August 2018 Monthly Recap

August has come & gone! Sharing my August 2018 monthly recap in today’s post. You can catch up on all my monthly recaps here

August was a whirlwind that seemed to fly by and drag on at the same time! For me, I feel like every August is a mix of chaos and mundane activities. This past month was SO hot that we resorted to as many indoor activities as possible to stay cool! I have loved summer, but man, I’m ready for cooler weather.

After finishing Crazy Rich Asians I was dying to see the movie & it didn’t disappoint. I really enjoyed the movie & I was excited to hear that they will be making a second one! We followed up our day date by grabbing pizza at our favorite pizza spot, Cugino Forno!

We ended August with a long weekend! We spent some time at the pool, watched ALL the college football & grilled out! I’m not one to wish away the summer, but I am SO excited for fall. I love the cooler weather, eating al fresco, watching college football & wearing all the cozy sweaters haha! We also have some fun trips coming up this fall, which I’m looking forward to. I’m excited to see what September holds for us.

We are finally making progress on our office space! We ordered this desk and this bookcase for our office and they are being delivered later this week! Planning a room is sort of a slow process – it’s hard to see what will work (and fit!) until a few items are in the space. You can see the look we’re going for in our home office HERE.

This month of reading was AWESOME! Some of my favorite books that I’ve read so far this year were included in my August Reading List! I love when I have good reading months – it makes reading that much more enjoyable when you’re on a “good book” roll! I got sucked into reading “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” earlier this month because I wanted to watch the movie (book before the movie, always!) but the 2nd and 3rd book have been backordered on Amazon for almost 2 weeks! I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival so I can binge read them!

Even though the weather will still be warm here for the next month or so, I’ve been buying more transitional pieces in an effort to get my closet ready for fall…whenever it comes!
This floral top | will be really cute with a Moto jacket later in the season.
The classic field jacket | I’ve had mine since 2011 and it’s seen better days, so I ordered a new one!
This sleeveless sweater tank | Will be cute with shorts for now & with layers and boots later!
This spotted scarf | So chic and will go with a lot this fall.
The softest tunic sweater of all time | Sorry in advance if I wear this 24/7. It’s so soft and versatile!

I have been a bit in a fitness slump recently. While I really enjoyed the intensity of the BBG workouts, they were really hard on my joints, specifically my knees. I also felt like it was “bulking me up” in certain places like my thighs, butt, and arms….which I 100% don’t want. No one likes working hard only to not be able to fit in certain things (UGH!) So, with that said, I’m giving up BBG for a while to figure out what workout works best for MY body. I think I’m going to add in more cardio and low-intensity workouts to tone.

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  • BEAUTY: This mascara – It lifts my lashes and makes them look so full!
  • CLOTHING: This midi dress – It’s been my go-to recently because it’s so light & easy to throw on!
  • TV SHOWS: We started The Sinner and finished season 1 in record time. We’re all caught up with season two that’s currently on TV. Ozark came back over the weekend, so we’ve been watching an episode before bed some nights I LOVE that show, anyone else?!
  • PODCAST/AUDIOBOOK: In the Dark season two (except I haven’t listened recently) I’ve been hooked on audiobooks though! I downloaded Audible and have listened to Love and Other Words and Good Luck Charm recently. Any good audiobook recs?
  • CURRENTLY READING: I am almost done reading The Marriage Lie & I’ve really enjoyed it! My bookcase is overflowing with “To Be Read” books and I have no idea what I want to read next!

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  1. Emily, TITLE Boxing Club will be opening in October in Greensboro. Great cardio workout that uses the resistance of the heavy bag to tone and create lean muscle. We would love to see you there and help you out of your workout slump.

    Posted 9.6.18 Reply
  2. Nailil wrote:

    I just watched the Netflix movie and it was super cute. I bet the book is even better.

    Xx, Nailil

    Posted 9.6.18 Reply
  3. tanvi wrote:

    Looks like you had a wonderful August. I didn’t read the book but LOVED the Netflix movie. I am glad romcoms are making a come back. You look lovely in all the pics.

    Posted 9.6.18 Reply
  4. Torey wrote:

    That pizza looks so good! I can’t wait for my Friday night pizza date now! x

    Posted 9.7.18 Reply

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