March 2018 Monthly Recap

Another month has come & gone! Sharing my March 2018 recap today! Read my February 2018 recap here!

March was a really busy month, but also a month that forced me to slow down a bit. Even though the circumstances behind it weren’t pleasant (more on that below) it made me slow down and take a few steps back, which I think were much needed. I’ve been doing freelance social media and marketing for a few local brands, so I’ve been juggling quite a few projects lately but it’s been a fun, creative addition to my blog!

The weather this month was slightly insane and I felt like I constantly had the sniffles! It would be 70 degrees (and glorious!) one day and the next it was snowing. It snowed 3x this month and it’s supposed to snow later this week. I’m not used to this up and down weather and neither are my allergies. I think the older I’ve gotten, the worse my allergies have gotten too. Ugh!

For St. Patrick’s Day we headed to Raleigh and had fun playing around the city! Our Rise Donuts location closed, so I had to make a pitstop there before we did anything! They have the best donuts and I miss having one close by. For Easter weekend we spent time with family, which was a great change of pace. We hosted Easter brunch at our house and it was low-key and delicious. I’ve loved starting new traditions with Nick as a married couple. 

My friend Kelly, of Kelly Hovis Art, painted us the most gorgeous painting! She is incredibly talented and I was so grateful that she created this gorgeous abstract portrait from one of our wedding photos. It’s now framed and hanging in our living room. I love the detail of it and how it’s a unique way to display an image from our wedding. P.S. She does original commissions too (find out more here) This would be a great wedding/anniversary gift or even a gift for parents! I briefly mentioned above how I was forced to slow down a little this month. Well, I have pimento cheese to thank for that…kind of. Two weeks ago Nick and I decided to make our homemade pimento cheese. Nick usually heads this recipe, but I decided to help out and grate the cheese. Unfortunately, my hand slipped and the grater took a HUGE chunk out of my finger. After an hour of bleeding, I ended up at urgent care to get it looked at and assessed. Since it was cut deeply in the knuckle I couldn’t get stitches, so I left with a glued finger and a splint that would keep my hand straight. I couldn’t get my hand wet until this past weekend & it was particularly frustrating because it was the hand I write with and my dominant hand. The past week and a half I had to slow down and take a step back… which drove me crazy. I was behind on quite a few things but there was nothing I could do but accept it and do my best to let my hand heal. I’m grateful (pun intended haha!) that it wasn’t any worse. Needless to say…. I’m staying FAR away from the grater from here on out! P.S. Our favorite homemade pimento cheese recipe is from Garden & Gun. It’s DELICIOUS and always a favorite when we take it to parties. BOOKS I READ THIS MONTH
I have read so, so many good books since my last book review post. I’ll share them in my upcoming April Reading List. Two days ago I started my 20th book of the year, which is just crazy! I have definitely been reading more consistently this year so far and it’s great to be almost halfway to my reading goal for the year in just 90 days. You can see some of the books I read this month in my March 2018 Reading List. Oh! I also created an Amazon Shop Page that has almost all of the books I’ve read in the last year or so in it. Be sure to check it out to shop my favorite books!

The cutest coffee tee. It’s so soft & I LOVE it!
The best white jeans (by one of my favorite brands!)
My go-to summer sandals. I have them in brown & ordered them in metallic.
These super popular shorts I wasn’t sure if I would like them… update: I really like them. (I ordered my normal size)COFFEE T-SHIRT | BOYFRIEND JEANS | JACK ROGERS SANDALS | TURQUOISE TASSEL EARRINGS | MADEWELL TOTE

Being sick and having a hand injury really took a toll on working out the past few weeks. I was in such a good rhythm and was feeling so good about myself that it really, for lack of better word, sucked when I came to the realization I couldn’t work out for a while. I’m planning on going back two weeks in my BBG/Sweat app so I can still get those weeks in. I’m going to add in some extra cardio this week too.


