I Said Yes to the Dress + Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s hard to believe that I said “yes” to the dress exactly one month ago! Everyone is right when they say time flies when planning a wedding! We are at the six month countdown until our wedding day and I can hardly believe it!

Today I wanted to share my process of saying yes to the dress along with a few tips for wedding dress shopping for all the brides-to-be! Wedding planning can be stressful and it’s really easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a dress, so I wanted to share my tips and tricks I learned that day with you all! You can see all of my Wedding Wednesday posts here!

*p.s. None of the dresses shown are “the” dress! I made sure not to include my dress in these photos for obvious reasons! 😉watters wtoo wedding dressesWhen we got engaged I immediately created secret Pinterest boards for everything from wedding decor to wedding dress inspiration. This helped me gather and sort my ideas and get a better idea of what I liked. When it came time to go wedding dress shopping I made sure to have my inspiration board available to share with my consultant.

I said “yes” to the dress at a local bridal boutique, Diva’s Boutique & Bridal, in my city! I was drawn to this boutique because it was close by and really provided an intimate wedding dress shopping experience. For me personally, this was a really big decision in the wedding process so I wanted to be surrounded by the people I loved and not feel stressed out! The consultants made me feel so comfortable, provided great tips and ideas, and ultimately had a hand in me saying “yes” to the dress!
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Let’s be honest for a second, wedding planning can be extremely stressful! Between budgets, choosing the right vendors, and figuring out all the pieces to the “wedding day” puzzle, it’s easy to turn exciting moments into stressful ones. Today I want to share my tips for wedding dress shopping in hopes that your dress shopping is smooth sailing!watters wedding dresses1. GATHER INSPIRATION | As I mentioned above, I created a secret Pinterest board to gather wedding dress inspiration. It’s funny because I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, but after looking at everything I pinned I definitely had a certain “look” I was drawn to. If you have an idea of where you want to shop it can also be helpful to look at their website, Facebook, and social channels to see what designers they have and some of the styles they carry!

2. KNOW YOUR BUDGET | Just like anything else, having a budget is key when shopping for a wedding dress. You don’t want to have champagne taste on a beer budget and end up disappointed! Let your consultant know ahead of time what your max budget is so everyone is aware. Also, do not try on anything beyond your budget… it would be WAY too tempting if you fell in love with it!watters wedding dress3. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT | Once you have narrowed down the places you want to dress shop, call and make an appointment. Some places don’t require (or allow) appointments, but it’s way less stressful if you have an appointment. Securing an appointment will give you dedicated time with a consultant and will make your experience MUCH better.

4. BRING APPROPRIATE SHOES & UNDERGARMENTS | It’s important to bring a pair of heels when trying on dresses so you can get a good idea of the length. It’s also important to bring appropriate undergarments (i.e. a strapless bra and underwear) so you can get a better idea of how the dress will look and fit. Your consultant may also be in the room with you at times, so make sure you are comfortable in your undergarments!
saying yes to your wedding dress5. BE OPEN TO TRYING ON DIFFERENT STYLES | Everyone says to keep an open mind when trying on dresses, because the one you didn’t expect to love can easily become “the” dress! I can say with 100% certainty that is true! I had a fairly good idea of the style and aesthetic I wanted to wear on my wedding day. I thought the first dress I tried on was it. But I also thought I may have cried because it was the first wedding dress I had ever tried on. I continued trying on different styles and the very last dress I tried on was the one! So, ya never know! Sometimes consultants have a better idea of what you want than even you do! 🙂

6. THINK ABOUT WHO YOU WANT TO BE THERE WHEN YOU SAY YES | Are you a very private person? Then you probably don’t want 5 people there with you when you try on dresses! Also ask the shop how many people they allow, as some only allow 2-3 with you. I had my mom, stepmom, mother-in-law, and my maid & matron of honor with me. All of these people are extremely special to me and are playing a big role in our wedding, so I wanted them there with me. I also liked that everyone had a different style (and age!) and could offer differing views when I needed it. But, it’s all up to you and your personality on how many people you bring!

