow shams, extra pillow cases & throw pillows! You can never have enough of these items. be sure to add more than one set of sheets, too! 5. CALPHALON SELF-SHARPENING KNIFE SET & PERSONALIZED CUTTING BOARD | Having a nice knife set is definitely worth investing in. We had originally found a set we thought were nice and liked, but our consultant led us to these and I’m so thankful! This Calphalon knife set is self-sharpening, so every time you pull a knife out it sharpens itself! You won’t realize how awesome this is until you’ve had to sharpen a knife yourself (the sound! The stress! haha) In addition we registered for a nice cutting board (that we wouldn’t mind having on our counter). I love that it has cut outs, making it easy to carry!

6. A COFFEE MACHINE– NESPRESSO, KEURIG OR COFFEE MAKER | Whether you prefer a coffee maker or a Keurig/Nespresso system, adding this to your registry is essential! We currently have a Nespresso Inissia & a regular coffee maker and decided to upgrade both! We registered & upgraded to the Nespresso Lattissima and the Cuisinart Coffee Maker and Hot Water System. Coffee is a big deal in our household (working from home = more coffee) so for us these were worth the investment. 

7. KATE SPADE NEW YORK WICKFORD DINNERWARE COLLECTION | We knew before we even began registering that we didn’t want to go the China route. While we do like to entertain, we knew we wanted something that could be used often vs sitting in a China cabinet (total personal preference!) We ended up choosing the Wickford collection by Kate Spade because it was a good medium. It’s designed for everyday use, but still works for special occasions. With this collection your guests can either shop by place setting or by individual piece.

8. J.A. HENCKELS FLATWARE SET | I’m really particular about flatware and I was happy that Bed Bath & Beyond had a lot of options to view & hold. I know that sounds weird, but I suggest having you and your fiancé hold each piece before deciding. Our consultant told us that it’s important to do that because they feel different to each person!

9. SERVEWARE| When you’re registering, be sure to think about the future. While you may not entertain a lot currently, you will as your family grows and if you ever begin hosting holidays! I suggest registering for numerous entertaining pieces (they can always be stored for now!) We registered for the salad set and platters from the Wickford collection by Kate Spade and a few items from the B.Smith entertaining collection.10. LUIGI BORMIOLI GLASSES | To be honest, we weren’t really sure where to start when it came to glassware. Over the years, we’ve acquired a ton of different glasses (some in sets and some not). Our consultant did a great job of describing the different brands and styles of glasses. Ultimately we decided to register for Luigi Bormiolo glasses because they were really sturdy. I suggest registering for the same brand of wine glasses, champagne glasses, and drink ware so that everything is cohesive!


1.DYSON V6 ANIMAL CORDLESS VACUUM | Since we have a long-haired cat (hi Charlie!) we have to vacuum almost daily. Our current vacuum wasn’t getting up everything it should, so when our consultant suggested we register for a vacuum I was so excited. I never really thought you could register for a vacuum, but you totally can! While it may be an expensive gift, it’s something your wedding party or in-laws can go in together on. I love that the Dyson V6 is cordless, making it easy to get the job done quickly from room to room. It comes with 5 attachments (including a full one for carpets) that take care of every need. P.S. It may seem like Charlie isn’t a fan, but he totally loves our new vacuum and is so curious about it! 

2. ORGANIZATION ITEMS | Don’t be afraid for things that you need. Nick and I are trying to get all of our closets and spaces really organized, so we registered for assorted storage baskets and slimline hangers to do that! The great thing is that these are budget-friendly gifts and will certainly be used!

3. LUGGAGE & TRAVEL BAGS | I was shocked to find out that Bed Bath & Beyond carried luggage online… and by some of my favorite brands like DesleyCB Station. If you and your fiancé like to travel, then definitely add a set of luggage to your registry. You know it’s something that you will use and that it makes sense.

4. HOME DECOR ITEMS | Some couples already have a lot of items that most couples add to their registry. If that’s the case then think outside the box and register for items for you home. You can always add picture frames, curtains, throw pillows and blankets to your registry. They’re practical gifts that make your place feel like home.

5. A GRILL | Believe me, I totally didn’t think this was something that could be added to a wedding registry! In fact, I didn’t even know Bed Bath & Beyond sold grills online. But it makes total sense for us to register for a grill because we do enjoy grilling out often throughout the year. Even though this may be a pricey gift, multiple people (think co-workers, family, close friends) can go in on it together!  So there you have it… my 15 registry picks for your wedding registry from Bed Bath & Beyond! I would love to hear about the items you have (or are) registered for on your own wedding registry!

If you’re recently engaged or in the wedding planning process below are some helpful registry tips….

  • When we started to look at where to register, Bed Bath & Beyond immediately came to mind. It’s the #1 wedding registry destination and after our appointment at our local store I can understand why! They have everything you could ever think of…and even items you didn’t!
  • You can schedule your in-store appointment online. A consultant will stay with you the entire time and guide you on what to add to your registry. Our consultant was incredibly helpful and knowledgable about each section and each product.
  • Once you’ve registered you can manage your registry online. You can see the amount of items you’ve registered for and what departments you may want to consider adding to based on your wedding guest count. If you have a shower or engagement party and receive a lot of gifts, you can easily go in-store or online to register for more items if needed. This becomes SO helpful the closer you get to your wedding!
  • Bed Bath & Beyond hosts a lot of events for recently engaged couples, like Rock Your Registry, to help make the best of the registering process.

