My September 2019 Monthly Recap

It’s time for another monthly recap! Take a peek at previous monthly recaps here!

photo: Lindley Battle Photography


Did everyone have a great September?! This month was a pretty relaxing one, for the most part! I didn’t mind a slower month since October is going to be a b-u-s-y one! We started off September by grabbing brunch with friends. We love 1618 West Seafood, but had never been there for brunch… if you’re local definitely try their brunch, it was delicious! We also went to the Folk Festival that was in town. It’s a big event downtown every year and it’s fun to see the city come alive! Mid-month we headed to the See to Believe Gala at the Greensboro Science Center. It’s one of our favorite events to attend each year & it was a fun time with friends and family! We rounded out the month at the beach. It was great to get away to the beach one last time before the weather cools down.


We are still working on our yard almost every weekend ha! We are hoping to remove a few trees and plant a few bushes this coming month since now is a great time to plant things! In addition to the yard, we have a path leading to the back yard and we want to update that and give it a fresh look!

We also gave our front door a makeover at the beginning of this month! Our front door was a faded grey and was in such need of a little TLC. We completed the project in one afternoon and it’s amazing the difference such a small change makes on our home. We just got this door knocker that we plan on installing this week! I’ll be sharing more on our door & the process soon!

Avett & Charlie

Avett turned five months old last week and is looking more like a dog and less like a puppy with each passing day! We are currently knee-deep in puppy teething at the moment and it’s been a learning curve for all of us ha! Some days are frustrating because he thinks *we* are his teething toys but overall he’s doing well with it. He has lost about 15 teeth so far, so we’re getting there… slowly but surely!

Last weekend we took him to my parent’s beach house for the first time. It was his first long car ride and he did pretty well! He absolutely loved the beach and the ocean! We knew it was important to take him as a puppy so that he would grow up loving it and not fearing it. It was so cute to see him swimming for the first time and taking in the ocean and sand! I may or may not (but totally did) cry! I can’t wait to take him back again.


Books I read this month

August wasn’t a great month of reading for me and put me in a bit of a reading slump. Luckily, I read many great books in September that easily got me out of said slump! I read 8 books in September, many of them being 4 and 5 star reads! You can check out the books in my September reading list!

What I purchased

I took advantage of the Shopbop sale and ordered quite a few fall pieces! It’s still in the 90s here, but I am really, really looking forward to fall weather soon!

the new iPhone 11 Pro Max | I had the iPhone 8+ and it had seen better days (and was so slow!) This phone is so quick and the new features are amazing!
A utility jacket | I love the fit of this jacket & can’t wait to wear it! 
A set of my favorite no-show socks | These are my favorite brand for no-shows! They never slide off my feet either.
The prettiest floral earrings | These are such a fun statement & will go with a lot of outfits. 
A gold chain wallet | This is a perfect size to hold the essentials for a night out! I love the gold, too!
A weighted blanket | I have been so curious about gravity blankets and so far I have been loving it. I know I’ll love it even more in the fall/winter!

Favorite blog posts on Life with Emily

Most Anticipated Fall & Winter Books | such a great list of all the books being published in the next few months! Be sure to check it out for some really good books!
Empty House Tour & Our Plans for It | Loved sharing a small peek into our home. We are excited about the *many* projects we have ahead of us!

Favorite posts I read this month

Five Things You Should Never Say to Someone Going Through IVF | Definitely an informative read, especially if you have friends in the thick of IVF!
Non-Toxic Foundations & Chemicals That Should Be Avoided | Jess is my go-to when it comes to learning more about clean beauty!
How to Survive As An Introvert | I am not fully an introvert, but I *definitely* have my limits of being social. I related to this post so much!
How to Make Better Use of Limited Time in Your Day | Totally going to be implementing some of these tips into my day-to-day!


Current favorites on repeat

  • BEAUTY: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream has truly been a game changer for my skin. It keeps my skin feeling so hydrated and smooth.
  • CLOTHING: I have been wearing these jeans nonstop lately. They’re so comfy & easy to style different ways.
  • TV SHOWS: We started watching Downton Abbey recently and are flying through it! I had watched the first season or two but was excited to watch with Nick! He’s surprisingly enjoying it as well. A Million Little Things & This Is Us came back last week and I’m looking forward to those each week. I’ll admit, I like A Million Little Things *way* better!
  • PODCAST: I’ve really enjoyed Armchair Expert and Today in True Crime lately! Any good podcast recs?! I’m always looking for new ones!
  • AUDIOBIOOK: I did a joint read-listen to Dominicana recently and loved the narration. It was a very powerful book (see review here)and having the narration helped tell the story better, in my opinion.
  • CURRENTLY READING: I’m currently reading The Reckless Oath We Made for our book club pick for the month & Under Currents! Both are really great so far.

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  1. Aw sounds like you had a great month! Your dog is soo adorable! Hope you enjoy your busy October (mine is going to be so busy too)!

    Posted 10.4.19 Reply
  2. Ophelia wrote:

    Sounds like an amazing month! Avett is so cute and I love that you brought him the beach!

    Posted 10.4.19 Reply
  3. Carrington Barfield wrote:

    This looks like a great month! I love the pics with your pupper, so adorable. Hope this coming month is just as wonderful! Xx.

    Posted 10.4.19 Reply
  4. Lee wrote:

    Aww Avett is looking so big and cute!
    Also – I hope you like the weighted blanket! I’ve been thinking of getting one as well.

    Posted 10.4.19 Reply
  5. Lizzie wrote:

    Love seeing what you were up to this month! Sounds like a busy one 🙂 I’ve been wanting to watch Downton Abbey too!


    Posted 10.4.19 Reply
  6. Mandi wrote:

    A true crime podcast I’ve really gotten into lately is The First Degree!

    Posted 10.4.19 Reply
  7. Rach wrote:

    OMG Downton Abbey is the best! I binged through all the seasons so quickly! I now want to see the movie!

    Posted 10.4.19 Reply
  8. roxyturtle wrote:

    Aww your puppy got my attention right away! My dog loves the beach too (but water, not so much). I love your house tour!!

    Posted 10.4.19 Reply
  9. Anna English wrote:

    Avett has gotten SO big! He’s such a handsome pup.

    Posted 10.5.19 Reply
  10. Laura R wrote:

    What a fun post! I love a good recap!

    Posted 10.6.19 Reply
  11. Caitlin wrote:

    I love these kinds of posts because there’s so much information in one place! I am torn about buying the new iPhone still but the more my phone slows down, the more I want it!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  12. Morgan wrote:

    Good to hear you’re liking the new iPhone .. hope to get mine soon!! And thanks for sharing that “how to survive as an introvert” link!! I definitely needed to read that!


    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  13. Kristina wrote:

    I haven’t watched A Million Little Things, but the first episode of This is Us was SOOOO boring in my opinion. The first 2 seasons were good but it’s just going downhill!

    Posted 10.7.19 Reply
  14. Hannah Flack wrote:

    I love these kinds of posts because there’s so much information in one place! I am torn about buying the new iPhone still but the more my phone slows down, the more I want it!

    Posted 1.29.21 Reply

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