My Favorite Amazon Purchases

If I could only shop at one place for the rest of my life, it would hands down be Amazon. I mean, they have EVERYTHING! There are times when I sit and think “What did I do before Amazon became a thing?!” Amazon has truly changed the game when it comes to shopping online. No matter if you’re shopping for coffee filters, face wash, or a pair of sandals it’s safe to say Amazon has probably got ya covered!

Over the years I have done a fair amount of shopping on Amazon (who hasn’t these days?!) so today I wanted to share some of my favorite Amazon purchases with you! I’ll spare you the boring ones like socks, phone chargers, and hangers and give you all the good ones that have truly been game changers! I would love to hear your favorite Amazon purchases in the comments. So let’s jump right in shall we?

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1. Kindle Paperwhite

My Kindle Paperwhite is one of my most used items! I got mine a few years ago when I was going on a month-long trip and couldn’t pack a ton of books to come along with me! Up until that point I was a tried-and-true physical book kind of girl. But since I was almost “forced” to get the Kindle, I really have learned to love it and use it most often for traveling and reading in bed. It has great battery life, it still feels similar to a book (though nothing ever will beat a book!) and doesn’t hurt my eyes. I have this case for my Kindle.

kindle paper white

rokeu streaming stick amazon

2. Roku Device(s)

We have a Roku Streaming Device in every room in our house! It allows us to stream so many services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO with the click of a button! We are getting rid of cable this month, so this is a great alternative!

3. Makeup Eraser Cloth

I discovered this makeup eraser cloth a few months back and I have used it so often since getting it in the mail. It removes every bit of makeup when you wet your face and use this cloth… it’s amazing! I typically follow up with cleansing my face. It’s really great for traveling. To clean it, just toss it in the washer with the rest of your towels! I even gave my sister this for Christmas!

makeup eraser amazon

Philips wake up alarm clock amazon

4. Philips Wake Up Alarm Clock

I am not a morning person at all. In years past I have had to set numerous alarms on my phone in order to wake up. Each one was so loud and abrupt that it sometimes put me in a bad mood when waking up. My friend Ashley told me about this alarm clock when visiting her this summer and I was immediately sold! It wakes you up slowly with simulated sunlight and light noises that get louder over time. It has made such a difference in how I start my day!

5. Acrylic Earring Organizer

If you have a lot of jewelry, particularly earrings, like I do then you need this earring organizer! I ordered this one on a whim and it has solved all of my earring storage problems. It holds everything from studs to statement earrings! Mine currently has over 50 pairs of earrings on it and still has plenty of room.

acrylic earring organizer amazon

magna sonic jewelry cleaner amazon

6. Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner

I love cleaning my jewelry regularly, but don’t always have time to stop by my local jeweler to get them cleaned. This jewelry cleaner is incredibly powerful and cleans all of my rings and bracelets so well. I use this jewelry cleaner mixed with water! 

7. Fineliner Colored Pens

When it comes to to-do lists and planning out my day, I am a tried-and-true paper kind of girl. I like writing my lists, checking things off & seeing everything I need to do neatly in my planner. These colorful pens are great because they come in a lot of colors (I assign colors for certain tasks) and they don’t bleed through the pages of my planner. For regular pens I order these black ones!

fineliner colored pens


compression packing cubes amazon

8. Compression Packing Cubes

I am a chronic overpacker – whether I’m packing for a weekend trip or a month-long jaunt I can’t help but pack more than I need ha! I discovered these compression packing cubes before my trip to Europe a few years ago and they were life savers. They saved me so much space in my suitcase and helped keep me organized! They can really hold SO much. In the smaller cube I put my underwear, swimsuits, and any small items. In the medium cube I put shorts, tops, and short dresses in. Back in November we went from a warm climate to a cold climate when traveling and the medium cube fit my GIANT long puffer jacket no problem!

9. Tinkle Razors

These razors may be little, but they are SO good for removing “peach fuzz” on your face, fixing a random eyebrow hair between waxes & even for derma planing. I have quite a bit of peach fuzz on my face and it’s always been a bit of an insecurity of mine, so there has helped that tremendously. Perhaps my favorite use though is for derma planing. My friend Cristin has a GREAT blog post on the use and instructions here. I did this on my face last week and it’s made my skin so soft and glowy.

tinkle razors for face amazon

yeti coffee mug amazon

10. Yeti Coffee Mug

There are days where I forget about my coffee and find myself heating it up my coffee two or three times. Anyone else?! That’s no longer the case now that I have a Yeti coffee mug! This mug keeps my coffee or tea hot for so long! It comes with a lid, so you can even take it on the go! 

