7 Things I’ve Learned in 7 Years of Blogging

It’s crazy to think that a little over seven years ago I sat down at my computer in my college apartment and started blogging at Life with Emily. What started as a creative outlet to share my day-to-day life has turned into so much more over the last seven years. It’s kind of funny to look back because the blogging world was very different, instagram wasn’t even around yet, and it was solely a hobby. Back then I definitely didn’t know what I was doing (some days I still feel that way haha!) but it’s been one heck of a ride for the last seven years, that’s for sure!

Little did I know that when I started this blog that I would be still updating it seven years later, and more than that, it would become my full-time job. Some days it’s such a surreal feeling and not a day goes by that I’m not immensely grateful to have the opportunity to do this full-time. I am so thankful for all of you, because you are the ones who allow me to wake up and do this on a daily basis. Your support, your kindness, and your friendship is so appreciated! Today I wanted to share seven things I’ve learned in seven years of blogging! There have been some hard lessons and a lot of trial & error, but I have learned so much along the way.what I've learned from bloggingadvice for blogging


As humans, we seek approval from others & we want to be liked by everyone. The reality is that there’s no way every.single.person we come in contact with is going to like us. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea…or coffee… or whatever their drink of choice is! In this industry it is even more magnified…it can be incredibly discouraging when others say hurtful things about you. In the past I used to really let that get to me. Sure, I could mold into someone I’m not in order to convince others to like me… but what’s the point?! There will always be those people who, no matter what you do (or don’t do!), they won’t like you. And you know what? That is perfectly ok!

Ah, the comparison game. Even when we don’t want to play that awful game, we’re somehow pulled in. It is so easy to compare your life to others even though you know deep down nothing good can come from it. Anytime I compare myself to others I feel insecure, not good enough, and end up feeling terrible about myself. See? Nothing good comes from playing the comparison game. When I feel like I’m going down that slippery slope I always remind myself that everyone is sharing their “highlight reel” and nothing is as it seems. Is anyone’s life perfect? Hell no. Is it still easy to get caught up in the life they portray? Absolutely. But having that reminder allows me to get back in my lane, so to speak, and to focus on myself and to celebrate my successes!

Hands down, one of my favorite parts of blogging has been the incredible friendships I have made. I am so thankful to have a close knit group of friends in my industry that I can bounce ideas off of, complain to (shoutout to group chats lol!), and even collaborate with! I’ll be honest, the blogging industry can be quite competitive and clique-y, but having that core group of friends makes a world of difference. I also make a point to embrace my community, whether it’s with local bloggers, FB groups, or industry conferences. Being with like-minded individuals helps me learn & continue to grow. tips for bloggers QUALITY OVER QUANTITY
I used to think I had to put out new blog posts five days a week every single week. What I found was that I was losing a passion for what I do and I was wearing myself thin, in addition to everything I was tasked with on the back end. I also realized that sometimes I was posting something just to say I posted when in reality it wasn’t my best work. I was tired of keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak, so now I do what works for me.

I think the “quality over quantity” saying goes with follower numbers too. Do I have hundreds of thousands of followers? No. But do I have quality followers who trust me? Yes (and I love y’all so much!) To me, I have always believed in quality over quantity in most aspects of my life and try to keep that in mind with my job too.

It is 1000% ok to say no to something that doesn’t align with your brand! When I first started blogging it was tempting to say “yes! yes! yes!” to everything that came my way. I mean, it was pretty freakin’ cool to have people sending “free” items to share on my site. Over time as my blog started becoming more of a business, I realized that a) I’m worth more than a free piece of clothing or accessory and b) saying NO is ok. I honestly think I was afraid of hurting the brands feelings sometimes, when in reality they’re understanding if it’s not a fit!

Want to know what else I’ve learned? My worth. You see, there isn’t really a “guide” for how the blogging industry works and sometimes brands try to take advantage of that (I’m sure bloggers do too…) While some brands are privy to how the industry works and they’ve directed their marketing efforts and budgets to include bloggers, some are still slow to change. Some brands will try to  get you to work for free and some bloggers will gladly take an item in exchange for a post (which hurts the industry as a whole). I know that I am worth more than a bag, a pair of shoes, or a top. And that’s something ALL bloggers should know! I am picky with what brands I will work with now and I make sure that my time and efforts are being met each time I work with a brand.

With so many different social media platforms now, many bloggers are focusing solely on one platform while neglecting their blogs and other platforms. As a blogger it’s crucial to keep up your presence on ALL platforms. While Instagram is huge right now, it may not be in a year or two. If all of your time is spent focusing on one platform, your brand suffers. It’s important to work hard on all platforms and to really invest in your blog. At the end of the day your blog is the only thing you OWN. If Instagram were to go away tomorrow how badly would your brand suffer? This also applies to your income. Sure there are a few “big” networks, but I don’t put everything I have into one. I get collab offers and work with numerous affiliate and influencer networks in order to diversify myself as a brand and to diversify my income. As a business owner it’s always important to think about what would happen if XYZ disappeared!

