Laidback Weekend

A few weekends ago Nick and I woke up with no plans which was glorious. We decided to take a road trip to Raleigh and play around all day and do a little shopping. While we love our city, we also love exploring other cities in North Carolina. There are so many easy day-trips that we can take in our state. Raleigh is a quick hour trip from our house and there are so many delicious restaurants, cute areas, and a lot of great shopping.
We kicked off the day at Rise Biscuits & Donuts in Cameron Village! Our Rise location recently closed and I have missed their donuts SO much. I’m a tried-and-true glazed fan, but also love their sprinkle donuts too! Nick loves their biscuits, so we grabbed our favorites and hit the road for a fun day of exploring. We headed to downtown. Raleigh and grabbed lunch and a few drinks at a few places we’ve wanted to check out followed by a bit of shopping. It was a fun little adventure!
We got to drive the Land Rover Discovery for the day which was an added bonus. If you’re in the market for a new car- you’ve got to check out the Discovery. It’s really spacious and can easily fit seven people with room to spare. The craziest thing is that the seats can be arranged from the touchscreen to suit your exact needs. This would be so handy for those with a large family.  Aside from that amazing feature, the technology is unreal. This specific model has an activity key, which looks similar to a FitBit, that allows you to be active without having to carry a physical key around. It’s dustproof, and waterproof, so this feature is ideal for active families!  I’m partnering with JaguarLand Rover Cary over the next three months to drive this car, so I can’t wait to discover (pun intended!) more features!
Thanks to Cameron Village & Jaguar-Land Rover Cary for partnering on this post. All thoughts, writing & styling are my own. 

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  1. Allie wrote:

    This type of relaxed adventure is my favorite! And what a nice ride! xAllie

    Posted 4.16.18 Reply
  2. Leslie wrote:

    I LOVE Rise! We have one by our house and one by my office and its such a temptation all the time!

    Posted 4.16.18 Reply
  3. Natali wrote:

    Gotta love chilled weekends, I know that I appreciate those very much. 🙂
    I like your simple and comfy weekend outfit too!

    Posted 4.16.18 Reply
  4. Gotta love Land Rover! I was looking at the Discovery’s but had to go with the Range Rover, the Discovery was a close second though!!

    Posted 4.16.18 Reply
  5. I love laid back weekends, and that outfit is so cute! I’ve never driven a Land Rover before and that one looks incredibly comfortable!

    Posted 4.16.18 Reply
  6. I LOVE Land Rovers! The new Discovery is so nice too. You seriously can’t beat that new car smell!

    Posted 4.16.18 Reply
  7. Laura wrote:

    Sounds like a great weekend and how fun that you get to drive around in a Land Rover for the next 3 months!

    xo, Laura

    Posted 4.17.18 Reply
  8. Liz wrote:

    That sounds like the perfect adventure! The Land Rover looks so comfy too!


    Posted 4.17.18 Reply
  9. Sounds like such a fun day exploring your own city! I’ve always wanted to visit Raleigh.

    Posted 4.17.18 Reply
  10. Azanique S. Rawl wrote:

    What a fun day trip! I have never been to Rise Donuts but my sweet blogger friend and her husband own that location in Raleigh 🙂

    Posted 4.17.18 Reply
  11. Kasey wrote:

    Sounds like such a fun weekend! I’ve wanted to try Rise!

    Posted 4.19.18 Reply
  12. HELLO!! You were riding in style!! Love Land Rover


    Posted 4.23.18 Reply
  13. That car looks so amazing!

    Posted 4.23.18 Reply
  14. This sounds like the perfect weekend!! I looove that Land Rover. Such a nice car!

    Posted 4.23.18 Reply

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