Tips for Creating a Cohesive Space & Our Living Room Reveal

When Nick and I moved in together a little over a year ago, we combined all of our belongings in our new space. We knew there would be things that we had doubles of and things we would need to buy, so we made a plan on what spaces needed the most attention and made those our top priority!

Our living room ended up being our top priority because it is the space where we spend the most time. Most of the items in our living room came from my old apartment. The pieces worked well for my old, small space when I lived by myself (and didn’t spend a ton of time in my living area), but they definitely didn’t work for our new space. We kept a few of the pieces, put the rest in storage and got to work planning our new living room. We are thrilled to be partnering with Ashley HomeStore to share our living space along with a few tips on creating a cohesive space!

P.S. Click through to see our living room reveal & read our tips for creating a cohesive space with your significant other! All sources & item details are at the bottom of the post 🙂 

When we started our living room re-vamp, we first came up with colors that we liked and could deal with every single day. Luckily, we both like grey hues and muted tones, so we knew that neutrals were key. We also tried to narrow down what pieces we needed and wanted in our space.Our old couch was more pretty than it was comfortable (sorry old couch!), so we 100% needed a new couch that was both easy on the eyes… and the joints haha! We also lacked seating when we had guests over, so we needed a few chairs. And since we were adding more seating we would need an end table or accent table to go along with the seating. We decided to get a different coffee table because ours showed everything (and I mean everything) on it, which drove us both crazy.  With all that in mind, we headed to Ashley HomeStore to test out some couches and chairs!

We ended up finding an awesome couch that was exactly what we had been looking for. It was a great neutral color (I was obsessed with the studded detailing) and it was super comfortable. The couch had a matching oversized chair and I immediately claimed it as “mine.” 🙂 Based on those two finds, we paired a printed accent chair to the mix and we were good to go with seating. We also found a really great large coffee table that had ample space, lower shelf storage, and we later found out that the top can actually lift!

Since we’ve completed the space, it has really started to feel like home. We can gather here with each other or with friends and feel truly comfortable! We’re so happy with the way our living room turned out by mixing new pieces with old pieces we already had!

It’s safe to say one of my favorite spots in our living room is this little corner with the accent chair. I start my morning here every day sipping coffee and I cozy up here and read on the weekends any chance I get. I had thought about changing the curtains, but I kinda love the different prints and textures they give the room.
This bookshelf is still one of my favorite finds. I had it in my bedroom at my old apartment, but we love it in the living room. I think I need another one since my books are quickly filling it up! I’ll have a new book review post coming next week!We mixed different metals and mercury glass accents throughout the room to tie the accessories together. Oh and yeah, Charlie has become verrrry fond of this chair, too. He thinks it’s his! This spot gets the afternoon sun, so he is always lounging on it basking in the sun!


Even though Nick and I have lived together for a little over a year, we’re still learning as we go. Living together is quite a process (I think we’re going to do a post about it!) but making sure that your house feels like a home for both of you is a great start! Below I’m sharing some tips on how to create a cohesive space with your significant other.

  1. COMMUNICATE | This is the foundation for any relationship, but especially when you’re living together. When you’re starting your life together be sure to communicate what you want or don’t want! If you don’t speak up, then the other person won’t know what you’re thinking. If you absolutely hate leopard print… speak up! If you really love an antique piece that’s been in your family for years… say so! Knowing the expectations of what you want/don’t want in your space is important!
  2. BUDGET | Obviously money doesn’t grow on trees, so you have to set a budget (especially if you plan on walking into Target anytime soon!) Chat about what your budget is for each space and what items you want to splurge vs. save on. Remember that filling a house or even a single space can take time, so don’t try to buy something just to have a room completed.
  3. COMPROMISE | You’re no longer living solo, so it’s not all about you. You are 110% going to have to compromise on things. In the long run, those compromises will help you grow together as a couple and to feel comfortable in your home!
  4. MAKE DECISIONS TOGETHER | Gone are the days when you can make a HomeGoods or Target run and come home with anything and everything you want. You’re living in a home together now, so make decor decisions together (or try to). Chances are your significant other may not necessarily care which throw pillows you choose, but letting them know you value their opinion and acknowledge that they’re an equal party in the home goes a long way!



This post is in partnership with Ashley HomeStore. All thoughts, styling & writing are my own. 

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  1. Elle wrote:

    Love these photos Em! You two did a great job in your space.
    xo elle

    Posted 9.21.17 Reply
  2. It looks beautiful! It’s definitely “you”!!!

    Posted 9.21.17 Reply
  3. I love the ambiance of your living room, so cozy and chic. You both look so cute in these pics!

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  4. Kate wrote:

    It seriously turned out perfect! Y’all created such a great space to start married life in! 😉

    Posted 9.21.17 Reply
  5. Mariah wrote:

    I love this post! I’ve been brainstorming way s to decorate an apartment with my boyfriend. This is so helpful!

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  6. Your living room space is so pretty! Love all the pretty decor, adore the couch, and that chair is so pretty! Plus…love the kitty! 🙂

    XO, Lawren

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  7. Mary Powers wrote:

    Love your living room!! That couch is gorgeous!

    – Mary

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  8. Ashley DTKAustin wrote:

    I’m in love with this entire space!! You were right on Insta, definitely my colors!!

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  9. Rach wrote:

    Your living room is so cute! These are great tips because sometimes my husband and I clash on decor!

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  10. I really love how you styled the entire space! I am loving that Pierin chair! I love the pattern.

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  11. Francene wrote:

    You all did such a great job. It’s beautiful & I love it! So classic & can have for a long time and never get tied of.

    Posted 9.21.17 Reply
  12. Megan wrote:

    Your space is gorgeous! Love the couch and chair. It’s so you!
    Megan |

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  13. Stephanie Jackson wrote:

    Wow! You guys did such a nice job! Love how it turned out!

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  14. Anna English wrote:

    These tips are great Emily! I love sticking to a neutral palette with pops of color! This room looks so cozy!

    Posted 9.22.17 Reply
  15. Stephanie wrote:

    Your space is absolutely gorgeous! It’s very similar to what I hope my future home will look like. Comfortable, inviting, and classy! I love the different prints, mixed materials, and fun pieces you chose. You two look so happy together in it!

    Posted 9.22.17 Reply
  16. where was this post years ago when i moved in with my husband!!

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  17. Ruthie Ridley wrote:

    OMG this space looks PERFECT!!! I am obsessed with the accent chair and that couch!!

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  18. Samantha wrote:

    Your photos are beautiful and I LOVE your decor! 🙂

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  19. Shelby Back wrote:

    I love this em! your living room is just darling! I love the accent chair so much!


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    It looks so good!

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  22. Kileen wrote:

    Your living room is beautiful and great tips!


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    Your place looks great! Love that it’s perfect for both of you!

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  24. Sara wrote:

    I love how your space turned out and that chair is so cute and perfect for diving into a good book! xo

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  25. I’m OBSESSED with this space! Your coffee table details are the cutest!


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  26. Ashley wrote:

    Your space is gorgeous!! I love all of the pretty little details!

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  27. Such great tips! Y’alls living room looks amazing!


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    Lindsay & Whitney

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  29. Stuart wrote:

    Your living room looks so beautiful! I am especially obsessed with the print of that chair.

    xx, Stuart

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  30. What a cozy, and bright space! I love the bookcase, such a unique piece!

    Birdie Shoots

    Posted 9.25.17 Reply

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