how to choose wedding dress accessories
how to choose your wedding dress7. GO LIGHT ON THE MAKEUP | I’m not saying don’t wear any makeup, but go light on the makeup. Keep in mind you are trying on very expensive dresses and out of respect you don’t want to risk getting lipstick or makeup on it. I kept my makeup very simple and my hair was straight for trying on dresses (even though I won’t be wearing it straight for the wedding). I put my hair up when trying on dresses so I could get a better idea of how I would look.

8. THINK ABOUT YOUR VENUE WHEN PICKING THE DRESS | Try to think of the feel of your venue when choosing your dress. If you’re getting married on the beach, then a thick, layered dress is probably not the way to go (unless you want to be sweating like crazy haha!) Same as if your venue is very fancy, you don’t want to go with something super casual. As soon as I tried on “the” dress, I knew it was perfect not only for me, but for the venue as well!tips for saying yes to the dress

9. WHEN YOU SAY YES TO THE DRESS…. STOP LOOKING | Take your time saying yes to the dress. You want to be 100% sure this is the right dress for you. Once you have said yes and popped the champagne to celebrate…stop looking. Don’t go dress shopping, stop pinning new dresses, and don’t even think about saying “yes” again. Seriously! Wedding planning is stressful enough without throwing another dress into the mix.

10. HAVE FUN WITH IT! | This is the dress you are going to say “I do” and become a Mrs. in!!! Have fun with this memorable moment and share the excitement with those around you! I had been planning and planning for months with almost nothing to show for it (until the big day, that is!) so trying on dresses for me was the first thing that made it all feel very “real!” I cried when I said yes and so did everyone else there. It was a moment I will truly never forget! tips for saying yes to the dress diva's bridal boutique greensboro

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  1. sarah lindner wrote:

    Such great tips, cant wait until i go wedding dress shopping one day!
    Sarah Lindner

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  2. Jessica wrote:

    These are all such great tips! I think knowing your budget and sticking to it are the biggest things. I ended up making a dress inspired by a very expensive one I loved and it was the best thing EVER!
    xo Jessica

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  3. hanna wrote:

    Thanks for the tips. Can’t wait to see your actual dress –Like Hanna

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  4. stephanie wrote:

    these tips are super super helpful! i know i’m not quite to this place yet, but my boyfriend and i have been discussing wedding plans a lot recently so i know i’ll want to keep these tips in mind! thanks for sharing, girly. i can’t wait to see the dress!

    stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  5. Anna English wrote:

    I can’t wait to see what dress you picked!

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  6. Dani Marie Krum wrote:

    Oh how exciting! Those dresses couldn’t be more stunning!!

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  7. Ashley DTKAustin wrote:

    I’m OBSESSED with that dress between 4. and 5. The ruffle one! GORGEOUS! I want to get married again so I can wear that!

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  8. Lacey wrote:

    These are great tips! I’ll have to keep them in mind when the day comes 😉

    xo Lacey

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  9. Lee Anne wrote:

    Such a fun part of the whole process! I can’t wait to see YOUR dress…you’re so close to the big day 🙂

    Lee Anne

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  10. I just want to go and spend a day trying on wedding dresses. Let’s get real it could be decades before I get married. I can’t wait for this process though…so fun to do with family and friends.

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  11. Kasey wrote:

    What a special experience! I can’t believe how gorgeous all of these are!

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  12. Hannah wrote:

    I am no where near walking down the aisle haha but I love all your tips and the photos of the dresses! I honestly think this will be my favorite part when I start wedding planning (whenever that will be haha)!

    xoxo, Hannah

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply
  13. Love this post – Such great tips too! I’ve heard from so many people about “the dress” not being what they thought they wanted originally it’s so crazy!

    xx, Emma

    Posted 4.27.17 Reply

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