11. Monopoly Deal

When we were visiting our friends in Baltimore back in the fall they brought Monopoly Deal to the bar with us one night. Once we got the hang of it we were obsessed. This has become one of my favorite games to play, whether it’s with a group or just me and Nick! It’s fast paced, requires a bit of strategy, and you never know the outcome! Both of our families have it now and four other friends have bought it from Amazon after playing with us!

monopoly deal amazon

stashed reusable bags amazon

12. Stasher Reuable Bags

I am really trying to use less “one use” products when I can. I am guilty of using plastic ziploc bags, so I bought these Stasher reusable silicone bags in an effort to stop using “one use” bags as often. These come in a few sizes and you can even buy a “starter pack” to try all the sizes. The best part? They’re dishwasher friendly!

13. Metal Straws

Speaking of reducing my consumption, I have these metal straws to use around the house (and even throw in my bag for restaurants!)I like the different sizes in this pack – they work for different sized cups and different drinks! I also have these straws that I use for smoothies!

metal straws amazon

electric lint shaver amazon

14. Electric Lint Shaver

Do you have sweaters in your closet that have some pilling but you don’t want to get rid of them just yet? This electric lint shaver is your solution! It easily removes lint and pilling from sweaters, tops, blankets, etc. It makes old sweaters look new in a matter of seconds! I have saved SO many sweaters by using this (including cashmere ones!)

15. Ice Roller

I admit, I was influenced from someone on instagram when I bought this ice roller haha! Both myself and Nick have loved it though! It’s great for breakouts, calming redness, works for tension headaches, and on achy muscles! We use it morning and night. It’s easy to clean – just boil water and place the roller in it!

ice roller amazon











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  1. Kendal wrote:

    Okay, I might need to get that light! Since I live in a studio with an alcove, my ‘bedroom’ doesn’t have any windows and it’s been so hard to get up in the morning. This sounds like the perfect solve!

    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  2. Cheryl wrote:

    I think I might need some compression packing cubes. My two favorite places to shop at Target and Amazon (number 3 being Shopbop).

    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  3. Cathy wrote:

    So many great purchases! I need to check out that monopoly game and that jewelry organizer is a game changer!


    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  4. Liz wrote:

    I totally need those colored pencils to add to my art supplies! And probably everything else haha!

    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  5. Catherine wrote:

    Wow, I need every single one of these picks and that is NOT an exaggeration. Thank you for sharing GF! XO


    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  6. Grace Louise wrote:

    Ohh I need a good alarm clock in my life and this Phillips one looks amazinggg!! x

    Grace Louise

    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  7. Okay I need so many of these items! Definitely the jewelry organizer and cleaner. Thanks for sharing lady!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Posted 2.22.19 Reply
    • Emily wrote:

      The jewelry organizer is so great! I love that it holds so much without taking up a ton of room! And YES get the jewelry cleaner. It’s a game changer!

      Posted 2.22.19 Reply
  8. torey wrote:

    These are all great finds! I need that jewelry cleaner! x

    Posted 2.22.19 Reply
    • Emily wrote:

      It is SO good, you definitely need it!

      Posted 2.22.19 Reply
  9. I love my kindle paperwhite too!!

    xoxo Sarah

    Posted 2.22.19 Reply
  10. Anabelle wrote:

    I love that makeup erasing wipe!!! I have one and its amazing

    Posted 2.22.19 Reply
  11. Megan wrote:

    So many unique items!! I want to try that makeup eraser cloth! Xo ~ Megan

    Posted 2.24.19 Reply
  12. Nailil wrote:

    These are some great finds. I love shopping on Amazon for great deals.

    Xx, Nailil

    Posted 2.24.19 Reply
  13. Lindsay wrote:

    I totally agree, I couldn’t live without Amazon!! They literally have everything and you can’t beat 2 day shipping

    Posted 2.27.19 Reply

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