HEALTHY TRADER JOES BUYS. I need to bookmark Jess’ post for the next time I’m at TJs!
10 WEDDING ETIQUETTE TIPS. Definitely keep these in mind if you’re attending weddings this season!
5 PARIS TOURIST TRAPS TO AVOID. Another post I’m bookmarking so I do Paris the right way! 😉
IS ANYONE ELSE AFRAID TO HAVE KIDS? I found myself resonating with this post SO much since that “question” has come up often since we’ve gotten married…


  • BEAUTY: Morocconoil Shampoo & Conditioner I’ll do a review soon, but it’s amazing!
  • CLOTHING: These girlfriend jeans. I swear I wear them 2x a week at least. SO much more comfortable than skinnies.
  • TV SHOWS: Still workin’ on getting through Justified. We have one season left. Also hooked on Kitchen Nightmares. Literally makes me never want to eat out again. EVER.
  • PODCAST: Wrongful Convictions & CrimeTown. I chatted about these podcasts in this post.
  • CURRENTLY READING: Then She Was Gone by Jane Newell. SO. DAMN. GOOD.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Looking forward to a great month… it’s my birthday month! XO

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  1. Allie wrote:

    What a busy month! I hope your April goes smoothly and wonderfully! I can’t wait to check out your reading list, love a good book recommendation. xAllie

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  2. Jessica Camerata wrote:

    Oh hi! Thanks for including my post here! PS I think I need to try those blank white denim jeans. I just bought a pair of Madewell ones (which we all know I love) but I HATE them! Blank always makes a great pair of jeans.

    PS I need to start reading, you always make me feel like such a slacker!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  3. Danielle wrote:

    I love reading round up posts! I’ve been wanting to try the Moroccanoil shampoo + conditioner – they’re one of my favorites for haircare!

    xx, Danielle

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  4. I am glad your finger is beginning to heal! Nothing like an injury to throw off everything! I love all the clothes, and oh my gosh 20 books already?! That’s amazing, I’m jealous!

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  5. annaefox01 wrote:

    What a cute painting! That’s a piece you’ll cherish forever.

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  6. Stephanie wrote:

    OUCH! Your cheese incident sounds like it was seriously painful! Glad you’re getting better now and healing up! But aside from that, your month sounds like it was pretty great! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  7. Leslie wrote:

    I was so sick earlier this month and missed 3 weeks of BBG so I totally feel your pain! I was so out of the groove last week when I tried to get back to it. And I ended up switching to the PWR program in the App and I’m starting week 2 of that today! I’m glad your finger is healed!!

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  8. Belle wrote:

    That painting is so beautiful! Sounds like you had a fabulous March!

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  9. roxyturtle wrote:

    That art from your wedding is so gorgeous!! I love that idea and want to do something similar after my fiancé and I get married. What a whirlwind your March was!

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  10. This round up is perfect! I love that donut picture in your car!! Too cute!

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  11. Greta wrote:

    So sorry about your hand! I am glad though that it gave you some time to slow down and rest.

    Megan |

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply
  12. I always enjoy reading your recaps. I’m inspired by your reading accomplishments. I aspire to read more, but struggle making it work consistently. Thanks for sharing. Glad your injury is getting better.

    Posted 4.4.18 Reply
  13. medicinemanicures wrote:

    Sorry about your finger- I feel bad when someone comes in to UC with a chunk missing because there’s nothing you can really do but stop the bleeding and it just takes longer to heal, but I’m sure you’re glad to be out of the splint. And that painting is gorgeous! Going to have to check her out.

    xo, Kristina

    Posted 4.4.18 Reply
  14. caleyjaderosenberg wrote:

    So sorry about your hand sweet friend – there is nothing more frustrating when something so simple ends up being such big dealing sets you back! Although sometimes a forced way to get us to slow down.. x

    Posted 4.6.18 Reply
  15. Justified is one of my all-time favorite shows. Timothy Olyphant is such an incredible actor!

    Posted 4.7.18 Reply

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