I can’t tell you how many times people have said something like “OMG you’re a blogger… I bet you get free stuff all the time. I wanna start a blog!” Every time someone says something along these lines I’m a little confused about how to react. I know that being a blogger does have a lot of perks. I’m able to work with dream brands, go on great trips, be invited to conferences, and try new products by my favorite brands. Believe me, I don’t forget all of those things. But while people see all of those things, they often don’t see (or know!) what goes on behind the scenes. I’m a one woman show over here! I handle all of my social channels, my blog, my emails and correspondences, etc. I do my own accounting every month and have to create and enforce contracts with brands. I have to hire a photographer (which costs money) anytime I need to shoot. And that’s just to start. Each month is different in terms of expenses and what we make. There are “slow” months and unexpected things that occur- like brands not paying on time. Needless to say, that’s not even half of it. There’s a lot that goes on behind the screen in order to make things run smoothly and effectively.

I would love to hear what you thought of this post & any tips you may have in the comments! Thanks for reading & stopping by! XO

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  1. Maja Harder wrote:

    Wauw 7 years- congratulations! I definitely agree. Saying no and accepting that you shouldn’t work with everyone is really something you realise!

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  2. Congratulations on 7 years! What a feat, and after reading this (and blogging myself) I know it really is. Blogging takes so much dedication and sometimes it’s hard to put everything we have to do BTS into words. And then many of us also work full time jobs outside of our blogs too. We’re busy people! I love the content you create and really admire the honesty in this post. Congratulations Emily! xx lucy-claire.co

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  3. Elle wrote:

    Such a great post Emily! Wishing you all the success for the next 7 years! xo elle

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  4. Avani wrote:

    I love your workspace.. so neat and organized 💕

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  5. These are all such important lessons. For me the most important is to not compare myself to anyone else. Just be you!
    xo Jessica

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  6. Anna English wrote:

    This office space is too cute Emily!

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  7. Jenn Loyd wrote:

    I love this!!!!! I’ve stopped putting all my eggs in one basket. I’m focusing on good consistent blog content and email list building.

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  8. Olga wrote:

    I’ve loved following your journey throughout the years. 100% agree with these tips 🙂 You’re doing great Emily!


    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  9. Belle wrote:

    These are great tips! Congratulations on your 7th year! You did such an amazing job!

    Belle | http://www.OneAwesomeMomma.com

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  10. Congratulations on 7 years! That’s so awesome. I just started blogging a little over a month ago and have to agree that it is so tough and already find myself playing the comparison game. I loved all these tips though. Truly appreciate how honest you are about everything too! 💕

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  11. Congrats on seven years Emily!! That is such a great accomplishment and you should be so proud!! I LOVE these tips, it’s just what I needed to read today!

    xox Emily

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  12. 7 years! How exciting! I really love everything you shared. Sometimes I feel that it’s hard for me to say no to brands, but you’re so right about making sure that it fits with your brand! Thank you!
    And YES to quality over quantity. i recently got too brunt out from over posting and I feel so much better (and my content seems better) now that I’ve scaled it back a bit.

    xx Chelsea

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
  13. Liz Joy wrote:

    Such a good post!! I hope to see you again soon! rS conference?!

    Posted 2.27.18 Reply
    • Emily wrote:

      Thanks friend! I hope to see you soon as well! I’m skipping out on rS this year 🙁 I know I’m going to have FOMO but it coincides with an event going on here! Have the best time & we will have to get together soon my friend! XO

      Posted 2.28.18 Reply
  14. caleyjaderosenberg wrote:

    LOVED this post Emily – and so proud of you and the authentic and real blogger that you are! x

    Posted 2.28.18 Reply
  15. Congratulations on 7 years! I 100% agree on not comparing yourself to others! I love what you’ve learned so many people including myself need a reminder sometimes!

    Posted 2.28.18 Reply
  16. Emily this is amazing! I am legit going to read over this a million times. So many beneficial tips and recommendations. Thank you for sharing and happy 7 years!!!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 2.28.18 Reply
  17. Jasmine wrote:

    Congrats on blogging for 7 years. You are some serious goals. I have been doing this for 3 years and it’s still hard for me to accept that not everyone will “like” you or your blog. But that’s okay. I use to compare myself to others and I would get upset about it, but now I use it as motivation.

    Posted 3.1.18 Reply
  18. Yessss!! I agree with every point especially that you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Congrats on 7 years!! That is a big accomplishment!!


    Posted 3.1.18 Reply
  19. sarasab wrote:

    Girl I couldn’t agree more that comparison is the thief of joy! Its so important to focus on the amazing readers and loyal followers you have and to embrace all of the trust they place in you! Cheers to an amazing 7 years!

    xo, Sara

    Posted 3.4.18 Reply
  20. Steph wrote:

    Pinned this one girlfriend! Really great post. Thanks so much for sharing and congrats on 7 years.

    trendyinindy.com || @trendyinindy

    Posted 3.4.18 Reply

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