My Favorite Podcasts Part II

Back in January I shared a roundup of some of my favorite podcasts with you all! Over the last few years I have really gotten in to podcasts and listen to them almost every day, whether it’s in the car or while working. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for a crime podcast, but I also love expanding my interests and learning through podcasts. I had a lot of you comment, email, and DM me on Instagram with podcast recommendations and since then I feel like I’ve been even more hooked on podcasts! Today I’m back to share more podcasts that I’m loving right now.favorite crime podcasts 2018

WRONGFUL CONVICTION WITH JASON FLOM | Jason Flom digs deep into the cases of men and women who were convicted for crimes they didn’t commit. Each week Jason interviews those who were wrongfully convicted and works with their lawyers to go through the case. You can skip around with this podcast- but I can tell you- every single case is fascinating. It’s actually terrifying to think that ANYONE can be convicted of a crime at any given time, even when evidence says they can’t be guilty. I enjoy this podcast because it’s so real and you get to hear everything these people went through during their time in prison and how they’re surviving now that they’re exonerated.

CRIMETOWN | This podcast was created from the producers of the HBO docuseries “The Jinx,” so I immediately knew it was going to be good! P.S. If you haven’t watched The Jinx- go binge watch it ASAP! Crimetown’s first season stakes place in Providence, Rhode Island and explores the world of organized crime and corruption of the city. I’ve listened to a few episodes but can’t wait to listen more because it’s so interesting how things like this happen and continue all under people’s noses.

CASEFILE- TRUE CRIME | Casefile digs into a new mystery each episode, mostly murders and violent crimes. Since each episode is a new case you can easily skip around to find what you’re most interested in.

ATLANTA MONSTER | I mentioned this podcast in my last post, but had only just started listening. This podcast is from the same producer as Up & Vanished and it’s SO good. This podcast documents the true story of Atlanta’s children going missing in the late 70s and tells the story of Wayne Williams, the man who was convicted. They’re now 10 episodes in and I’m hooked…and still can’t figure out if Wayne Williams is guilty or not!

favorite podcasts to listen to 2018

HOW I BUILT THIS | Ever wonder how something came to be? Well, this podcast is for you then! How I Built This goes behind the scenes and shares the stories of some of the most well-known and popular companies. A few of my favorites have included the episodes featuring The Knot, Patagonia, Framebridge, Kendra Scott, and AirBnB!

STUFF MOM NEVER TOLD YOU | This podcast is hosted by Emilie Aries and Bridget Todd who share real-life issues facing women and how to strategize to empower women, further careers, etc. This is one of those podcasts that really opens up your eyes to what some women go through and leaves you with a bit of perspective at the end of each episode.

LADY LOVIN’ | Want to feel like you’re chatting with your girlfriends? Then go ahead and subscribe to this podcast now! This podcast is hosted by 3 ladies (including Lo Bosworth…SOLD) and chats about everything from sex and relationships to relationships and wellness. This one is so easy to listen to and I often find myself shaking my head in agreement to what they’re saying!

BETCH SLAPPED | This podcast is hosted by the founders of Betches and it’s straight up hilarious! I find myself laughing out loud during almost every episode. This is another one of those podcasts that’s easy to listen to no matter what you’re doing. They chat about celebrity gossip, news stories, and everything in between. My favorite part is their “Dear Betch” series where they *very truthfully* answer listener questions!

Have a favorite podcast?! Would love to hear what you’re listening to in the comments below! XO

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    Elle (@ElleDoole)

    So helpful Emily! I’ve been trying really hard to get more and more into podcasts recently. PS I hope your finger is getting better. xo elle


      Listening to them always makes me feel a little more productive (even if I’m just cleaning haha!) And my finger is slowly, but surely getting a little better each day! 🙂


    I’ve heard so many good things about How I Built This, i need to start listening to it! I’ll have to start with your favorite episodes. Thanks for sharing! xAllie


      It’s a really interesting podcast! I feel like I learn so much from each episode


    Thanks for sharing! I’m travel a ton and always listen to podcasts! Will give these a try 😉


    Liz Pacini

    Oohhhh I wanna listen to all of these! The crime ones would be interesting! Def gonna check out Betch Slapped haha!


      Yay! Hope you like them! And yes, you’ve gotta check out Betch Slapped!

    Rach DiMare

    Oo these are great podcast suggestions! I’m loving all the crime/mystery ones! I’m so into those!


      I can never get enough of crime podcasts!


    I love all of the True Crime podcasts. The Atlanta Monster I recently got into, I swear my “to listen” to list is getting longer and longer! How I Built this sounds like a new one I need to listen to !


      I’m with ya, Laura! I always feel like my to listen list is LONG.


    I need to get back into Atlanta Monster. I just started listening to Girls Gotta Eat by the founder of Bros Being Basic. As a single gal, it’s AMAZING.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita


      ok if that podcast is anything like BBB, then I’m in! They’re hilarious! Thanks for the rec Jess

    Erin Zander

    Just started listening to Armchair Expert recently by Dax Shepard. He’s a hoot, honest and very real. Great guest too so far!


      Ooh I think Dax Shepard is hilarious (same with his wife!) so I’ll have to give it a listen. Thanks for the rec 🙂


    Oh I love true crime podcasts so I definitely want to check out some you listed!! xo


      Me too, Kelsey! Hope you enjoy a few of the ones I recommended! XO


    I love hearing about new Podcasts! The Betches one I have been curious about- need to give it a listen


      You should totally give it a listen- so good!


    I love these types of posts! Always looking for new and interesting podcasts.

    Annette @ Textures of Grace

    I love this! I actually have never listened to podcast, but recently have been intrigued. Thank you for these suggestions. They sound so interesting.

    Azanique Rawl

    I never listen to podcasts but now I might have to start! The crime ones sound amazing 🙂

    -xo, Azanique

    Greta Hollar (@greta_hollar)

    I’m going on a long road trip next month so I definitely need some podcasts to listen to. Thanks for the suggestions!

    Nelli Kal

    I love finding new podcasts to listen to, thanks for sharing your favorites! Xo, Nelli

    Katie E

    I started “Atlanta Monster” after your recommendation on your instagram post a while back and it was good! Recently started “Patty Has A Gun”, which has been interesting–it is about the kidnapping of Patricia Hurst and crimes she committed following her kidnapping. Looking forward to a road trip so I can make some real progress on it!