Five on Friday vol. 6

Happy Friday, friends! As you’re reading this I’m in Charleston for the annual Wine & Food Festival! It’s sure to be a fun weekend, so be sure to keep up with it all on Instagram! For today’s Five on Friday post I wanted to share a new-to-me product that I have been liking lately! Bose recently introduced a new product and it’s sure to be a game changer in the tech field. Allow me to introduce you to Bose Frames. Yep, they’re sunglasses that play music! Today Bose compensated me to chat with you about Bose Frames and the five reasons I like them! As always, all thoughts are mine! So first, let’s chat about what the Bose Frames are all about…

bose frames

Bose has always been innovative with technology when it comes to their products! I have used Bose products for years throughout our home and when traveling and have always been impressed with the quality. I was so intrigued when I heard Bose was coming out with sunglasses. These frames are the first audio sunglasses from Bose! They have small, hidden speakers on each side of your ear for an immersive sound experience! Once connected via Bluetooth, you can listen to music, take and make phone calls, and even access Siri – right from your sunglasses! I think these would be great for those who commute daily or even while spending a day on the beach! So now, let’s get to the good stuff… why I like them!

1. THESE SUNGLASSES ARE A TAKE ON A CLASSIC | I’m all about technology that works well in my day-to-day life! The Bose frames come in two different styles, the Alto and the Rondo, both are takes on classic sunglasses styles. Each style come with a hard cast and a magnetic charging cable. I love that I can wear this and stream music or podcasts without having to bring my headphones with me.

2. THEY ARE SIMPLE TO CONNECT & USE ON THE GO | Like most tech products nowadays, these are extremely easy to connect! Simply pair them with your phone (it takes about 60 seconds!) and you’re set! You can use them for music and taking and making phone calls throughout the day, which is so convenient especially if you walk to work daily!

3. THE SOUND IS FANTASTIC | I have quite a few Bose products, including the Bose Bluetooth Speaker & the Noise-Cancelling Headphones and the quality on them is incredible. I’m happy to report that the sound in the Bose Frames is just as great! I think the most surprising thing about the frames is that when I was testing them out I had my music up loud & my husband who was next to me couldn’t hear it at all! It was kind of mind-blowing ha!

4. I CAN EASILY CATCH UP ON MY PODCASTS & AUDIOBOOKS ON THE GO! | It’s no secret around here that I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks! There are plenty of times that I’m out and about that I would love to listen to them, but forgot my headphones at home. Well, the Bose Frames solve that problem! Now I can easily listen to them on the go – just put on the frames and I can pick right up where I left off with my podcast or audiobook!

5. BATTERY LIFE | While a lot of technology has great aspects, it usually fails when it comes to battery life (or lack there of!) but the Bose Frames have a battery life of 3.5 hours. That’s three and a half hours of continuous use before they need to be recharged! Even when I have had to recharge mine, they have charged really quickly! My next Bose purchase will definitely be the noise-masking sleepbuds! I have a few friends who have these and love them. I think they would be great for traveling (aka blocking out the weird hotel/city noises!)

shop more Bose products below!

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  1. Olga wrote:

    I love this simple and chic outfit! The frames are cute too!


    Posted 3.8.19 Reply
  2. Can we also talk about how your hair waves are perfect?!

    Posted 3.11.19 Reply
  3. Cathy wrote:

    Love those fabulous sunglasses!


    Posted 3.11.19 Reply
  4. Hope you had the best time in Charleston! The festival sounded amazing.

    Posted 3.11.19 Reply
  5. Madison wrote:

    Audio frames?! How cool! I need a pair!

    Posted 3.11.19 Reply
  6. Megan wrote:

    I love that outfit and your sunnies are just so cute. You look super stunning.

    Posted 3.12.19 Reply
  7. Liz wrote:

    Those sound like just what I need! Amazing! And they look chic too!

    Posted 3.12.19 Reply
  8. Those shades are freaking fabulous. I need a pair.

    Posted 3.12.19 Reply
  9. what a cool concept for sunnies! Love that these look great & also serve such a cool function!

    Posted 3.12.19 Reply
  10. Laura wrote:

    Your hair is GORGEOUS! I love those sunglasses too!

    Posted 3.12.19 Reply
  11. Laura Adney wrote:

    First off you look flawless and wow talk about fashion and tech forward specs

    Posted 3.12.19 Reply
  12. Azanique Rawl wrote:

    I love their noise canceling headphones too! I need to check out these sunnies 🙂

    -xo, Azanique

    Posted 3.13.19 Reply

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