Five on Friday vol. 9 – Fall travel plans, favorite books, work-life balance & more!

Happy Friday, y’all! Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? We have some yard work to do (story of our lives lately!), we have a night out with friends tonight and a date night planned for tomorrow night! Nothing crazy, but we’re looking forward to it all! It’s been a while since I have done a Five on Friday post, so I am answering five (ok six, one is a bonus) questions that you all asked me yesterday! I hope y’all have a great weekend! I’ll check in with you next week.

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A: Yes! As of right now fall isn’t too crazy but I do have some fun trips coming up. Currently I am heading to Tennessee and Charleston in October, both for girls trips! I’m also hoping to plan a trip to Key West to see my best friend, Jenn, who just moved there! Nick and I would like to do a few mountain trips this fall – at least one for an App game and one for our anniversary.

A: It. Is. A. Process. Simply put, filling a home is a huge process! When we moved we brought over almost everything with us. We weren’t sure if everything would work, but we also didn’t want to buy things until we had an idea of how we would be using each room. We feel very lucky that most of our furniture fits the space very well and that there are only a few things we need to buy for now. The main items we need to buy are a table and chairs for our breakfast nook in our kitchen and a buffet for our dining room. Those are the major items that will help with day-to-day life and make both spaces more functional. There are MANY things that we brought with us that we want to eventually replace or upgrade (like our bedroom dresser, nightstands, etc.) but for now we are living with what we have until we find exactly what we want. We also would like to add things to each of our guest rooms, but again, they are functional for now! We are choosing to take things slowly and buy things as we find them vs. buying something just to buy it. However, that has made it a bit harder to begin certain home projects that we want to do! Oh well, we’re here for the long haul haha!

A: Oh this is a fun question! First and foremost I am looking forward to cooler weather! The past few months have been absolutely brutal here in North Carolina. I am over the humidity, feeling gross every time I walk outside & not being able to spend much time outdoors. I am SO excited for fall and the cooler weather! I’m also looking forward to seeing Avett grow up and experience a lot of firsts – like going to the beach, his first snow, etc. His puppy months are fleeting (brb crying) but we are so excited to experience so much with him! And I’m looking forward to making more memories with our family and friends. We have some fun stuff coming up this year and I’m excited for that time with those we love.

A: Every day is a bit different, depending on what I have scheduled for the day. Since moving and getting a puppy I have still been trying to figure out my new “normal” and routine, so it’s a work in progress lately! The last month has been chaotic without having structure and a good routine since we’re working hard to train Avett. With that said, I always start my morning off with breakfast, coffee & The Today Show. I typically work through emails and write out my to-do list for the day while I’m watching. The rest of the day is spent doing emails, hopping on calls to chat through campaign details, editing photos, shooting (or planning shoots) for any upcoming posts, drafting posts, updating my editorial calendar, and backing up images and documents. I try to allot a certain amount of time for each task so that I don’t get distracted and can stay on schedule. I love this timer cube for staying on task. A lot of my work is “behind the scenes” and consists of a lot of bookkeeping things! I’ll try to work on doing a more detailed day in the life post soon… once life settles down with the pup a bit!

A: I think I’m still trying to figure this out haha! I try to always show myself grace when it comes to finding the perfect balance. Some days I feel like I’m doing great and other days I feel like I’m failing my work, my family, my friends, etc. I do try to make the most of my time though and schedule out as much as I can. For instance, during lunch I try to read so that I can squeeze in a bit of that while feeling like I’m getting a bit of “me” time. I also try to listen to what I need – whether it’s time to be social, time for myself, or time to finish obligations. Whatever it is I schedule those things and stick to that schedule! And my last tip is to realize that you can’t be everything to everyone, so be honest with yourself and prioritize what you *can* do. I’ll let you know if I ever actually figure it out lol!

A: I included this one as a bonus question because… duh I love books and thought this was a fun question to answer! I have read some really great books this summer (along with a few duds) but I feel lucky that there have been so many delightful books. Below are my five favorites that I have read this summer.



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  1. Sharron Barrett wrote:

    I really enjoyed city of girls and summer of 69 . for me they were the best reads so far

    Posted 8.16.19 Reply
  2. Lydia wrote:

    Sounds like you are making lots of great progress on your home, and so exciting you’ve got trips coming up in the fall!

    Posted 8.16.19 Reply
  3. legalleeblondeblog wrote:

    happy friday babe! love those girls trips you have planned; they sound great!

    Posted 8.16.19 Reply
  4. Stephanie wrote:

    I loved learning a little bit more about where you are right now in life and how everything is going. Definitely loved the moving update and the information about how you stay on-task!

    Posted 8.18.19 Reply
  5. Carrington Barfield wrote:

    It sounds like you have some fun things coming up soon this fall! I don’t have anything coming up since I’m actually trying to move soon! Hah, all of my energy is mostly going into that this fall.

    Posted 8.19.19 Reply
  6. Laura S wrote:

    Finding a balance can be really hard, especially when you work from home! I’m going to have to give that timer cube a try for sure!

    Posted 8.19.19 Reply
  7. Anabelle wrote:

    I need to check out those books!

    Posted 8.20.19 Reply
  8. Annie wrote:

    Your travels sound like SO much fun! I can’t wait to see the posts about them. And good luck decorating!

    Posted 8.20.19 Reply
  9. Anna English wrote:

    I am counting down the days until cooler weather hits Houston. Unfortunately that won’t be until Oct/ Nov! 🙁

    Posted 8.20.19 Reply
  10. sarah lindner wrote:

    All of these books are available on Audible, gonna check out Mrs. Everything, the narration sounds good

    Posted 8.21.19 Reply
  11. Deanie wrote:

    Love learning more about you from these posts! Your Fall travels sound so much fun! And I am so ready for cooler weather too!
    Xo, Deanie

    Posted 8.22.19 Reply
  12. Lindsay wrote:

    I’m definitely ready for cooler weather too! Also major props on how organized you are working from home, it’s something I struggle with!

    Posted 8.23.19 Reply
  13. I’m reading Summer of ’69 now and absolutely loving it! It’s so good.

    x Diana // Pearl Girl

    Posted 8.23.19 Reply

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