Packing Tips for Summer Trips

These next few months are filled with summer trips. Some are quick weekend getaways, while others are fun trips that have been in the works for quite some time. Either way, I have had to hone in on my packing skills (and my over packing skills…). Today I’m excited to partner with Barrington to share my packing tips that I have implemented for my summer trips! I hope these are able to help you for upcoming summer jaunts!

Nick and I are heading to my parent’s beach house today for a long weekend and I’m definitely bringing these bags along with me! 


I first tried out a Barrington bag back in 2015. Back then the brand was newer (to me) but I loved the customized color options, so I decided to buy one. While the customizing initially drew me to the brand, the quality has made me a loyal customer for years now! I have quite a few weekender bags, but none have lived up the the quality or durability of my Barrington ones! My weekender bags have been on many, many trips and years later they still look brand new! The best part is that it’s sort of oversized, so it fits everything in it (including all of my overpacked shoes and clothes!) 


When I’m flying and checking a bag, I always bring a carry-on bag with me that is full of essentials incase my luggage gets lost along the way! I have had my luggage lost one time and it was nice to have the necessities with me instead of having to buy extras of everything! In my carry-on I always pack travel sized products like shampoo, conditioner, face wash and any other products I may need. I also bring a change of clothes appropriate for the weather, a few pairs of underwear, PJs and a comfy pair of shoes!


This tote is great whether you’re using it while traveling or as an every day bag. It’s really spacious and very durable. I have a few of these totes in different prints and every time I carry one I get a lot of compliments on it. I have used this monogrammed St. Anne Tote twice as my personal item on flights and have been able to fit everything in it (including snacks!) I plan on using it in a few weeks when I head to Spain because I know it can hold everything that I’ll need for an international flight.

I always carry a lot in my tote when I’m traveling just in case. I carry the items that I don’t want to check or store overhead (like my laptop, my cameras, etc.) and then from there I add in the essentials. If I’m traveling internationally I always have my Passport with me (in a cute passport case!) I also bring hand sanitizer and a travel sized deodorant that way I can use them upon getting off the flight and feel a bit more clean and fresh when I get to my destination. I also bring a hair tie, lotion, and an assortment of medicine for emergency needs. I’m of the mindset that I would rather have too much than not have what I need if something happens! 🙂

P.S. Barrington doesn’t only offer totes & weekender bags. They have a lot of small leather accessories as well! I really love my passport case but I have my eye on the cosmetic kit and laptop case too! Are those not too cute?!


This post is sponsored by Barrington. All thoughts, writing & styling are my own. 

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  1. Natali wrote:

    Those are a perfect weekender bags! Great post!

    Posted 6.8.17 Reply
  2. I’m dying over that weekender bag!!! It’s seriously so nice! Thanks for all of the tips too!!

    Posted 6.8.17 Reply
  3. Their duffel bags are seriously the best. And I was just thinking I needed a new passport holder!

    Posted 6.8.17 Reply
  4. Anna English wrote:

    That’s the perfect bag for weekend travel!

    Posted 6.8.17 Reply
  5. Nataly wrote:

    Great tips girl! I love those bags too!

    Posted 6.8.17 Reply
  6. Kendal wrote:

    I love those jeans!! These are great tips 🙂

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

    Posted 6.8.17 Reply
  7. Maggie wrote:

    These are such a great tips!! And those bags are so so pretty!

    Maggie @ Polished Closets

    Posted 6.8.17 Reply
  8. Great tips lady! Loving that passport case.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 6.9.17 Reply
  9. Stephanie wrote:

    These bags sound amazing. They remind me of Mary Poppins’ bag and how it could fit everything inside. I’ve never thought to pack a few extra clothing and essential options in my carry-on in case my checked bag gets lost. That’s really genius! Thanks for sharing your tips!

    Posted 6.9.17 Reply
  10. Hillary wrote:

    This is a great post! Fellow overpacker here! I’ve been trying to learn how to pack less also. These bags are so cute and I love that you can customize them!


    Posted 6.9.17 Reply
  11. hanna wrote:

    I LOVE the bags you use for travel. –Hanna Lei

    Posted 6.10.17 Reply
  12. Lauren wrote:

    Love this post! I could always use some packing tips and love Barrington Gifts!

    Posted 6.15.17 Reply
  13. What a fabulous monogrammed tote! I’ve been looking for a travel bag to add my new initials to!

    Birdie Shoots

    Posted 6.15.17 Reply

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