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  1. Kristina wrote:

    So many good items!! Now that we’ve moved we’re FINALLY using all our wedding gifts.. ’bout time! And I was so excited about the pots & pans- we got the Analon Nouvelle set and LOVE it- they don’t have those annoying rivets on the inside so much easier to clean and food doesn’t get stuck.

    xo, Kristina

    Posted 3.8.17 Reply
  2. Traci wrote:

    I got married last July and totally agree with a bunch of your picks! I also registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and one other place and was surprised by how many brands they carry there now (even fancier ones). Our favorite wedding gifts so far are a Miele canister vacuum, KitchenAid stand mixer, dinnerware sets, and Cuisinart Griddler (comes with removable waffle iron plates and can make pancakes as well!). I got the same Turkish bath towels in latte and love them- they are a super practical gift and they get a ton of use. Congratulations and have fun with wedding planning! 🙂

    Posted 3.8.17 Reply
  3. Love your selections! I’m about to embark on the wedding registry process… your tips were helpful!

    xo, Laura

    Posted 3.8.17 Reply
  4. Shelby Back wrote:

    These are amazing picks! That Dyson cordless vacuum is a lifesaver!


    Posted 3.8.17 Reply
  5. Annette wrote:

    These are all such great picks! My husband and I both love the Kitchen Aid mixer – we use it so often! xx

    Posted 3.8.17 Reply
  6. Kate wrote:

    SO many good items! And they’re ones you’ll totally use as a married couple. BB&B is such a good spot to register!

    Posted 3.8.17 Reply
  7. Stephani wrote:

    All of these items are amazing!!! I got married two years ago and wish I registered for some of these items like that stain cordless vacuum or that cool coffee maker!!!

    Xo, Steph |

    Posted 3.8.17 Reply
  8. Such great picks!! I totally agree that the mixer is a must!

    Posted 3.8.17 Reply
  9. Adriana wrote:

    This is such a fun post girl!
    I love all of the items and your selections!


    Posted 3.8.17 Reply
  10. Katie Lee wrote:

    Oh my gosh this is such a great post!! I’ll definitely be saving this one for later! 😉


    Posted 3.8.17 Reply
  11. jessica wrote:

    Charlie looks THRILLED! Can you bring him to HH this weekend?!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    Posted 3.9.17 Reply
  12. Maggie wrote:

    I couldn’t agree more about all of these items! You really never know how much you will use and appreciate them over the years. Also, your cat’s face made my morning haha


    Posted 3.9.17 Reply
  13. That mixer is definitely number 1! I registered at Bed Bath & Beyond when I got married too, and still love shopping there. They have everything!

    Posted 3.9.17 Reply
  14. Perfect place to register, it’s exactly what we did! xx

    Posted 3.9.17 Reply
  15. Meghan wrote:

    I dont know if I am going to do a registry BUT these are items I would love to have. I have a few already but things like Turkish Towels and such are things I want to add to my household!

    Posted 3.9.17 Reply
  16. Anna English wrote:

    Although not married or engaged, my KitchenAid is my most used item and best investment!

    Posted 3.9.17 Reply
  17. These are GREAT ideas, am going to pass along to friends who are engaged 🙂

    Posted 3.9.17 Reply
  18. Lauren wrote:

    Perfect place to register and such great items!

    Xo, Lauren from

    Posted 3.10.17 Reply
  19. Maggie wrote:

    Aw so cute!! Congrats on your engagement! xo

    Posted 3.10.17 Reply
  20. Sara wrote:

    We had the best time registering for our wedding, too! I love all of your picks and am regretting not getting the KitchenAid mixer!

    PS – blue is your color, babe!

    xo, Sara

    Posted 3.10.17 Reply
  21. Mandy wrote:

    You guys are adorable! Great picks!

    xoxo Mandy

    Posted 3.11.17 Reply
  22. sarah lindner wrote:

    I love bed bath and beyond! Such a great post for newly engaged people! I will have to share with my friends!

    Sarah Lindner

    Posted 3.12.17 Reply
  23. Victoria Allen wrote:

    It is such a good idea to register for a vacuum! That has never crossed my mind before. You made a lot of good picks. I agree with adding serving ware and entertaining items to the registry. That is something we’re currently lacking! Zach and I are doing a Traveler’s Joy registry for our wedding. We’re backpacking Europe for six weeks for our honeymoon and are registering for different hotels, train tickets, dinners, etc. So excited!
    PS- Charlie’s face is so funny in that pic!! 🙂

    Posted 3.12.17 Reply
  24. Anna Baun wrote:

    Great picks! You’ll get so much use out of all of these! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

    Posted 3.12.17 Reply
  25. Hillary wrote:

    How exciting! I can’t wait til I can register for fun things like this! I love a good towel too, so those turkish ones sound amazing! Also, LOVE those throw pillows too! Congrats on your engagement, babe!


    Posted 3.12.17 Reply
  26. Stesha wrote:

    oh how fun, you guys are having the best time! registering is the best!


    Posted 3.13.17 Reply
  27. Emily wrote:

    great tips! wish i could go back and do my registry again 🙂

    xo Emily

    Posted 3.14.17 Reply
  28. Henna wrote:

    I bought all my bed and bath things before the wedding, and so far they are very good.

    Posted 3.16.17 Reply
  29. Will definitely keep this post in mind for the future! I’m nowhere near engaged yet, but these tips seem so helpful!

    The Classic Brunette

    Posted 3.17.17 Reply

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