Summer Bucket List Update

I cannot believe we are half way through August! Where did the summer go?! Not going to lie, while I have thoroughly enjoyed summer, I am ready for cooler temperatures and alllll the fall things that go along with it! I look forward to the day I can step outside without getting hit with intense humidity and sweating immediately ha! It’s been two months since I posted my summer bucket list, so I thought I would give an update. With only a few more weeks left of summer, I’ve gotta cross a few more of these items off my list.

P.S. Before I chat about my summer bucket list update, I’ve gotta chat about this gorgeous striped dress (that’s on sale!) I tend to steer clear of deep-V dresses and tops, but I’m obsessed with this one! The bright stripes are TOO fun, so I paired it with my bright Marc Jacobs bag & the most comfortable sandals!


READ AT LEAST FIFTEEN BOOKS | Since making my summer bucket list on June 13 I have read 22 books! You can see all of my book reviews here & my book recommendations here! Excited to share my August reading list next week.

GO ON A ROAD TRIP | We did a road trip to Baltimore, Maryland and D.C. back in June. It was such a great trip seeing friends & celebrating a wedding. We also headed to Charlotte, NC for a weekend getaway.

GO TO A BASEBALL GAME WITH FRIENDS | We went to a baseball game with friends for the 4th of July!

MAKE “SUMMER FRIDAYS” A THING | I’ve ended my Fridays around 3:00 a few times this summer. It’s been nice to clock out early & get outside a bit more.

SPEND MORE TIME AT THE POOL | We have definitely gotten our fill of pool time in this summer (when it hasn’t been raining!) It’s been great to escape to the pool for a few hours each weekend to relax and read!

DO A GAME NIGHT WITH FRIENDS | We’ve done a few game nights with friends this summer & it’s always a good time.

TRY A FEW NEW “SUMMER” DISHES | Ok, we’ve kind of completed this! We have tried a few new dishes & Nick has made homemade pico! We definitely want to make a cobbler before summer ends.


TAKE A TRIP TO THE LAKE | The weather has been so temperamental lately that it’s been hard to plan a trip to the lake!

TAKE AN OUTDOOR POP-UP WORKOUT CLASS | I’ve either been out of town or they’ve been rained out every time there has been a pop-up class. I think there a few more happening before summer is over, so I plan to make it to one.


GO TO THE FARMER’S MARKET | We tend to go more in the fall than in the summer!

GO FOR A WALK IN THE PARK ON A NICE NIGHT | I feel like I’m blaming the weather a lot… but between the humidity & heat I cannot even fathom going for a walk outside lately haha! Just walking to the gym is enough for me.

TRY AT LEAST THREE NEW RESTAURANTS | We have tried a few, but we tend to be creatures of habit and go to our favorite spots. We’ve also been trying to save money & eat out less!

GO TO THE WYNDHAM CHAMPIONSHIP | Crossing my fingers we can make it out there this week, even if only for a few hours!

EXPLORE MY CITY | Total freaking fail, y’all! Hoping as summer winds down I can try some new places & explore some areas more.

TAKE A DAY TRIP SOMEWHERE IN N.C. | My sister heads to college in a few days in Wilmington, N.C. (where Nick’s two sisters also live!) so we want to plan a trip down there at some point! We will also be heading to the mountains a few times this fall (once with friends, once for a game & maybe a few other spontaneous trips!)

what do y’all still want to accomplish before summer ends?!

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  1. Rach DiMare wrote:

    Overall it sounds like you’ve done a lot during the Summer! So many fun things!

    Posted 8.15.18 Reply
  2. Haven’t gotten out on our bikes yet on the greenway-definitely want to do that! Headed to the Wyndham both days this weekend with VIP passes, that is a must do for us every summer!

    Posted 8.15.18 Reply
  3. rachel wrote:

    This dress looks gorgeous on you! Love the fun colors. I really need to start making bucket lists for all of the seasons – I always forget about the things I wanted to do and remember once it’s too late. Fingers crossed you’ll be able to complete yours over the next few weeks!


    Posted 8.15.18 Reply
  4. Kim wrote:

    This dress looks darling on you friend! It sounds like you have marked off quite a few items! I feel you with all this heat and humidity… I’m ready for it to go away! Try going on a walk in the evening once it cools off so you check that off your list!


    Posted 8.15.18 Reply
  5. tanvi wrote:

    Looks like you have achieved a lot on your list … hopefully you get to tick the few missing soon. Your dress is so beautiful. Love bright colors.

    Posted 8.15.18 Reply
  6. Megan wrote:

    I need to start doing this every summer. That way I do everything I want to do during the summer!


    Posted 8.15.18 Reply
  7. alyson wrote:

    I love that you’re reporting back on your bucket list — sounds like such a fun summer, and girllll… this dress is AMAZING!


    Posted 8.16.18 Reply
  8. sarasab wrote:

    It’s crazy how fast Summer flew by! We have girls pool days on Friday afternoon, so I can totally relate to the joys of clocking out early on Friday afternoons!

    Posted 8.16.18 Reply
  9. Fun post. I remember you summer bucket list so was fun to see your perspective on some items that just didn’t feel right for summer months. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 8.16.18 Reply
  10. katherineniemiec wrote:

    This is such a fun list of summer activities. Makes me so sad that the season is coming to a close SO soon!

    Posted 8.16.18 Reply
  11. Diego wrote:

    You know I haven’t gotten around to making my own bucket list yet? Think I’ll steal a couple of ideas from yours to get me started, hehe.

    Posted 8.20.18 Reply

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