October 2018 Monthly Recap

Another month has come & gone! Today I’m sharing my October recap with you. See all monthly recaps here.sweater | denim | bag | loafers

I was really looking forward to October and it’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint! This month was full of fun and November seems like it’s going to be even more fun! We started off October by celebrating the wedding of two of our friends! We are all youth leaders together at our church, so it was fun to let loose together and celebrate their day!

A few weeks later we got hit with some really bad storms from Hurricane Matthew! Our city had been really well prepared for Hurricane Florence, but we were taken by surprise with Hurricane Matthew. We had some incredibly devastating storms here – we ended up losing power for 3.5 days (some longer than that) and there were a lot of trees down. In fact, there are still many, many trees down in our city – they’ve just been removed from the roadways. Luckily, we live right near two of our favorite hotels (that also happen to house our favorite restaurants!) so we headed there a few days to grab dinner and drinks, charge our devices and just get OUT! All of this fell on High Point Furniture Market week so most of the hotels were fully booked and it was chaos. We typically like to go to HPMKT a few times each season, but only made it once this season. The Greensboro Science Center’s Annual See to Believe Gala got rescheduled, so we were able to go! Originally we were both going to be out of town and were so sad about missing it! We had such a fun night raising money for a place that’s special to us & having a good time with friends!

We also celebrated our first year wedding anniversary! I still cannot believe it’s been over a year of marriage with Nick! It’s been such a wonderful year and something tells me that year two is going to be even better! Nick surprised me with a staycation at Proximity Hotel, where we got married and spent our first night together as The Wilkinsons! It was so nice to be back and relax! P.S. Our top tier didn’t make it the whole year, so we had our wonderful cake baker make us a fresh one for our anniversary! 🙂


There hasn’t been too much on the home front lately. We’re still working on getting everything we need for the office – but we’re both really picky so it’s been a slow process! I have also been looking for a centerpiece for our dining room table and I can’t settle on ANYTHING! I feel like I have purchased and returned so much because none of it works. I just keep telling myself that I’ll find something that’s perfect eventually.

In other news, I am resisting every single urge to decorate for the holidays, mainly because Nick would probably kill me haha! But in the mean time I’ve been picking up a few things here and there recently! I am so excited to start decorating though!

As always, I added my October reading list a few days ago. Hands down my favorite was The Tattooist of Auschwitz! I’ve read two other books since then – one was a dud, but the other I can’t wait to share in my November reading list.

This collapsable water bottle | it’s going to be perfect for traveling because it’s lightweight & doesn’t take up a lot of room.
A leopard print cosmetic bag | A quality brand, so I know it’s great! This is another item I’ll be using when traveling.
An oversized plaid top | Thinking I may wear this for Thanksgiving!
This textured crewneck sweater | It’s basically a fall staple!
A classic striped tee | This material is SO soft & I can never say no to stripes!

One Year Wedding Anniversary – a He Said, She Said Q&A
My Fall Bucket List
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  • BEAUTY: I have been loving this rapid reveal peel to reduce fine lines & wrinkles.
  • CLOTHING: This sweater that feels like you’re wearing a blanket. It’s SO darn cozy.
  • TV SHOWS: I’m still on the This Is Us train, but I haven’t loved the last few episodes (who am I?!) I started the Pilot of A Million Little Things and liked it, so I may start that. But also… let’s be honest the next month and a half is fully dedicated to the cheesiest Hallmark Christmas movies. Sure, they’re SO predictable, but I can’t help but watch them!
  • PODCAST: I have been so into listening to books on Audible lately that I haven’t been listening to Podcasts as much *gasp*
  • AUDIOBOOK: Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter – great book & I really like the narrator!
  • CURRENTLY READING: The Proposal and to be completely honest I’m not loving it! I really enjoyed her first book The Wedding Date, but this one isn’t as cute.

Thanks so much for stopping by & I hope y’all have a great November!

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  1. Kelly wrote:

    Love this!! So awesome that y’all were able to turn the storm situation into a fun little staycation. And isn’t anniversary cake the best?! We used to order a little 6″ cake every year the first three years we were married but then we had kids and it got pushed to the backburner. I love celebrating anniversaries though, so maybe we’ll start the tradition back up again!

    Posted 11.6.18 Reply
  2. Anna English wrote:

    What a fun month Emily! I loved your he said, she said post.

    Posted 11.6.18 Reply
  3. Candace wrote:

    You two look amazing together!! I loved your anniversary cake!


    Posted 11.6.18 Reply
  4. kileen wrote:

    Sounds like such a great month babe!! That anniversary cake is beautiful and I am loving your outfits!

    cute & little

    Posted 11.7.18 Reply
  5. Steph wrote:

    What an exciting and fun month for you! I cannot wait to check our your reading list!


    Posted 11.7.18 Reply
  6. Laura wrote:

    That sweater looks SO cozy! Love this, sounds like the staycation worked out perfectly! 🙂

    Posted 11.7.18 Reply
  7. Caitlin Houston wrote:

    I love monthly recaps like this! It’s fun to be able to look back at them all too!

    Posted 11.12.18 Reply

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