My Fall Bucket List

Fall has officially arrived here in North Carolina and I couldn’t be happier! As I write this I’m looking out the window at the gorgeous leaves right outside of my window – the beautiful foliage makes me so happy! Even though today is November first, we still have a lot of fall days ahead of us, so I wanted to share my (delayed!) fall bucket list! I meant to get this post up a few weeks ago, but alas, it felt a little odd writing about fall when it was still 85 degrees out! Better late than never, right?! I would love to hear some of the things you all want to do this fall.

ATTEND A FOOTBALL GAME (& TAILGATE!) | Fall is one of my favorite seasons, in part due to football! I love watching college football on TV, but it’s always 10x better in person! This year we didn’t make it to our alma mater for a game, but we will be watching Ohio State play in a few weeks in Maryland with friends!

HEAD TO THE FARMER’S MARKET | The Farmer’s Market is always perfect in the fall. They always have so many gorgeous plants (I mean, look at those mums!) and delicious fall foods! It’s such a great spot to pick up fresh, cheap vegetables for weekend meals. Plus we always like buying locally when we can.

TRY AT LEAST THREE NEW RECIPES | Nick and I both love to cook and we tend to experiment with more dishes in the fall. This season we want to try The Defined Dish’s egg drop soup, make our own cheese straws as an app for the holidays, and a few new pastas! Now I’m hungry haha 🙂 P.S. I would love to hear your favorite fall recipes!

TAKE A SCENIC DRIVE TO SEE THE LEAVES | Fall in North Carolina is always magical. The leaves are so vibrant and so many different colors. We’re only an hour and a half to the mountains – where prime “leaf peeping” happens. The drive up is always my favorite because you can see all of the leaves changing along the way.

WATCH SCARY AND/OR HOLIDAY MOVIES | Admittedly, I’m not one for scary movies. The movie Strangers scarred me for life and I still don’t like seeing the commercials for it around Halloween 🙁 But – I don’t mind suspense movies! Last night we watched a few episodes of The Haunting of Hill House. Anyone else watching it? So many people have said it’s terrifying, but I find it to be more suspenseful and thought-provoking than actually scary. That’s not to say I wasn’t *kinda* scared though haha! I also love watching “holiday” themed movie for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

TAKE HOLIDAY PHOTOS WITH NICK | I have always loved capturing moments, so naturally I want to have updated photos of our little family! We’re actually taking fall photos for our holiday cards today!

GO THROUGH MY CLOSET & DONATE CLOTHES | I tend to do this every few months, but I always try to take things to homeless shelters during the holidays. If you have extra coats, sweaters, etc. that you are no longer wearing be sure to check to see who you could donate them to locally!

VOLUNTEER | With the holidays coming up I want to volunteer my time somewhere for a good cause. There are a lot of people who are less fortunate and taking a few hours out of our day to help will always make a difference.

BE THANKFUL | Sometimes we need a little reminder to be thankful for what we have! 🙂

I would love to hear what is on your fall bucket list in the comments! 🙂

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  1. Anna English wrote:

    Such a fun and exciting list! I’m hoping I can take some holiday photos with the pups this year! It’s always on my to-do list, but never get to it. So, this year is going to be it!

    Posted 11.1.18 Reply
  2. Liz wrote:

    This is such a great bucket list! I have a lot of the same on mine!

    Posted 11.1.18 Reply
  3. I love your list so much!

    Posted 11.1.18 Reply
  4. Cathy wrote:

    Great bucket list! I need to clean out my closet too. Seeing leaves in their full, colorful glory would be fabulous!!


    Posted 11.1.18 Reply
  5. Belle wrote:

    This is such a fun list! I need to do some of this too!

    Posted 11.1.18 Reply
  6. I love this list … It is fun and personal. I might steal a few of your ideas 😀


    Posted 11.1.18 Reply
  7. legalleeblondeblog wrote:

    great bucket list; i love that you’ve included a reminder to be thankful, and to volunteer. So great!

    Posted 11.1.18 Reply
  8. Laura Botkin wrote:

    Awe I absolutely love this! I have been dying to go to a football game!

    Posted 11.1.18 Reply
  9. kileen wrote:

    This is such a great Fall bucket list girl!! I love the idea of going on a scenic drive to see the Fall leaves!

    cute & little

    Posted 11.1.18 Reply
  10. Laura wrote:

    This is such an awesome bucket list! I really need to go through my closet and de-clutter too, it’s overflowing, hah!

    Posted 11.1.18 Reply
  11. innapishtoy wrote:

    This is a wonderful fall bucket list, I really need to try some new recipes this fall as well 🙂

    Posted 11.2.18 Reply
  12. Fall is the best time of year IMO! I Love it!

    Posted 11.5.18 Reply

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