May 2018 Monthly Recap

Another month has gone by & it’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through 2018. Time seems to be flying by! Today I’m sharing my May 2018 monthly recap with you! You can see other monthly recaps HERE.

This month was such a fun, but busy one! We started off the month with our HONEYMOON to St. Lucia! We had the best time and it was hard to come back to reality after a great, relaxing week. I’ll have a travel recap up this week, so stay tuned! After we got back we celebrated Mother’s Day, attended the Greensboro Children’s Museum Green Acres Gala, and finally Nick’s 30th birthday! There was so much to celebrate this month and I loved it! While we were busy, we did get some time to relax too! Our swim & tennis club opened for the season, so we’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the pool. Excited for a fun summer!While this month was really great, I had a few “off” days. Once we got back from our honeymoon it rained almost for three weeks. Not only did it make it hard to shoot, create content & do my job, it also weighed on my sanity ha! I can only take so many rainy days without feeling in a funk. Happy that sunshine seems to be on the horizon now though!

Nick and I did some MAJOR spring cleaning during some of those rainy days we had this month! Our kitchen cabinets & drawers had become so unorganized, so we took care of that. It’s amazing how just re-arranging a few things can make such a huge difference. I also cleaned out my closet and donated/sold some items. I was feeling overwhelmed with my closet and the items I wasn’t wearing. It was a relief to send them off to new homes!

Between our honeymoon trip and a few pool days, I got a lot of reading done this month. I read 10 books, most of which I really enjoyed! You can see my May Reading List & Reviews here.

I didn’t purchase too much this month (insert hallelujah emoji ha!)but I did grab a few things!
This polka dot dress for an upcoming wedding. It’s less than $30 & the photos don’t do it justice!
This cute little crossbody bag. It’s such great quality!
A new notebook to keep track of my to-do list. I have to put pen to paper!
This wireless t-shirt bra. So comfortable!

I kinda fell off the wagon this month, between traveling constantly having commitments I had a hard time fitting in a workout. But, I’m back in the swing of things. I finished BBG 1.0 and am repeating the 12 week program! I really enjoyed it and I like that the workouts are challenging. My “problem areas” are my hips/thighs, so I want to incorporate some sort of workout to manage those a little better 😉

To be honest, I slacked a bit with the blog this month. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and uninspired. The rain certainly didn’t help matters. I could have pressed publish on numerous posts but they just didn’t feel exciting or anything to be proud of, so I took a step back to re-focus and reset. Sometimes you need to press the reset button to get the passion to come alive again. A few of my favorite posts this month include:
What I’m Packing in my Carry-On.
Vacation Style in St. Lucia.
Swimsuit Season.
May 2018 Reading List & Reviews.

Ten Thoughts I Had at #lululemonimmersion | LOVED seeing this trip through Lauren’s eyes- it looked like such a fun time!
Why I Don’t Follow Bloggers That Cheat Their Way to the Top on IG | SO MUCH TRUTH in Cathy’s post! I am so so so tired of girls faking their following, likes, and engagement. Just be authentic! I have never and will never buy followers, participate in loops, or anything of the sort to gain a false follower count!
Things I Would Tell My 20 Year Old Self | I was shaking my head the entire time because I agreed with every single point!
Protecting Our Planet & Eliminating Plastic Waste | Such a good read & something everyone needs to be more mindful of these days. I ALWAYS tell my server no straw and try to be conscious of using reusable items.


  • BEAUTY: Supergoop Sunscreen. Always a summer essential.
  • CLOTHING: These shorts have been my go-tos since the weather warmed up!
  • TV SHOWS: Basically all the trashy shows that I shouldn’t watch haha! The Bachelorette just came back on. Every year I say I’m done watching it, but every season I get sucked in with the limo arrivals. Below Deck Meditteranean & Southern Charm. Both of those shows are full of hot-mess casts and I just can’t look away!
  • PODCAST:What Should I Read Next? And Crimetown (still trying to get through it ha!)
  • CURRENTLY READING: Reading The Kiss Quotient (It comes out today!) I’m halfway through it and am really enjoying it!

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  1. caleyjaderosenberg wrote:

    YAY!! What a happy month – and best way to celebrate birthdays and honeymoon x

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  2. Allie wrote:

    Southern Charm has been so entertaining this season. its definitely been my guilty pleasure! The recaps on realitytea are hilarious, if you are looking for a laugh! xAllie

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  3. So glad you included my post, THANK YOU love!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  4. Mollie wrote:

    Your honeymoon looked AMAZING! Isn’t St. Lucia just the most gorgeous place ever?! I’m so glad you had a great time!!

    xx Mollie

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  5. Belle wrote:

    I totally feel you! It has been raining here in VA for the past few weeks! 1 week it rained straight for like 5-6 days and the flowers on my garden died. And then it kept raining all day during weekends and we wanted to so bad to go to a nearby waterpark but we couldn’t and it does look like it’s going to rain again this weekend. So yeah, it’s taking a toll on my sanity too. LOL!

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  6. Cathy wrote:

    I’m so addicted to Southern Charm! I can’t look away either, I love the casts from all three locations! Your month sounds fun, cheers to a fabulous June!


    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  7. Honeymoon and Nick’s 30th birthday all in one month?! A fun one indeed!

    How 2 Wear It []

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  8. Mckenna wrote:

    I totally get you on slacking on blog posts lol!! I’ve taken a break too recently and it’s nice to step back and relax from time to time!!

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  9. sarasab wrote:

    Girlfriend you’ve been a busy bee! Your honeymoon pics gave me so much travel envy!

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  10. This sounds like a wonderfully busy month! St Lucia sounds so pretty! Crimetown sounds like an amazing podcast, I need to check it out!

    Posted 6.5.18 Reply
  11. kileen wrote:

    Sounds like such an awesome month! I love cleaning out my closet and organizing, always so refreshing!

    cute & little

    Posted 6.6.18 Reply
  12. Sounds like the best of months for sure! Your honeymoon photos are beautiful and I am thrilled y’all enjoyed it! Also, need to check out all of those favorite posts from other bloggers you shared. Especially Cathy’s as I totally feel the same.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 6.6.18 Reply
  13. annaefox01 wrote:

    I’ve been dying to go to St. Lucia! Your trip looked amazing!

    Posted 6.6.18 Reply
  14. Angelle wrote:

    What an eventful month!! St Lucia is such a beautiful place to visit. I need to go back.


    Posted 6.12.18 Reply

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